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Tips on how to drink to forget

1. Don’t tell anyone that you go from smiling and laughing to wishing you were dead. It puts a bad taste in others mouths.

2. As hard as it sounds being a cliche is just that, a cliche. This needs to be a “casual” self destruction not a teenage fad.

3. This skill is best appreciated in the late hours of the day when your sense of self is low enough that you don’t have to drink that much in the first place.

4. Tears are optional. But probable.

5. As much as you want to text them. Don’t. The lonesomness of the whole event will be dissaccociated if you let reality seep into your veins.

6. As much as you would like to think I am strong enough to drink myself away you’re wrong.

7.Go back and replace it with an empty mind and a broken heart. Go back and see I am too scared to die, but I also don’t want to live. This forgetting part is hard. I forgive too easy and think too much.

8. I want to drink to forget you. I want to rip myself from reality even if just briefly.

9. Shut the fridge and walk away. You aren’t strong enough to make a decision like that yet.

—  b.c.m.

dis took me dAYS
I’m so proud of myself

  • me, meeting chris jackson, pulling a legal pad out of nowhere to take notes as he signs a picture of his face from 2008: so what was it like to kiss mandy eight times a week?

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

wow look i’ve made another camp camp oc how weird hahah please don’t hate me

more stuff abt him:

  • he doesn’t have a name please help
  • he has like 2 powers/abilities/whatever and one of them is that he can control his hair so he doesn’t really walk or grab stuff w his hands at all
  • he has this nice wooden wand and he can kinda make some spells w it but he always hides it in his hat
  • he’s rude and aggressive to hide that he’s actually sad and gets scared easily
  • even if he’s uuh depressed he’s an egocentric piece of shit (( and doesn’t really realize it at all ?? ))
  • he does also hate fran (( mmy other cc oc )) bc that kid creeps him out
  • his voice is rly nice 

so this is my no-name kid

(( sorry for the bad uuh handwriting i tried my best ))

The Bio-Terrorist threat

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For the prompts: shitty/Lardo, "let's go somewhere"

“Let’s go somewhere,” Lardo says, and they’re lying in her bed half-naked, but Shitty doesn’t need any more convincing.

“Where?” he asks, knowing full well that he would follow her anywhere, but also needing to know what he should be wearing when he does so.

Lardo hums while she thinks about it, before she says, “I don’t know. Faber?” and Shitty nods.

He also says, “I need pants,” and kisses her on the forehead before he gets up to find them.

His pants end up being on the banister in the hall and he pulls them on when he finds them, before heading back to Larissa’s room. She’s sitting cross legged on the bed when he gets there, and she’s practically glowing in the sun streaming in through the windows.

Most of her things are in boxes strewn across her room and they’ve got a lot more packing to do, but Shitty isn’t going to rush her. Nursey and Dex don’t need to move in for another week, so they’ve got all the time in the world.

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Nicole hiding Waverly's results from her wasn't okay but neither was Waverly protecting her from BBD. They both need to learn how to be able to support one another even in a shitty situation instead of just trying to protect the other from it.

oh cool, that’s what i was about to post and what ive been saying

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"Is that my shirt?" For Lardo and Shitty (bonus: Shitty wearing Lardo's shirt).

also dedicated to the wonderful @sleepy-skittles because it’s her birthday today!! I’, struggling with TW fic lately but here’s some shitty/lardo!!

It sucks, trying to pretend like everything’s cool and nothing matters. Lardo isn’t sure how she came unto this reputation, but it’s certainly a lot of work maintaining it. Because she does care, deeply, she’s an artist after all. She hadn’t been able to hide it when Shitty announced at her art show that he’d gotten into Harvard. Suddenly shit got real, and it hit her like a ton of bricks that her best friend in the entire world is leaving. There will be no more getting high out on the reading room, no more late night talks and early morning breakfasts and falling asleep on his shoulder on roadies. Shitty is moving on, and Lardo is going to be stuck here, struggling to regain her footing. 

She avoids him for two days after the show. In short, it sucks, but she can’t go talk to him when just thinking about graduation makes her tear up. But by the end of day two her heart feels heavy and she’s gotten way too many concerned text messages and phone calls to let it go on any longer. 

The Haus smells like apple pie, and just one look at Bitty tells her that she’s not the only one struggling with the upcoming departure of the team’s senior members. 

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Beth’s 2016 Fic Round-Up

It’s bee quite the year hasn’t it!! I started this blog in May, and posted my first fic within a week, and I cannot even begin to express how great the past 8 months have been with this fandom! It’s been so great getting to know all of you, and sharing in the excitement over updates and Ngozi’s amazing characters has been so much fun. 

I started this post yesterday, and then accidentally posted it, so I had to delete (wahh), but I’m going to put all the fics I’ve written this year, in chronological order, under the cut! (doesn’t include all the hc posts and very small fics, but all my stuff can be found here)

[Fics: 39, Words: 116,656 … yikes lol. Mostly NurseyDex with a sprinkling of zimbits, shitty/lardo, holsom, and poly!frogs]

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