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Random Compilation Snaps: (2015-6)

Jimin Yoongi Jungkook Hoseok Taehyung
Jimin2 Yoongi2 Jungkook2 Hoseok Jin

Conversation Snaps:

jimin’s new hat | tae brings puppy to practice | tae wants to cuddle | surprising jimin at his concert | suga and jungkook in the studio | jimin wishes you good luck on your midterm | namjoon thinks you study too much | jimin comforts you during anxiety attack | jimin, jungkook, tae, hoseok wish u happy birthday
jimin misses u when it rains | tae finds a kitten | jimin teases ur crush on jungkook | jimin is cuter than jungkook? | jin wants to see your face | jungkook’s timberlands | sleepy tae | jimin steals your glasses | jungkook & tae tease you | namjoon reminds you to eat | tae cant keep secrets | dinner with hobie & tae | jealous jimin | jimin gives shopping advice | bangtan insider | backstage @ MMA | visiting busan | after music bank win (!!) | bts boyfriend takes care of you

Text Conversations:

Sorry he’s busy (2015) | accidental dirty text (2015) | old hairstyles (2015) | time of the month (2015) | i like you, bestfriend (2015) | school encouragement (2015) | weird 3am texts (2015) | study distractions (2015) | surprise international visit (2015) | post halloween party (2015) | public relationship (2015) | not leaving you alone at night (2015) | reacts to non-bts bias (2015) | puppy texts (2015) | protective big brother bangtan (2015) | nevermind suga (2015) | sick bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan 2 (2015) | good luck during finals (2015) | demanding run music video answers (2015) | at MAMA2015 (2015) | doing bts’s makeup (2015) | happy birthday jin (2015) | bts calling you babygirl (2015) | today will be a better day (2015) | aegyo/oppa attack (2015) | random angst (2015) | random angst 2 (2015) | first love (2015) | why bts loves you (2015) | bts christmas presents (2015) | taehyung’s birthday gift (2015) | 난 너를 사랑해 by jin (2015) | reacts to drunk girlfriend (2015) | post-horror movie paranoia (2015) | bts patients (2015) | big brother jungkook (2015) | bts boyfriend wasnt original bias? (2015) | namjoon drunk angst (2015) | cringeworthy pickup lines (2015) | broken hearted bts’s little sister (2015) | sick, clingy bts girlfriend (2015) | meeting of girlfriend’s parents (2015) | take a break, bts (2015) | future lives with bts (2015) | childhood stories (2015) | namjoon’s twin (2015) | conversations while sitting in the same room (2015) | affectionate jungkook (2015) | not good enough for hoseok? (2015) | post-car accident (2015) | music composition with yoongi (2015) | v and suga are okay (2015) | sarcastic jungkook goes too far? (2016) | grumpy, hungry girlfriend (2016) | yoongi asks out jin’s best friend (2016) | BTS cheers you up after you end an important friendship (2016) | CASUAL bts 1 (2016) | CASUAL bts 2 (2016) | CASUAL bts 3 (2016) | jealous suga (2016) | 3 am cheer up (2016) | sleepy bts girlfriend (2016) | hoseok & 1VERSE (2016) | college!bts (2016) | highschool!bts (2016) | bts buys tampons for gf (2016) | bts bromance (2016) | yoongi’s bestfriend’s confession (2016) | burnt out bts girlfriend (2016) | jungkook confesses to noona (2016) | bts picks u up from work (2016) | teaching jimin english 1 (2016) | teaching jimin english 2 (2016) | teaching jimin english 3 (2016) | yoongi vs woozi (2016) | affectionate bts (2016) | valentines day texts (2016) | yoongi & long term gf (2016) | bts girlfriend @ exolution (2016) | angsty jungkook (2016) | angsty jimin 1 (2016) | angsty jimin 2 (2016) | happy birthday hobi (2016) | angsty suga breakup (2016) | needy maknaes (2016) | needy maknaes 2 (2016) | highschool jungkook (2016) | bts wishes u happy birthday (2016) | bts hiphop monster (2016) | bts cheers u up after shitty day at work (2016) | namjoon love (2016) | homesick namjoon & yoongi (2016) | bts & harry potter (2016) | exam crams 1 (2016) | exam crams 2 (2016) | bestfriend bts (2016) | bestfriend bts: long distance edition (2016) | needy namjoon (2016) | bts makes u jealous (2016) | shitty emotions (2016) | bts fashion (2016) | ‘i love you’ in korean (2016) | cute jungkook (2016) | soft yoongi (2016) | junkfood overload (2016) | airport fiasco (2016) | late girlfriend (2016) | agustd release!!! (2016) | late night random texts (2016) | yoongi’s unrequited love pt 1 pt 2 (2017) | fake boyfriend bestfriend (2017) | jimin’s new hair (2017) | sending bts boyfriend on makeup errand (2017) | 


