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Can you do a Stella Carlin where both of you like each other a lot but are too shy to do anything. So one day there's a huge rain storm and the electricity is out, and it's really dark, and everyone has to sleep in the cafeteria. When nobody notices, Stella pulls you somewhere private and you guys start making out. Thanks in advance!

It had been a shitty day from the moment I had woken up. They had given me some new inmate that had arrived the night before and hadn’t been given a proper tour of the prison, leaving me to that annoying task. The showers had ran cold by the time I had finished, leaving me to bath in the freezing cold. And now, a storm had hit, making the lights flicker and putting everyone in a bad mood.

“I hate this kind of weather,” I grumbled, running my fingers through my knotty hair, attempting to brush the knots out without needing to find my brush.

“Yeh, it’s really fucking shitty,” Piper sighed, brushing her wet hair out, somehow managing to hit me with droplets of water, even though we were at opposite ends of the bench.

“I swear if the power goes out, I’m gonna jump out a window,” I huffed, hoisting myself up on the bench and swinging my legs childishly, watching her continue to prepare herself for bed. As if on queue, the lights in the bathroom started flicking, before finally going out a moment later. “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“Alright ladies, everyone out of the bathroom!” one of the new part time officers came storming into the bathroom, waving her baton in the doorway, glaring at anyone who passed her. “Go to your cubes and get your things, we’re all bunking in the cafeteria!” All the girls let out a loud groan, clutching their towels tighter around their bodies, not wanting to let anything slip, despite a majority of them being into girls anyway.

“This is ridiculous,” I sighed, picking up my discarded towel and toiletries and following the girls towards our cubes, cringing at the sheer darkness of the prison.

“Well atleast this way you’ll get to spend the night with your favourite person…” Piper winked, her eyes wandering to the opposite side of the room where Stella was stood, laughing at something with another inmate, a flash of jealousy rushing through me. “I don’t care how dark it is, if I see your two heads get close to one another, I’ll give you both shit for the rest of your time here…”

“Ok mum,” I rolled my eyes, picking up my mattress and rolling it as best I could, tucking it under my arm, along with some food, a pillow and a book to keep myself entertained. “Let’s just hurry up and go… I want to get a good spot.”

Stella POV

I threw my mattress onto the cold, hard cafeteria floor, looking around at the sheer amount of girls who had gathered into the small area. There were obviously designated areas for each ‘squad’, and Morello had somehow managed to score one of the back corners, giving us all ultimate privacy.

“Alright, who’s bright idea was it to all sleep in here,” Piper huffed, stepping over another inmate and throwing her things onto the floor, crossing her arms over her chest. “Do they realise that we could all die of suffocation?”

“I’d rather that than drowning to death,” Y/N piped up, dropping her mattress next to mine and collapsing onto it, nudging me with her elbow. “You’re my designated cuddle buddy for tonight.” I simply nodded, letting her scoot over so our heads were resting against each others, my arm itching to go around her, but refraining for fear of it being too forward and too in public.

“You’re two are so cute together,” Morello sighed, patting both of our legs softly, making me roll my eyes at her forward comment. “Don’t be sassy with me… We all know you like each other..”

“No we don’t!” We both stated at the same time, blushing at our synchronisation.

“We’re just good friends,” Y/N mumbled, looking down at her hands that were resting in her lap, making me frown slightly at her comment.

“Stella doesn’t look too happy about that,” Piper raised a brow at me, kicking my leg softly. “You have a thing for my baby?”

“Your baby?” Y/N chuckled, lifting her head back up to stare at her friend with a confused look. “I was kidding about the whole mum thing, ya know.”

