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A preview of this kenhina doujin💞💞💞

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Louise Michel was a French feminist anarchist from the Commune de Paris (1871), and she was a close friend of Victor Hugo. She’s best known by her nickname “Enjolras”, because of her fighting for revolutionary stuff and because she decided to sign her poems this way. After a looong correspondence with Hugo (i ship them, also you have to know Hugo flirted with her so much), in 1851 they finally met. As everyone knows, “Les Misérables” was out in 1862, twelve years later their meeting.

When she was arrested in 1871, after the end of the Commune, Victor Hugo wrote for her his poem “Viro Major” (sorry for the shitty translation, i’m italian):

Those, woman, in front of your indomitable majesty,
they meditated, and despite the bitter bend on your mouth,
despite the cursed who, raging against you,
spitted at you all the angry screams of law,
despite his fatal and high voice that accuse you,
they saw the angel shining through the Medusa.

SO!!! Louise and Hugo met in 1851, Les Mis was published in 1862, and then !!! she called herself Enjolras in 1871.

Let’s not forget that Hugo maybe was in love with her, or at least he admired, loved, and venerated Louise. He had more than one lover, like Grantaire. 

I smell definitely CANON!!!!!! MY GOD I’M CRYING?????

if this is a dream, please, don’t wake me up!

( all the stuff comes from my feminist studies, if you take something please, give me credits! )

if it’s one thing i’m thankful for, is that i haven’t ever really seen too much shitty google translate spanish in cecilos fics. literally i’ve seen this in all my other fandoms, but here in night vale i’ve seen it maybe…once in the four years i’ve been in this fandom??? you go night vale fandom, you’ve done something right for once


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Kuroko "I like gentle people"

@ Kuroko “I like gentle people”
Kagami (Me?)
Aomine (It’s me)
Kise (It’s Me!)
Midorima (It’s me…)
Akashi (It’s me…)
Murasakibara (It’s mee…)
Riko (It’s Kagami-kun…)
Momoi (It’s Dai-chan…)
Takao (It’s Shin-chan…)
Mibuchi (It’s Sei-chan…)
Himuro (It’s Atsushi…)
Kasamatsu (There’s no way it gonna to be Kise)


Strip Comic By 모다깃

Translated by Lightmaycry

Another shitty translation from me, I’ve been busy this month because of exam… by the way this comic is one of my favorite. That last line i’m not translating is artist’s note, she said something about the man? idk.. and she’s apologizing (i still need to study this languange)

Please note that this translation is not 100% correct, i’m still a mere human you know..

(2/7) OPParty Chapter 10 Translation
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Chapter 10 “The 5 Competitions”

Luffy: “Puhaaaa!! I’m stuffed!! Sanji’s meal was delicious again today!”

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Things I hope happen in Death Note 2017

• Instead of the death note being written in English it’s written in Spanish

• Ryuk’s reasoning for this is the same as his reasoning for writing it in English in the first one: well there’s a lot of human languages but Spanish is the most common in the Americas so I went with that

• Light uses google translate to translate the death note and it gives him shitty translations like “If cause of death is unclear write excuse for to die and watch” or something equally terrible

• Mia uses her death note as a diary and can’t figure out why her friends keep dying until Rem shows up and explains