While it’s stated that Diavolo had no father and his mum was pregnant for like 2 years or some shit, I propose a different theory: Diavolo’s father was a clown.

The modern clown is somewhat of an enigma, but we know some of their powers. They have access and make use of reality warping pocket dimensions (like clown cars), innumerable wealth in the form of clown money, dress like an idiot and possess a homicidal killing tendency. While we can not know the full scope of their powers, it’s easy to see at least some reflections between a clown and Diavolo

So, theory. Using clown powers, Diavolo’s clown father was able to both sneak in an knock up his mum, and then wipe her mind of the event. The clown genetics is also why Diavolo’s gestation period took longer than expected. 

This also makes Diavolo half clown, and while this mostly manifests in homicidal urges and a shitty fashion - he seems to possess some clown powers. Like a clown’s shape-shifting ability when he swaps between alters (of course, the unstable genetics of a human-clown hybrid also probably leads to volatile mood swings - hence why he has some moments of warped compassion like keeping his mother alive (despite burying her alive) and not killing Donatella (despite burning her village to ground) and generally being rather pleasant if dim-witted before the clown genes kicked in)

It could also be another reason why he’s so paranoid about his past.

Nobody can find out he’s part clown

And that’s my totally serious theory on why Diavolo is half clown. Thank you and good night 

My favourite thing about the new chapter of killing stalking is that Sangwoo was wearing a hoodie with the hood up like he was cold and then shorts and flip flops like he’s about to go chill at the beach. And not only that he actually went outside looking like that wtf why are you not arrested yet for your shitty fashion choices??

Yoncé | Partition

Imagine for me if you will, it’s a Haus party in Bitty’s junior year. Jack has come to visit so it’s pretty low-key. And by low-key I mean Rans&Holster didn’t invite people from every college in a 50 mile radius. So the hockey team is there, the whole bench though and their significant others and close friends so the Haus is still teeming with people right? And it was an unusually warm spring day so the theme for the night is beach party.

Girls in bikini tops and cut off jean shorts, Rans&Holster are in booty running shorts and crop tops. Jack is still in jeans and a t-shirt but the shades and backwards ball cap give him a laid back look as he chats with a shirtless Chowder who’s only wearing some board shorts. Nursey just wore skinny pants and a tank top and Dex is in some silky basketball shorts with a t-shirt. 

The biggest spectacle after Rans&Hoster are Bitty and Shitty. In true Shitty fashion he’s showing more skin than anyone would wish but much to the relief of everyone, Lardo had taken one look at the speedo paired with his trusty jean vest, tugged him down into a chair and distracted him with kisses while sitting on his lap and covering some of that creamy white skin.

Bitty, well Bitty is embracing the efforts of the Better Bitty Booty Bureau in his short shorts and the tank top that’s been knotted in the back to show off those back and ab muscles that come so naturally to D1 college hockey players. 

Dex and Nursey are against a wall, it’s Dex’s turn to drink so he’s already had a couple shots and is nursing (lol) a beer next to Nurse as they talk about class.

Then that tell-tale “Lemme hear you say ‘Hey, Ms. Carter,’” plays over the speakers and a small cheer goes up on the “dance floor” in the middle of the living room.

Dex watches the crowd part as Bitty drags Jack from the kitchen doorway to the middle of the crowd of writhing bodies dancing away to Beyoncé.

