shitty things that make me happy

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: A newbie having a happy shift

Hello fellow hotelpeops, I’m new at the whole “working at a hotel”-thing. Didn’t get much information before starting, so I felt like a complete idiot most of the time for the last 3 weeks. So much I don’t know. I’ve never worked at a hotel and it kind of got sprung on me, you know. Making some mistakes, feeling pretty shitty most days.

But, I think I’m slowly getting there. Tonight, after a hellish week I got my first guest that seemed really happy with my service. He even said “write your name down, cause you’re gonna get some awesome reviews!” Doesn’t matter if he does it (even though it would really mean a lot to me. Is this normal? Should I really be THIS happy about guests being happy?) But seriously, this day really makes me think I could actually get through this.

Just wanted to share this with you guys, since I don’t know much hotel workers. :) Me is very happy.

By: Drawthisformeplzz

idk why i just remembered this but all throughout kindergarten and first grade i used to draw a lil snail in the corner of every paper i had to turn in because it was a happy snail so i thought it would make my teachers happy when they were grading papers because i was a pure and simple child but in 2nd grade my teacher would take off 2 points if i drew it on my homework and 5 points if i drew it on a quiz or test so i stopped but like
it was so harmless it was just a lil shitty doodle of a smiling snail it wasn’t distracting me or anything from the task at hand
so i’d like to say to mrs whoeverthefuck that snail was supposed to be a happy thing u bitch


everybody in the house is kinda scared of the spider but nobody can take one for the team and throw it out 

Mob feeds it grasshoppers and caterpillars from Reigen’s garden

also nobody knows why theres a tarantula in a bathroom in the middle of a city

(thank you anon for the superb idea!!! coincidentally it fits perfectly with the general theme of ritsu being scared of bugs lately and I just have to add a small thing for it)

and yep request is still open ayyy

Camilla Collins Revisited

So the tradition is that your BFF or roommate hooks you up with your Winter Screw date, right? So chances are high that Shitty introduced Jack and Camilla.

This led me down a whole garden path of ‘what if’


She comes from a wealthy, privileged family who work hard to stifle her energy and creativity. She went to Andover. Tennis is the only thing she got from that lifestyle which actually makes her happy, mostly because the rest of the tennis team are her girls, and she loves them fiercely.

Choosing Samwell instead of Harvard or Yale was her rebellion, as was joining every political/social justice club on her first day. She’s double majoring in gender studies and African American literature. She’s the world’s most woke white girl. She is always super embarrassed when she forgets to check her privilege, or over-enthusiastically lectures people about their own issues, but that doesn’t stop her doing it next time.

Women’s clothes are a tyranny. She only wears makeup ironically, and has as many formal suits as she does frocks. She went the entire freshman year without wearing a bra (except a sports bra during actual matches). She will talk your ear off about the evils of cosmetics corporations, and the fashion industry’s exploitation of the third world. She is also quite happy to tell everyone how much she does not shave/wax any body hair.

(Jack was super worried at introducing her to his mother but the one time they met, Alicia and Camilla had an awesome conversation about ethical clothing, and Alicia ended up recommending Camilla for an internship in one of her charities)

Jack and Camilla’s dates, not counting Winter Screws, were 50-50 long runs/workouts, and protest marches. He went on seventeen protest marches with her over the year that they dated, and even after they broke up, he rolled his eyes and went along on several at her request, as long as there wasn’t a game or training conflict.

(a week before the inauguration of Trump, Jack received a hand-knitted pink pussy hat in the mail and was all “Hey Bits guess what we’re doing this week”)

As with all the people that Jack is drawn to, Camilla is a complete extrovert. She’s always surrounded by people, and inviting them to crash in her room, or accidentally making parties appear from thin air. She had several other casual boyfriends/girlfriends while she and Jack were dating, which he was fine with because honestly 100% Camilla was exhausting and he also had hockey and classes plus the care and maintenance of Shitty to manage. 

“To be honest,” he admitted to Shitty months after the break up. “It kind of felt sometimes like I was dating a version of you. And if I’m going to do that I might as well date you, you know?”

“Brah, that is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“I don’t actually want to date you, Shits.”

“I know, Jack.”

“When does this hug end, exactly?”

“It doesn’t, my brah. This hug will never end.”

[someday, Camilla runs for President and Shitty signs on as her campaign manager.]

i want someone to ask me what’s wrong and let me vent to them but even if they ask, i just end up saying i’m fine and i turn the conversation around onto how they are

i want someone to hug me tightly and let me sob into their chest and not let go until i’m okay because it’s so fucking hard trying to handle all of this on my own

i want people to help and i want to tell them just how shitty and difficult everything is but the reality is that i can’t open up to people because my problems are not valid or worthy of attention and talking about it makes me feel like i’m manipulating everyone

other people have it worse which means i should just suck it up and be grateful that i have things like food, clothes and shelter. but oh my god, i am just SO fucking miserable. i would give anything to just be happy, to not wake up disappointed that i didn’t die in my sleep, to not spend every day crying and shaking with anxiety and thinking about hurting and killing myself

i want to be calm, happy and at peace. i feel like i’m at war with my brain and it’s so draining, so exhausting and i feel like the most pathetic, worthless person in the world

Another thing, 5sos should not be your only source of happiness. That’s so toxic and dangerous to stake all your joy on a band. You need to find happiness from within yourself and from things in your real life. You need to be more important to yourself than four shitty boys in a band.

You need to love yourself more than you love a member of a band.

