12 Days of Shipmas Challenge- Day 1 (Shinkane)

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Day 1: Favorite moment of them

There are so many to choose from but it’d have to be this (and I’m sure by now, it’s every Shinkane fan’s favorite)

I’d also like to point out he called her ‘Akane’ here, not Inspector


Sloppy doodles for ya! As an apology for not being active for a long time. 

Swingstuck: An AU in which John invites his cousin Jake English to the big city, New York. Dirk is more than willing to show the new guy around when John is too busy working at Dave’s secret club. 
Listen to this <3

dit: Just added sweet Roxy and cute Jane


how I imagine english people say “water bottle”

mv to movie: 2pm’s i’m your man

lee junho, hwang chansung, ok taecyeon, kim junsu, nichkhun and jang wooyoung are six gang leaders who fight for control of trafficking and drug selling on the streets of seoul. after a lot of meetings, they came to terms with each other and despite having taken part in several armed conflicts in the past, they are now able to live in peace. at least enough not to kill each other. but when all of them fall in love with the same person, the conflicts start again at full strength. everything began with a fight for the love of the beautiful woman, but quickly spread through the streets of seoul, the issues becoming bigger, causing the long forgotten quarrelings to come back stronger than ever.

  • when you reach 18, you can have wine at important celebrations such as christmas or new year
  • fleur probably was super annoyed at everyone giving her shitty english bread but toughed it up because she has been raised right
  • she also probably surprised many people by touching their arms or else randomly because french just do that when comfortable
  • beauxbâtons being in the pyrénées i guess skiing af ??? tan human beings everywhere except around the eyes ???
  • or a spell has been created to avoid these fugly tan marks ?
  • amazing wizard cook
  • what is buffet for school food, wtf is wrong with u people, no you get a damn plate and you eat what’s in it
  • but special meals without pork or meat at all for religious and vegan people just like muggle schools do
  • the french minister of magic imposing muggles subjects in beauxbâtons such as maths, literature and geography because it’s important to share the same values with your own people !!!!
  • all skin colors represented because France has known several impressive migration waves so diversity \o/
  • all religions too even though, except in food, no sign of it must be seen, because church is seperated from state, magical world included
  • no houses like hogwarts, kids being parted in pairs by level and weaknesses and strength so they can pull each others up
  • ‘toujours pur’ is still actually a thing though and french pure-blood are hardcore af
  • free education even after beauxbâtons
  • also help to buy the furniture because owls and shit are expensive af

Why do I love Junsu? His strength makes me strong too.

Junsu is the strongest person I’ve ever met. This person struggled so much, had hard times, but was always smiling. He spent almost half of his life making us proud and happy. Even now, when Junsu is already on the top, he is still working hard to be even better. I think that he will never give up, and no one will ever beat his passion or talent. I’m really grateful to him, he showed me that hard work is always worth something. ♡

[1986.12.15] Happy Birthday Junsu ♡