Pepsi visits Papsi

Okay, I never actually addressed Papa that way. :D But, for this Pepsi-related post, I just did. Hihi.


So, yesterday, we went to visit Papa in the memorial park and let him meet Pepsi. Papa must be happy to see his ‘bunso’ with us. Yikes. Haha.

Just a quick background:

Pepsi is named after Papa’s name, Pepe. They both share the same birthdate and Pepsi was bought last year, during Papa’s 7th death anniv. 

Uhm, reincarnation? This almost made me cling to a belief that when the people close to our hearts die, they go back to us in another form of life. Hmmmmm. Well, almost but not really. What I believe more is that Papa is blissfully having the time of his after-life with God now. That’s the greatest assurance we found in letting him go seven years ago. :)

So, here’s Pepsi, with his emo shot. :) Haha.

We had a quick photo-ops and the results were so fantastic. Yay! Pang-pre nup lang ang peg. I was then reminded of my Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot Concept post. If you want to know about it, just click here. There you’ll see how the photo-ops below looked just like my dream concept :) … except that this was taken at a cemetery AND my partner was only a dog. Haha.

I'm Pepsi and I know it! :)

Here is a series of Pepsi’s photos in different moods:

Pepsi, being possessed. Hahaha :D

Pepsi, planking…

Pepsi, seeing his reflection. He ended up confused. Haha.

Pepsi, looking at his own specie. Here, we visited the pet shop, kulang na lang sabihn niya, ‘Huyyyyyyyyyyyyy’ :D

Pepsi, looking above just because I called out his name. Haha. Good boy. :)