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Who says he’s alone? If it’s only the idiot, of course he can’t stop you.

Happy Halloween folks! Didn’t manage to draw something new on time, but here is the colored version of my free paper for undokai /;w;)/


Serapetit! - 112, 113

Anon’s request for the apparently Mikayuu chick scene. Because this page makes no sense without the former, I had to do both in double the time and extra shitty scanning/cleaning/typesetting and probably translation. By the gods, why am I even doing such a shitty job…Eh. This is the reason half of my followers still haven’t unfollowed me yet, so I hope this was a nice investment for you and this is up to par no it’s not

I’m still mad they just skipped the fourth wall moment at the end and jumped to the seraph academy popularity poll, by the way. (Spoiler: Yoichi was a top pick)

Note: Guren says ‘didn’t get points’ because there was a rule about how if a student fails the exam he will get his weapon confiscated for a week. 

Note 2: Fugashi is a sweet baked snack, usually in the form of a stick. Just google it…or don’t, because I suddenly was super hungry after I saw it. In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have just eaten an apple and two ice cream today. 


fukuara is strong

Though they’re written differently, Fukutomi’s first name is the same as the Japanese reading for the number eleven ( 十一 = “juu ichi”)

Original image by Heeju! [Pixiv] + [Tumblr]