sense8 was everything I wanted and more!
  • Seriously, I just wanted a scene of the cluster helping Sun and I got a scene of the cluster helping Sun.
  • I also wanted a scene of the cluster being there for Wolfgang and I got a scene of the cluster being there for Wolfgang.
  • I needed some Sun & Wolfgang interaction, and I got Sun & Wolfgang interactions.
  • Felix is alive. Felix is well (I mean, ‘that would be terrible plotting’).
  • Hernando is not ashamed of the pictures. He shouldn’t be and he’s not, even when the students are stupid about them.
  • Lito’s mom.
  • Lito.
  • Dani. Dani’s bit about her family, that thing hit home ok? I wasn’t prepared.
  • The new ‘Van Damn’.
  • Amanita’s family.
  • Capheus’ ‘wooooooooow’, same sweetheart, same.
  • Oh, yes, the cluster being all ‘wooow’, but also worried about Sun. This is what I live for ok?
  • I also live, and always will live, for Felix and Wolfgang’s relationship. That’s what friendship is about. I love that dynamic so much, I can’t even put what I feel into words. 
  • Kala.
  • Kala being Kala.
  • Kala and the snow, the ultimate otp.
  • Wolfgang looking at Kala.
  • Kala and Wolfgang.
  • The Hallelujah montage.
  • Will. Will and his father. 
  • Will ‘promising’(?) to kill the bastard. I’d fucking kill him too, dude.
  • The music. 
  • And Wolfgang freaking Bogdanow. What a beautifully written character.

Since im posting random stuff, there’s some doods i made out of gay headcanons
The first one is them being gay
Second’s both nerds after a night with Red being drunk (Choco recordered the whole thing and they’re showing the videos, nothing major, just Red pole dancing, flirting and passing out)

It is what it is

I’m just so happy with this season finale. I just couldn’t wait more, as usual since we’re talking about BBC Sherlock.

THANK YOU Moffat and Gatiss for creating such a love story, and by saying love I mean it in its deepest way. Love, after all, is what save us all, and it’ll always be. Because when I started to watch this series, I saw this man:

lonely, risking his own life just because he was bored and didn’t think that the world had something prepared for him. He couldn’t even remember he had a brother, a best friend who died because Mycroft didn’t even let him do that, to have a memory of what love really is. And then when John arrives we have the same brother remembering Sherlock that “caring is not an advantage” (and let me hate Mycroft just a bit for that, though I really like him). And now we have this:

With his family, as he said, happy with his little pretty life, surrounded by the love of his friends and taking care of them.

I know what we all expected… I don’t want anyone to misunderstand this, I’m a “Johnlock fan”, my heart is with them since I don’t conceive a world where they’re not canon (at least in the world that Moffat and Gatiss created). It’s just that… this end was perfect. I can live without a kiss, without marriage or anything, just because this, in my opinion, is real love, and no one can deny it. They’re living together, with their daughter (yes, because I don’t think this image of Sherlock playing with Rosie is a shitty uncle thing, just look at him, look at them!), solving cases, they’ve said everything to each other, and there’s no need to put a name to that relationship. It is what it is, they have told us.

You know, for me, in my life, I found that love is something you cannot name, something more powerful than anything, and we just can’t look at it directly. We just can feed it, with our passion, take care of it, with our actions everyday, but never get the “perfect” love, the romantic love is a lie. Love is not a simple date, a kiss or a present; it is desire, union, honesty. I don’t think they’re “just best friends”, but I also don’t think they’re “a couple”. Because they don’t need either. They just live their love as they can, letting it into their souls. That, I think, is the most beautiful and powerful action a human being can do for his own life, and the ones he loves. Sherlock let love in, we saw it, we saw the process. I don’t mind what they call it… Jesus, they don’t mind. And we have evidence of that, we heard that from them. They don’t have to have an annyversary, or a wedding, they just have to live together, doing what gives their lives sense. Just look at them and tell me you don’t see that, I dare you. Because is all that I see, and it’s not too little, it’s not meaningless, it’s not weak.

Sherlock could let go Moriarty, he could see who his brother really is, he found friends, he understood that we’re all just humans, even him, even John. And since we are, we must live with love and for it.

Everything, since the beggining, bring us to this. The final problem. And I’m just so happy of being part of it, watching here at home, this was awesome and I learned a lot. I just hope someday I can create something like this, something that reaches people’s hearts. Sherlock reached mine, so thank the world so much for that.

Holy shit

The reason why we only find out about stripper Yuuri now and why we only get Victor’s pov NOW is because Yuuri only found out about this drunken shenanigans in episode 10. This anime is viewed from Yuuri’s eyes. You know how everything is clicking in place for us now?

Pretty sure our precious katsudon loving main character feels exactly the same way in that episode.

Kubo and MAPPA are geniuses. A+ writing.

Ghosts AU

In this AU, Buster’s theatre is inhabited by ghosts. All the spirits live in the building because they died nearby or their properties are here. Basically Buster tries to convince his friend, Eddie, that something is haunting his property.

Johnny kills himself and Meena in the car accident nearby the theatre. He was driving a getaway car for his dad’s gang and was just about to hit Meena’s mom, when she pushed her away. Both can be perfectly invisible, even for other ghosts.
Ash was killed by her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. Died in her home, but Buster bought her guitar from a pawn shop as a prop. Mike was chased down the parking lot behind the theater by the bears and got murdered by them. Both of them look more terrifying than other ghosts.
Rosita lost conconsciousness because of the stress while washing dishes. She didn’t see when something electrical fell into the water and she got electrocuted. Since she loved the theatre, her kids left her bracelet under the seats, so part of her would always be there. Gunter died overseas after falling off a stage during a performance. His red sparkly leotard thing ended up at the theater used as a costume.
Buster’s father died of old age. Because he lived a great life and doesn’t have any unfinished business, his spirit is kind of weak, so he doesn’t appear too much.


There was something that bothered me…

I thought it would be pretty uninteresting to put hidden talent on the cover art of the game.
So I decided to clear things up and tried to recognize all talents in the cover art.
And I discovered something.
It’s not just “DOCTOR”.
It’s “DOCTOR OF ENTOMOLOGY”, if I’m not mistaken.
As I thought, it’s not Rantarou’s talent, like some people suspect.
It’s Gonta’s talent.

(Someone definitely done it before me and done it better because I’m still not sure about “FOLKLORIST” and “PRESIDENT” at the top left BUT anyway)

Pharaoh's Overcoat
Pharaoh's Overcoat

Leitmotif tribute for English by Toby Fox, featuring Rhapsody in Green (the recognizable bit in Variations) by Clark Powell.

Arrangement of:

  • Variations - Robert J! Lake
  • English - Toby Fox
  • Eternity Served Cold - Malcolm Brown
  • Rhapsody in Green - Clark Powell
  • Oppa Toby Style - Toby Fox

Songs belong to their artists and What Pumpkin. English by Toby Fox, Rhapsody in Green by Clark Powell.