“I take it quite seriously,” Piper shot me a deadly look, shaking her pointer finger at me. “You treat my baby good, ya hear? If she comes crying to me, I’ll kill you myself…”

“Piper, shut up and go to sleep,” Y/N rolled her eyes, manoeuvring herself so she was lying on her mattress with her head in my lap, my hands automatically running themselves through her hair. “That feels nice…”

“Don’t go to sleep,” I mumbled, tugging on her hair softly, raising a brow when she bit her lip slightly. “You have to stay awake to entertain me…”

“Entertain yourself,” she scoffed playfully, moaning softly when I tugged on her hair a bit harder than before, her bright eyes staring up at me through her lashes, almost challenging me to continue.

“Never knew you were the kinky type…” I chuckled, watching her blush at my comment.

“There’s quite a bit that you don’t know about me…” she muttered softly, her eyes wandering over towards the doorway into the cafeteria. I followed her gaze, noticing a majority of the room was either asleep or reading, with most of the guards slouched against the walls, completely knocked out. I pushed Y/N off my lap, scrambling to my feet and pulling her up with me, tugging her along behind me, tiptoeing across the inmates sprawled across the floor, thankful for the darkness that was keeping us hidden.


“Where the hell are we going?” I whispered, just narrowly dodging stepping on one of the inmates, following the frantic girl towards the abandoned and completely dark hallways. “Stella, we’re going to get caught!”

“Shh,” she shushed me, jiggling doorknobs as she walked down the hallway, finally finding an open room and pushing me inside, closing the door behind us and locking it.

“What are we-” I was cut off by her lips connecting with my own, her arms wrapped around my waist, my own coming to wrap around her neck. I tilted my head to the side slightly, almost collapsing at the feel of her soft lips against my own, her arms being the only thing keeping me upright. The kisses became more frantic, her hands sliding down my back until they were resting just below my bum, lifting me onto the table, standing in-between my open legs. She pulled away from my lips, her hands coming up to cup my cheeks, placing soft kisses all over my face.

“I’ve waited so long to do that,” she breathed out, raising a brow when I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her pants, tugging her even closer to me. “What are you doing?”

“Sit on me,” I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her onto my lap so she was straddling me, my hands down resting on her ass.

“I thought you meant something else when you told me to sit on you,” she pouted, making me roll my eyes. “But I guess this is ok…”

“That comes later,” I winked, giving her a cheeky grin, cooing when a soft flush spread across her cheeks, obviously not expecting my forward comment. “But for now, I just wanna make out with you…”

“How romantic…”

very sorry about the nerd spam lately (video games + D&D etc) but when I’m stressed and have almost no free time, I go straight to geeky shit whenever I have a break during the day because it helps a lot, so it’s all that’s on my mind (and blog) lately (apart from what’s stressing me out).

I know it’s not content you’re used to (at least not that much haha) and it can be off-putting or annoying so you can always blacklist “overwatch”, “video games”, “D&D”, or “critical role” if you are tired of nerdy posts; and “personal” if you want to avoid my personal rants about personal shit (they have been numerous lately) :)

Pushing your sleeves up your arms, you got down onto your knees before reaching into the water bucket, pulling out the sopping wet cloth and tossing it down on the ground. Your manager had asked for you to stay a little longer and lock up for the night, and you had nothing better to do, obviously. Harry and Kendall had left about an hour and a bit ago without as much as a goodbye. You expected to be ignored by Kendall, but Harry? All he did was give you a pitiful look before leading Kendall out. You sniffled and reached up to wipe at your eyes with the back of your wrists, leaning back on your heels as you did so. It was nearing midnight, and you were already exhausted from the events of the day - You felt your eyelids growing heavy as you continued to scrub at the dirty tiles. 

“Don’t forget to turn the fans and the lights off before you leave, Y/N.” You looked up to see your manager slipping into her coat, tossing the keys onto the countertop afterwards. “And take out the trash.” 

“Mhm. Have a nice night, boss.” You mustered a smile, looking back down at the ground as you heard the front door slam shut. Hopefully staying in late would boost your salary a little.. 