Hey guys, so I’m interested in creating a web comic series. It’s my first time, and I just wanted to see how it goes. Hopefully, this can become an ongoing thing for me because I actually really enjoyed making this. To be honest, I gained inspiration to try creating a web comic series from comics like oursuperadventure, Tobias and Guy, Sarah’s Scribbles, Cyanide and Happiness, etc. I hope that I will become better at drawing on a tablet throughout the years, so I could eventually move on to better character designs and more realistic features. So without further ado, here’s my shitty comic. Thanks.

cassandra clare is a truly shitty person and a bad writer. i love the mortal instruments’ world and i love the characters but she just did such a bad job with the characters and i’m so happy the show is trying to fix all of that.

 i don’t watch the show but i know how they fixed the relationship between clary and izzy. why would anyway want them to be jealous over each other them being catty in the books made me cringe the show makes me sHIP IT SO HARD. and clace was toxic in the books, jace was lowkey a dick

another thing: MALEC GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME. i’m so happy bc in the books there was barely anything about them?? one of the most popular ships on television is an interracial gay couple and that makes me so happy. all of the cast is BEAUTIFUL. 

i did wish the show followed the books plots but Shadowhunters is 20x better than the books so keep it up SH you’re doing great

Thomas Sanders: *makes lots of funny and relatable vines, is inclusive of PoC and the LGBT community in his videos, is generally a very sweet, positive, and uplifting person*

people: god… Thomas Sanders is so cringeworthy… I wish he’d go away…


Okay so heres the story about meeting Aleks!!;

So i came up to him at the table right and i was like hey Aleks and hes like hey how are you (btw hes so fuckin polite its concerning) and i was like good whatever blah blah and i asked him to sign my poster and for a photo. While he was signing my poster i told him that he stopped me from making a lot of bad decisions in my life and that i’m very thankful and when i was saying this he stopped signing and he was just looking into my fuckin eyes and i was SO shakey i really didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable but when i finished he just didnt respond for a minute and was just looking at me (and at this point im like fuKC I FUCKED UP HES PROBABLY LIKE WTF) but then he goes “im so happy that i stopped you from doing the really shitty things but sometimes you gotta do the kinda shitty things to be happy” and i cried.

we dont talk a lot about how damaging it can be to feel like u cant talk about ur special interest but if u ever want to yell about ur special interest, even if u think i dont give a shit, even if i dont know a goddamn thing about it, even if weve never talked, i wanna share ur enthusiasm i will listen to All of it  

pls dont ever feel like u have to shut up about ur special interest bc there Are people out there who will be happy to get excited about it with u & see ur passion for it & learn about it. im tired of being told that we have to keep quiet bc nobody cares, it makes me afraid to talk about the things i love & thats such a shitty way to feel

Little things that make you happy

Since it’s been such a crappy year on top of being a real shitty one, I realize we shouldn’t take anything for granted and appreciate the little things in life that make us feel happy.

Reblog and add the little things that make you happy:

-like for me it’s when you get notification that your fave wip fic has finally updated 👌👌

For a while now I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety. I have been working hard on myself and my surroundings, trying to get myself in a better spot and out of the spot I’ve been stuck in. I’m slowly feeling better and better. Now, this isn’t a Wreck This Journal page, and it’s not my favorite work, but it’s one of the first things I’ve gotten myself to sit down and create in a long time. I usually don’t post my art unless I’m really happy with it, but just like myself my art has flaws. The lyrics on this shitty piece of wall art I made mean a lot to me, and that’s why I wanted to make something to hang up on my wall for me to see every day.
I apologize for the lack of posts, but I’m finally starting to feel myself again, and that means more motivation to create! Thank you to everyone for sticking around. 💖✌

Listen as stupid as it sounds Robron and Emmerdale is something that keeps me going it allows me to do and think a lot of things and feel less sad (most of the time). I’m not going to apologise for something that makes me happier and feel like i’ve got purpose when my days get hard. I am allowed to be sad over ‘bad writing’ or something shitty happening because when you feel as connected to a story or a character as I do you can’t help but emphasis or feel the emotions yourself. It’s okay for me to get overly excited when something good happens as well. Let me try and be positive so I can feel happy at least sometimes.


It’s my total ambition at some point in my life to be in some massive shitty big disaster movie. But I’m in an amazing position, which is that I have a certain amount of financial security and that allows me to do things that make me happy, and things that will fulfill me and challenge me, with people I’ll have a good time with. You hear horror stories about actors all the time, and I’ve worked with so few of them compared to the amount of stories I’ve heard. I’ve been incredibly lucky, and I do believe life is too short to work with arseholes.

sorry for the crappy banner but i wanted to do a little something this end of the year and that’s all i got 

So, 2016 is finally ending and while overall I believe it was a shitty, shitty, shitty year for basically everybody, there were a few things and people here who made things easier, funnier and lighter for me, so I wanted to say thank you to all of you. For being there. For creating such quality content to follow. For making me laugh and cry and think, and for making me want to be a better person (I swear I’m trying). I hope 2017 goes easier on all of us, but especially you, you wonderful people. 

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Needless to say these wishes extend to all my lovely followers, love you all and hope to interact more with y’all this next year! If I’ve forgotten someone I truly apologize, this was really done in a haste but you are all very important to me, please know that.

Happy Holidays!

I feel like unless I have something to distract myself I’m just so fucking miserable all the time and I hate not being able to feel okay unless I have something to focus on that isn’t me.

this is still a really shitty situation but a week on and I’m starting to process this better and feel less awful about everything in general. not less angry, don’t get me wrong, I hate their fucken guts. but I feel a bit more hopeful for the future, knowing just how many people care about righting this wrong as much as I do. it is complete bullshit we didn’t get given this, but a few years from now when we’re all doing our own things and making our own queer content, I feel happy with the knowledge that the younger generation of queers won’t have to deal with this specific pain that we’ve had to. I can’t wait to be the best I can be for them.