shitty writing at its best lol

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Eat some shit [ dark / anti ]

Hi dollfaxe can you do #38 with Dark saying it about Anti??? Your the best love btw your master list works again lol ILY❤❤❤

38.) “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”

Note: if the title is something stupid its probably bc i was writing this all at once and haven’t thought good enough for a title for it so it’s probably something really shitty lmao 

Warnings: swearing

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Double standards:

Despite Riley having two seasons worth of romantic development with Lucas, it’s apparently totally plausible that she sees him like a brother, but totally impossible that Maya sees him that way. 

Riley falling for a concept? Totally possible.
Maya referencing a place when trying to prove that she still likes Lucas, which might suggest she fell for the moment and not him - nope, definitely not a thing. 

Riley likes Lucas because she’s acting like Maya? Makes sense.
Maya likes Lucas because she’s acting like Riley? No! That’s such bad writing! 

Despite the fact that thematically, Riley is meant to mirror Topanga and Maya is meant to mirror Lauren, this is completely impossible, because they once sat at the bay window together, and they sat in an order which suggests that Maya is Topanga. 

Let’s just all agree that every single one of these outcomes - regardless of who they apply to - are extremely shitty forms of writing. (except for the Lauren x Cory x Topanga sl. That one is fine. It’s just extremely annoying, because it’s between two best friends). 

  • me before starting an essay: omg this is going to be my best essay, I'm going to work my ass off to hand in a perfect paper
  • me while writing an essay: *dying*
  • me after turning in an essay: ok whatever, this fucking thing is done *rolls eyes*