dear anti-racist white allies, stop othering yourself from white people. stop pretending you aren’t “that” white person. you are that white person. most likely, the majority of your friends are white. most likely, you appropriate aave. most likely, you still accidentally drop the n-word when singing along to the latest radio hiphop hit. most likely, you will get just the slightest bit uncomfortable around men of color at night. most likely, you have said something in the past month that relies on a racial stereotype. most likely, your attraction to poc has shades of exotification. most likely, your interest in poc cultures can border on cultural appropriation.

i know because those are all things i occasionally find myself guilty of, and it’s not okay.

stop forgetting that a huge part of being an ally is identifying what you do wrong, checking your privilege, and trying your hardest to overcome it so as not to perpetuate those harmful behaviors. being an ally is not about getting social justice points. being an ally is not about a warm fuzzy feeling for helping those less privileged than you. being an an ally is not about being superior to people in your privilege group. being an ally is about helping destroy the privilege you live in and it is just as internal as it is external.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

let's get this as simple as humanly possible while using current events as examples

good ally:

  • “hey im cis but can i also donate my clothes to the trans* clothing network? the network for clothing trans* people specifically who do not have ways of acquiring clothing for their gender identity on their own? the trans* clothing network specifically for helping trans* people?”
  • “sure! any and all help is completely appreciated.”
  • “cool! here’s what i can donate and here’s how seekers can contact me.”

shitty “ally”:

  • “hey im cis but these clothes look hella nice can i participate by messaging the donors and asking for the clothes even though this network is trans* clothing network not the fucking shitty assbasket pissface clothing network?”
  • “No.”
  • “wow rude i thought you wanted our support guess nOT THEN.”

WHAT!?!????!? You want me to prooooove I’m not a bigot? And you’re saying that I have to do so by not saying or doing anything that is in any way harmful to people who are systematically oppressed? I thought that by saying I love Anthony Mackie and not actively hunting down and killing trans people I completely absolved myself of ever being accused of bigotry ever. Are you saying that I actually have to put effort into caring about other human beings and doing my best to not harm them either directly or indirectly? Instead of making up disabled friends that I don’t actually have and using them as a scapegoat for why i’m totally not a bigot? Fuck that, i’m not putting effort into treating people with basic human decency! I’m not a bigot, yooooooou are a bigot for expecting me to prove i’m not a bigot!!! Ha! What do you have to say to that?

Check, and, mate.