“Oh man, Bits is so fun to dance with on this playlist,” Nursey says, already pushing off the wall and taking the last swallow of beer in his glass like he’s going to leave Dex all by his lonesome along the wall.

Well. Fuck that.

“D, let Bits get it on with his boyfriend,” Dex slurs slightly as he reaches out and grabs a hold of a sweat slick bicep.

Nursey freezes and looks back over his shoulder at Dex, raising an eyebrow for good measure.

“But I wanna dance,” he pouts and Dex shrugs.

“So dance here, I wanna drink some more,” he offers and Nursey looks down, only when Dex follows his gaze does he realize he’s still holding Nursey’s arm, even though he stepped back to stand along the wall again.

“You want me to dance here?” Nursey asks speculatively, looking pointedly at the lack of space and the people milling around not dancing.

Dex goes to take another swallow of beer and finds his cup empty. After pouting for a moment he looks back up at Nursey and sighs.

“Fine you can go dance, but I’m coming with,” Dex declares and proceeds to drag Nursey into the crowd of people dancing away to the dirty, dirty words of Beyoncé. 

Dex just dances for a while, lets the alcohol and the music work his muscles loose and pliant. He forgets to keep an eye on Nursey and by the time he remembers Nursey is on Dex patrol tonight instead of the other way around Nursey has weaved through the crowd and is standing right in front of him.

“Hi,” Dex says, smiling brightly. “You came back!”

“Never left, Poindexter,” Nursey grumbles but he doesn’t look all that irritated. So Dex leans in and throws his arms around Derek’s neck and goes back to moving his body with the beat.

After a too-long hesitation, Dex feels those big strong hands taking a hold of his sides and Dex smirks at Derek.

“Way to make yourself useful,” he says over the music, “now dance with me ya putz.”

Nursey shakes his head but Dex thinks he’s laughing so it’s okay.

“Never knew you could dance like this, Dex,” Nursey says a little while later when there’s a quiet lull in the music.

Dex just throws his head back and laughs because he’s not drunk (he is though) but he is having fun and since Nursey hasn’t caught on yet to the fact that Dex wants to date him, he might as well up his game even further.

“You ain’t seen nothing,” Dex purrs, dropping the words right in Derek’s ear.

He grins, wicked and sharp and pulls Nursey from the dance floor towards the kitchen. It’s even hotter in there somehow but Dex doesn’t care. All he cares about is turning his pulling into pushing Nursey down onto a kitchen chair that was left turned away from the table.

Nursey has never been so confused and so turned on at the same time in his life. William Poindexter has taken him to the semi-private kitchen for what Derek can only hope is a private dance show?? Maybe a-

His thoughts cut off when Dex plops down on his lap, long legs straddling Nursey, long pale arms loosely around his neck.

“You want me to stop, just say so D,” Dex whispers in his ear and Nursey has no hope of containing the shiver that goes through him.

Nursey is equal parts confused, awestruck and turned on. Because he had no idea that all that lithe muscle on the 6’2” frame could move like that. So sinuous and practiced and -

“Do you practice this?” he blurts out and Dex stops and gives him a look. One of those, if he had glasses he’d be looking over the rim to stare disapprovingly at him type looks.

“Not since I took that pole dancing class in high school,” Dex says flatly.

And Nursey’s brain kind of whites out at the image of Dex in shorts that just barely cover the goods, so tight they might as well be painted on dancing on a pole.

He literally loses focus on his surroundings the next thing he knows Dex is in front of him, hands on Derek’s shoulders and he’s still moving in one long sinuous line.

“P-Pole dancing, bro?”

Dex smirks and slides his chest up from where he’d been crouching in front of Nursey so close he catches the smell of his aftershave. And Derek always thought that move was overdone, I mean if Channing Tatum doing it didn’t rile him up, who would? But it is so much different when it’s a strong sweaty chest that’s attached to your best friends face and is perilously close to you when he does it. And Nursey finds himself reaching out to touch and Dex doesn’t stop him, miraculously he grabs Derek’s hand and puts it right on his chest, right in between those pale freckled pecs.

