everything you need to know about bucky barnes in one scene

Keith: Just Drink your hot cocoa, Lance.*blows on his own cocoa*

It has finally snowed! We haven’t had snow like this in a while. As a Hispanic myself it is torturous to stand in, it’s waaay too cold! but nice to look at.

In typical shitty landlord fashion, Kip and Nicole Macy bought an apartment building and immediately set about evicting their five tenants so they could jack up the rent. One of the tenants, a disabled man named Scott Morrow, went to court to fight the eviction. The law determined that he couldn’t be evicted for a full year. The Macys decided the law could go fuck itself.

The Macys were so pissed at Morrow for thwarting their (highly illegal) plan to clear out the building that they cut off his electricity, cut his phone line, and even cut through the floor joists supporting his apartment. Then, since he didn’t come crashing through, they went below his apartment and sawed a hole in his floor. Morrow was home and actually witnessed a freaking saw removing his floor while he was sitting on it. He and a friend attacked it and bent it, but the saw still managed to make a 2-foot-by-4-foot hole in his overpriced apartment with no electricity or structural support.

While the Macys were terrorizing Morrow, two of their new tenants figured out they were being overcharged under San Francisco’s rent-control law and started paying at the lawful rate. The Macys lost their minds, and their grasp on sanity was already at a saw-a-hole-in-a-handicapped-guy’s-floor level.

6 Creepy Landlords Who Will Give You Nightmares

The best evidence of Ardyn and Noctis being related is their mutual shitty fashion sense.

I feel like the game was missing a scene where Noctis thinks, well, that guy was a douche, but maybe a hat like his would be a good idea…?  And those scarves would be warm for fishing…?

And he never completes that thought, his bros are united in NOCTIS NO.

Meanwhile somewhere in Gralea, Ardyn is like, oh my god, the brooding mystique of fingerless gloves with capri cargo pants, finally I have found my destined rival. 

honestly? fuck smooth skin. fuck hairless genitals. fuck thinness as a signal of sex appeal and good health. i want girls with stretch marks. i want girls with acne scars. i want girls with crooked smiles. i want extremely angry and extremely loud girls. i want girls with ‘bad’ hair. i want mentally ill girls. i want girls with a shitty fashion sense. i want the girls nobody else wants. because i too am one of them.