Why you should feel offended by Jeonghan + reasons to be jealous on him
  • His hair is fabolous, so long and shiny
  • He has a great voice
  • He can basically rock any hairstyle
  • He knows we like his long hair so with every ocassion he shows us some facial expressions and run his hand throw his hair
  • He can sing
  • He calls himself angel, #confidence
  • He can be shipped with any member of Seventeen

And the most important reason to feel jealous is the fact that he owns Joshua and Seungcheol’s love. He stole our oppas *crying*

I need to get off tumblr for tonight because honestly part of the Digimon fandom you are pissing me off. Too many of you fuckasses are saying retcon 02 for taiora or takari. Please go fuck yourself for wanting a season to not exist because your OTP wasn’t canon. And honestly go fuck yourself for making shipping a top priority instead of plot, character development, etc.

there is no time that i do not feel sad.
the day could be peaceful,
with birds chirping
and the sun shining
and i can still find sadness
in things people regularly enjoy.
i would think,
the plants outside are drying up
due to the heat
but when the rain comes,
sorrow would settle in my stomach
and i would think
“theyre drowning out there.”
events from the past upset me.
events in the future frighten me.
laughter could be spewing from my mouth
and the echo of it in my ears
would remind me a lot about sobbing.
i can still find sadness in things
people regularly enjoy.


Okay so look at this. when their father died 15 years ago, 9 year old Emmeryn was given the title of the Exalt. Meaning that when Fire Emblem Awakening took place Emmeryn was 24. according to the official art, there’s a 6 year difference between her Chrom, making him only 18 years old… which makes Lissa only 14!! there are babies at war here…..