Then Dex is turning, curling in closer as he holds Nursey’s hand in place where he’d put it and then that perfect hockey ass is in his lap, swaying and circling and mesmerizing in those basketball shorts. Too soon probably Nursey has to end the private show. He can’t take it anymore and pulls Dex into his lap, wrapping his own strong arms around that beautiful chest pulling back until Dex’s weight is fully on him and his head is tilted back on Nursey’s shoulder. Nursey buries his nose there and starts mouthing at the sweaty skin.

“You’re killin me,” he grumbles and Dex laughs before it turns into a moan.

“We-” he gasps when Nursey uses just a hint of teeth. “We can’t afford the fines of desecrating Bitty’s kitchen.”

Nursey groans and buries his face where he’d been happily leaving a mark.

“So we have to move?”

Dex laughs again and pats his now limp hands that are no longer holding him in place.

“Come on, I’ll get right back in your lap once we’re in our room.”

And well, Nursey can’t turn down a promise like that.

I know I’ve already stated this but the X-looks™ are the most iconic & best looks out there while simultaneously sucking?? Scott Summers terrible fashion sense? literally wears variations of his first outfit? yes but his black one w the red x? fashion icon, Jean Grey? the only person in the X-men to dress worse than Scott on a daily basis? every Jean Grey outfit? terrible (tho I have a soft spot for the green dress), her Phoenix costume?? Iconic, Emma Frost? her white queen costume iconic, her x-cutout, iconic, anything she’s ever worn? iconic. what I’m saying is Emma makes up for her Bf & Gf’s shitty fashion sense 

beep-beep-richie-trashmouth  asked:

Got any Stozier headcanons to share?


  • Richie definitely insults Stan 90% of the time but writes little letters to Stan weekly that say everything Richie loves about him and how he shouldn’t take any of the insults to heart
  • Pre-dating if somebody asked if they like the other they would get VERY DEFENSIVE and post-dating they just 100% would admit to it and continue talking about it
  • When they are hanging out with people besides each other they always go on these little romantic rants where they talk about how adorable the other is and how they could listen to them talk all day 
  • But also: “Hey St-” “Shut the fuck up Richie” and “Richie can y-” “Never speak to me again”
  • They love to cuddle and watch movies (they both are sluts for dramas)
  • Stan reads to Richie sometimes and Richie LOVES IT
  • They definitely borrow each other’s clothes and complain about how shitty the other’s fashion sense is as they do it
  • They cuddle so much
  • “Richie?” “yeah?” “You know I love you, right?”
  • A lot of their dates are just walking around town together and visiting different places and doing different activities
  • Stan definitely is the one that starts their makeout sessions
  • Richie sometimes just needs to vent about his parents and Stan is always so patient and comforts Richie
  • Sometimes Stan gets really stressed or generally sad and even though Stan never talks about it Richie makes sure to be extra comforting and careful with his words if he notices something is up and doesn’t force him into talking about anything
  • Richie is a slut for hand holding
  • Stan is a slut for messing with peoples hair and kisses on the forehead
  • They aren’t big pet name people but Richie never fails to greet Stan with a strange mildly sexual comment at least once a day
  • They go on rants together all the time about stuff like school, people, themselves, politics, pressure, parents, etc.

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Well i would date ichi

Ichimatsu: w-w-what? date…me!? ichimatsu girls!!?? you must be joking….or even more desperate than me…yeah…that’s the only explanation! but…ichimatsu girls?? t-there’s no such thing as that! it’s because i’m wearing this, isn’t it? maybe you actually like shittymatsu’s shitty fashion and that changed what you thought of me. i’m still trash underneath all this…okay? and when i take it off, there will be no one that wants to date me or ichimatsu girls! this is too much for me to handle…!


s y n d i c a t e || pt.1

gang!bts / mafia!bts au
genre: some angst, humor, fluff, (smut???)
pairing: you x guess who muahahaha
word count: 1.3k
description: You know one of those days? You spill coffee, trip on air, almost break your phone, get kidnapped by a gang? Yeah.
warnings: kidnapping, obscene language, mentions of violence and murder

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