12:08am. Your fingers were already growing wrinkly, and you could practically feel blisters forming at how hard you were scrubbing the dirty grills. You had finished mopping, wiping, and waxing the floors, so you decided to move on to something else. Cleaning the entire diner wouldn’t be such a bad idea - Plus, your manager would be very impressed with you! Your head whipped up when you heard the jingling of the bell by the front door, you were pretty sure the flashing neon ‘Closed’ sign would have sent the intended message. Some of these customers were ridiculous - They always thought that just because the lights were turned on meant that the restaurant was still up and running.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed for the night!” You chirped from the kitchen, not even bothering to look up from the grill. You were used to having people wander in in the wee hours of the morning when you were still cleaning. Usually they only wanted a drink,  “I mean, I’m not sure how you missed the blinding ‘Closed’ sign, or the fact that all the chairs are on top of the table for cleaning..” You hummed, wiping your hands down on your shirt before stepping out. “But if you want a cup of coffee or tea, I can certainly get that to go for you.” You looked up at the customer, smile dropping when you realized who exactly had walked in. 

“Y/N, we need to talk.. I need to talk.” Harry cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck. 

“In case you haven’t noticed - We’re closed.” You stated bluntly, feeling your eyes already beginning to well up with tears - Why were you being so sensitive all of a sudden? “Get out.” 

“Y/N, please..” Harry trailed off, letting out a sigh when you continued to give him the cold shoulder while wiping down the coffee-stained countertops. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I lied t’ yeh, I’m sorry I came here with Kendall, and I’m sorry I’ve genuinely been a shitty person.” There was a moment of silence, as if Harry was waiting for you to respond. 

“Are you expecting me to automatically forgive you after that half-assed apology?” You scoffed, tossing the cloth aside and beginning to focus on refilling the ketchup bottles. You were mad! You were mad at Harry, you weren’t very happy with Kendall, but most of all? God, you were mad at yourself. Why did you ever think you’d have a chance with Harry? The most you’d be with him was friends, and you just needed to accept that. I’m over him. I’m over him! What am I saying? There’s no sense in pretending.. I’ll never get over him. 

“I.. I don’ know wha’ t’ say..” 

“Good. That means you can help yourself to the exit.” You pointed towards the door, Harry’s eyebrows furrowing in frustration. 

“Will you stop being so.. so stubborn fo’ one fuckin’ second and just listen to me, Y/N?! I’m sorry, alright? You’re one o’ my best mates and it’s jus’.. I didn’t know how to react when I found out how yeh felt about me, and I didn’t wanna have this conversation with yeh cos I hate seein’ yeh upset!” Harry growled, sitting down on one of the stools as he glared at you, eyes immediately softening when you stayed quiet. You knew what was coming. “Y/N, I don’ know what else t’ say besides I’m sorry. I jus’..You know I love yeh - but not in tha’ way..” 

“I know.” You murmured, picking at a loose string hanging from your shirt before shaking your head. “I know.” 

You couldn’t wait forever for Harry to come around. 


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unfortunately this is the final part to that mini series :’( not a very happy ending but i figured i’d switch it up a bit compared to how my other mini series usually ends! 

I Need You

Words: 1.7K wtf

Summary: Dan and Phil have been drifting apart lately, and they constantly wonder, is love really worth it?


Inspiration: very much based on these 2012 headcanons by @hollarbones (which ripped me apart and made me sob btw) and the song “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum

Beta: the amazing and awesome and just wonderful @phan-overdose (tysm sophia!)

Notes: Idk where this came from, but i just needed to write something and I was just thinking about 2012 phan and yeh, also I wrote this while listening to troye on repeat can you tell?  i’m kinda sorta proud of this ngl, i’ve never written more than 500 words in a fic, so 1.7K is just !!!!

Warnings: i tried to make it sad idk if it worked, alchohol mention, cussing, food mentions, angst in general, i apologize in advance for shitty plot and my shitty transitions I’m still trying to improve my writing !

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