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lee junho, hwang chansung, ok taecyeon, kim junsu, nichkhun and jang wooyoung are six gang leaders who fight for control of trafficking and drug selling on the streets of seoul. after a lot of meetings, they came to terms with each other and despite having taken part in several armed conflicts in the past, they are now able to live in peace. at least enough not to kill each other. but when all of them fall in love with the same person, the conflicts start again at full strength. everything began with a fight for the love of the beautiful woman, but quickly spread through the streets of seoul, the issues becoming bigger, causing the long forgotten quarrelings to come back stronger than ever.


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english professor jay r. ferguson

he leads a graduate poetry seminar and holds a semester-end dinner party at his cabin where he chops his own firewood - imovermyhead

I really don’t get it why people are so fixated on this chapter. It’s pretty obvious why Sasuke didn’t mention Sakura. For me it wouldn’t make any sense, cause he don’t know where she exactly is, while Naruto/Jugo are next to him. Sakura is somewhere else, in crowd of shinobi lol.

But the most hilarious thing is seeing all these long ass rants and new NarSak delusions about how Sasuke doesn’t give a shit about Sakura anymore and how they feel sorry for us, SasuSaku shippers.

I think they completely missed the moment, only few chapters ago, when Sasuke saved Sakura lmao.

And they feel sorry for us? Like really? Well, just sayin’, but at least we aren’t the ones who treats Sai/Yamato/Minato/Tobirama and other side characters (who didn’t even see NaruHina and SasuSaku interactions) as a Messiah and their meaningless comments as prophecy.

  • Kagome
  • Onkyoukaiwa
Kagome kagome/The bird in the cage
When, oh when will it come out
In the night of dawn
The crane and turtle slipped
Who is behind you now?


  • Kazuki (cv: Yasumura Makoto) 
  • Yuuji (cv: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
  • Asami (cv: Hatanaka Marie)
  • Kawakami Keiji (cv: Murakami Yuuya)

“It’s summer. MC and Kazuki(childhood friend) are meeting with Yuuji(primary school classmate) after a long time. They visit a school that has been closed for many years (They were persuaded by Yuuji) and MC starts to hear weird voices in the building. Yuuji said that a gruesome incident took place in this school…”

So I decided to listen this at midnight because “why not, this can’t be that scary”… I WAS SO WRONG. This can show how a dummy head mic can be as good as creepy.

The story is really good with a kind of plot twist and the sound effects feels so real can give you chills; but the most I liked was Yoshino Hiroyuki’s acting was amazing but i’m not going to spoil it. 

(◡‿◡✿) but after of all spooky stuff you can relax yourself with the free talk. 

If you like spooky stuff and a bit of gore(?) I recommend you this Drama CD. 

Saiyuki reload blast : Shot 4 (Kouten 7)

…: With today are already 4 days…

Hakkai: The castel’s restorations are near done!

Gojyo: I’m so tired… How is doing Sanzo?

Hakkai: The fever went down, the herbal medication used as pain killers are being effective too, now he is sleeping. All the burns are healing somewhat, but the real problem is the right arm. Due the violent damage, muscles and nerves are in a real bad shape, to be able to move it again in some extent he will need a painful rehabilitation.

Gojyo: I didn’t expect Kougaiji and the other to be so harsh

Hakkai: Yes, It’s been a mean strategy from their part…

Sharaku: I wonder what this Kogaiji was doing, and we don’t know if he will come back to attack us again… it’s a puzzle…

Sharaku: And a child cames from the sky, too bad that Genjou is the only witness about this boy doing, but he used a dreadful magic power, and his only target in the masacre were only the demons, according to Genjou, the boy didn’t have emotions and he was acting like a weapon, doing some kind of duty.

Hassan: Me and Sharaku sensed that guy’s aura, surely it was kinda different from a human or demon one.

Hakkai: Even if he scattered the demon’s army, we still don’t know is true identity and his goal…

Gojyo: Anyway… it’s lunch time and Goku isn’t back yet, that’s a surprise!! In thes past 3 days he went by his own will to accompany the others  with the castel’s  reparations work and perimeter patrols. He said that Sanzo risked his life to protect it, so for now he can only do that .

“These are not the only problems…”

Gojyo: Before, in times like that, he was all sad beside his owner for all the time…

“ A demon mark appeared on Gojyo’s , and with all the thing that happened I didn’t have a chance to tell him”

Gojyo: Sure the brat is growing so fast!

“He didn’t show any symptoms in these few days, maybe is not too late to do something

Next chapter 28th october!

in chapter 46 natsume receive a very peculiar phone call from the relative who take care of his parents house because it seems someone finally made an offer to buy it  right? so i was thinking, after matoba meet natsume he start to do some researches abt natsumes past and stuffs so what if this person who made the offer is actually matoba seiji because we know he does that kind of stuffs 

“body positivity” activism is so shitty. it makes everything about men, it tells you that you are beautiful and you can be “sexy” with your body when <b> it should tell girls that we DON’T NEED any approval of any men. it should tell girls that having some kind of marks on your body is normal, that having hair all over your body is also normal, and etc </b> , that kind of stuff, i think.
making everything fit into what men find attractive is disgusting. it doesn’t help a shit.

The moment I saw this picture of you holding the letter that we wrote for you, was simply one of the best of my life. I literally cried for like a whole hour and my hands didn’t stop shaking. For us, that you knew about us, at least just a little about us, and that you knew you have all this Swiftie family here waiting to meet you, meant the world to us.
Now the point is, it was really hard for me to start writing that letter. And I always knew it would be easier to write a personal letter. And I could now write a really long post thanking you for everything you’ve done for me the last year, and for saving my life, but those are things that I only wanna say to you. I know it will be sad, but also the most sincere letter, and the idea that it’ll mean to you as much as it will mean to me, I don’t know, it just breaks my heart.
It’s just a matter of time. I know I will let you know everything.

Happy 23rd birthday, baby!
It’s my baby’s birthday! The only one who can make me cry from happiness.
I’ll love you forever. I swear.

I hate the way we teach poetry.

I love words.  I love books, from Proust to fanfic and everything in the middle, but so much writing is like water or beer or soda, just some casual thing to swallow and forget and leave.  Poetry, though, poetry is single malt scotch;  it’s something to savor even as it burns you.  Poetry is rage and fire and grief and lust and people screaming out into the void and we teach fucking iambic pentameter and rhyme schemes until we’ve sucked so much blood out of the language that it’s lying dead on the page.

It’s like showing someone a painting of a naked woman and proceeding to lecture them on the chemical composition of oil paints in seventeenth century Florence.

You know what, I don’t think we will have Nitori this time. I mean of course he’ll become a relay member just not for this relay in particular. If you look at the preview you can see Nagisa swim but it’s the only one of the Iwatobi guys that we didn’t see who’s against to. Maybe we will have a secondary character from Samezuka this time???

Also, in the preview we also see that Sousuke is winning against Rei and, even if I love Rei, I don’t think he can win against someone who is better at butterfly than Rin. And after Sou vs Rei we will have Haru vs Rin…in this episode we saw how they had basically another tie so, if Haru starts late, how can he catch up Rin?

So my conclusion is this: there’ll be something strange in Makoto’s swim, something that Haru will notice and something that will make Makoto lose against Momo. The Iwatoby guys will not be able to close that gap and they lose. And then the parallels begin: on the Samezuka side we will have Sousuke that still doesn’t understand what the relay are for Rin while on the Iwatobi side we will have Haru that doesn’t understand what is happening at Makoto.

but at 99,9999999999% I’m totally wrong