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I love Jack's look in the AU. It definitely fits him and I love that gold necklace too. And despite how god awful Rhys's fashion sense is in this, seriously who allowed you to dress yourself Rhys? that shirt and denim? Those boots? Come on now, I love how he looks too. I love everything about this basically.


THANK YOUUU 💖💖💖 Q0Q God that chain, all I ever think of when I look at it is this 


AHHH thank you so so so much!! 💖💖 YOU’RE ALWAYS SO NICE TO ME 

Racist Politics of Cultural Appropriation [Some Notes]

When the west appropriates culture from different people, it rarely utilizes the piece of cultural artifact as it is meant to be used. Instead it engages in a kind of racist dialogue that re-assigns meaning and context to suit one’s own personal needs, desires or performance. Colonialism and marginalization is inherent to the West’s racist culling of different cultures. 

With India — stereotypical and dusty ideas of exoticism, hipster notions of peace and groove, grunge, goth, hip, just plain weird — all of these implications are imposed onto the objects .  Well-established and familiar ideas are perverted from its original meaning and intent for the sake one’s own narrative image-making. 


As anyone from India will tell you, bindis have long-ago been thoroughly commodified into a fashion accessory. Countless non-Hindu Indian people have been wearing bindis secularly with no spiritual intent for generations now.

So why is it a problem then for white people to do the same? Short answer – It’s not. Not really. Anyone can wear them — Hindu and non-Hindu alike. 


It is a problem when wearing a bindi becomes equated with racist ideas of exoticism, grunge, goth, “third-eye”-related awkwardness, hipster culture. Bindis, itself, get re-appropriated to symbolize the entireity of a culture that gets reduced to whatever the white narrative decides it is. 

It is also a problem when bindis are worn for an aesthetic effect that is deliberately out-of-place, and re-appropriated. There is a sense in such usages that the way bindis are ordinarily used is not “cool” enough for the white forehead. 

Tattoos, Clothing Apparel and Decorum 

I am not invested in preserving the sanctity of Hinduism as a sacred purity that should remain untouched  — especially since these ideas are rooted in perserving a certain upper caste privileged practice of Hinduism. (See this wonderful thread for further discussion, related to these pair of Ganesha-related shorts.) 

However, the chaotic and awkward re-appropriation of Hindu images and symbols is jarring in the explosion of Hindu diety-related fashion and accessories. (This is very different from its cultural parallel related to bindis – which are a fashion commodity in India).

While Hindu iconography is commonplace and used pretty much everywhere, you will never see it imprinted on commonly used items such as t-shirts, pants, shirts or tattooed on bodies.   

The context of religion, politics and history is erased completely — only to be replaced by the vacuous and profitable hook found in the imagery of elephant-heads, multi-hands, multi-heads, and hanging tongues.  When Hindu iconography is reduced to its consumerist shock value in the West, it becomes a question of cultural neocolonialism.

All of this has little to do with spirituality and/or cultural appreciation, and everything to do with cultural looting for the sake of western capitalism. 

If I see anyother fashion shoot with someone wearing Boy London apparel, i will burn the magazine’s offices down.

Periodic reminder, that we’re talking about a fahion brand that uses a modified version of a Nazi insignia as their logo:


From Gothy Two Shoes: 

Le Professeur Gothique’s theme this month is India! Yay! I love Indian things, especially silver Indian jewelry. I love bracelets with little bells and bindis! I always have a stock of incense (my favourite is currently Tree of Life) and I have a large Kali wall hanging.

Holy fuck! It’s like a step-by-step on how to be a culturally appropriating racist. WTF. WTF?! Fetishisizing other cultures like this is not okay. 

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I don’t know about all y’all but Hide was a good boy and would eat his vegetables and wouldn’t ruin his dinner by eating sweets. He would also brush his teeth every morning, never forgetting. He would also dress himself and his parents encouraged; hence, his shitty taste in fashion and horrid combination of clothing

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I don't know why but I just recently started thinking about iwaoi and tobio as there son and like iwa is really good with kids and oikawas just there like how can my boyfriend/husband get any better and it's just cute and ugh and do u have any thoughts on it. Sorry this is long

oh my god oh my god this is so cute!! don’t apologise aaaa i’m sorry i’m late!

okay so this is perfect. iwaizumi is very good at the kind of games where you toss kids in the air or swing them around bc of his bara arms, and tobio loves to climb over him and sit on his shoulders. oikawa has shitty fashion sense for himself, but for his son, damn. tobio is the best dressed kid on the street and he always goes out with perfect hair, courtesy of oikawa. when he’s finished playing, it’s no longer perfect, but it’s the thought that counts.

tobio’s gruff and slightly awkward personailty comes from iwaizumi!! so oikawa is the one who always goes to the parent-teacher meetings and does the talking. also rest assured that if anyone dares hurt tobio, they’ll have hell to pay from oikawa, whose sweet smile is absolutely terrifying.

oikawa doesn’t trust hinata (daisuga’s kid) at first, bc he thinks he’s just being mean to tobio, but iwaizumi points out that they’re actually friends and really good for each other, just very argumentative. oikawa doesn’t truly warm up to hinata until he comes over and lets oikawa do his hair, and then goes on to praise it.

also oikawa crying ugly tears whenever kags does anything to be proud of. school play (even when he was just the moon) - oikawa was crying. first volleyball math - oikawa was crying. first day at elementary/junior high/high school - oikawa was crying. last day at each of those places - oikawa was crying. oikawa cries a lot okay.

if tobio wants something, he always asks iwaizumi bc iwa is more likely to say yes lmAO. 

iwa is quite bitter that he is the shortest member of the family when tobio is fully grown though. he blames oikawa.