zoeyviolet asked:

"Male feminists" have always reminded me of the shitty straight allies that insist on being included in everything that they have no business in :/

It’s like indistinguishable.  And then you overhear them saying something homophobic (or male feminists, saying something sexist) and they get super defensive and bring up their ally-dom if you call them out.

Watching people complain about “cis hate” is like watching the owners/chefs of the failing restaurants on kitchen nightmares cry and/or get violent because Ramsay’s being “so mean to them” because they’re serving unsafe, old, frozen, and gross food and generally mistreating at least one employee in a dirty restaurant.

Except cis people do much worse things to trans and non-binary people!

let's get this as simple as humanly possible while using current events as examples

good ally:

  • "hey im cis but can i also donate my clothes to the trans* clothing network? the network for clothing trans* people specifically who do not have ways of acquiring clothing for their gender identity on their own? the trans* clothing network specifically for helping trans* people?"
  • "sure! any and all help is completely appreciated."
  • "cool! here’s what i can donate and here’s how seekers can contact me."

shitty “ally”:

  • "hey im cis but these clothes look hella nice can i participate by messaging the donors and asking for the clothes even though this network is trans* clothing network not the fucking shitty assbasket pissface clothing network?"
  • "No."
  • "wow rude i thought you wanted our support guess nOT THEN."
  • Person:Just because I'm privileged doesn't mean i'm a bigot. I want equality for everyone!
  • Person:*argues with women about what counts as misogyny*
  • Person:*argues with people of color about what counts as racism*
  • Person:*argues with transgender people about what counts as transphobic*
  • Person:*argues with marginalized people over their own lived experiences*