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trans draco approaches a unicorn

DRACO : I don’t want to go the lesson, I heard there will be unicorns.

HARRY : Love, it’ll be ok. You might be surprised.

*at the lesson*

PROFESSOR : Malfoy, join the girls.

DRACO : But Professor…

HARRY : Draco, you don’t have to go up there.

PROFESSOR : Now Malfoy!

*Draco slowly approaches the unicorn, and eyes grow big as it backs away*

DRACO : *sniffling and smiling* HARRY IT DOESN’T LIKE ME! I REALLY AM A BOY!

HARRY : I told you Draco. Now, let’s go talk to Dumbledore about switching your dorms. 

(( A/N I love trans!draco, he’s adorable. and this is just fluff and i love it mmk bye))


Fake married ironpanther, including the absolute reach to justify this (im guessing aliens mistake them for being married somehow and they need good trade w/ the aliens so tchalla and Tony go along with it) well as the inevitable MUTUAL PINING

Tony directing potential suitors away f rom tchalla which he justifies to himself by saying that tchalla is still super green when it comes to international relations (sure Tony)

The inevitable sex pollen fic (Wakanda’s science division has been fucking around again)

Angst fic where Tony discovers tchalla hiding the ex-vengers away (admittedly I’ve mentioned this before but you get it twice aren’t you all lucky)

tchalla and Tony trying to matchmake shuri and rhodey and in the process become closer themselves

A fic set in either a D/s or an A/B/O universe where everyone warns tchalla about how wild and how shitty a sub/omega tony is, definitely bad news 0/10 would not recommend dating/mating and tchalla is like lol ok sure

We’re doing p well on the soulmate trope actually good job everyone

T'challa as the dude no one knows is royalty, trying to get w/ teacher tony but having difficulties because Tony’s students are too possessive of him and keep interrupting his flirting

Ironpanther basically being the mum and dad of the new-vengers

Possibly related to that, T'challa being a petty dick to the ex-vengers, making super passive aggressive comments to them like “tony is just so affectionate with the team, he’s always hugging us and kissing us and touching us. what’s that? he never did that with you guys? huh, weird. it’s almost as if he likes us more than he ever liked any of you.”

or maybe he tries being petty but ends up just being angry like “oh look what Tony made me the other day, a one of a kind weapon that does something amazing. …Tony made you something like this as well? …and you still treated him the way you did? jfc you’re all MORONS”

Tony getting hurt somehow and accidentally reveals his feelings (your choice on whether he says it because he thinks he’s gonna die or because he’s so out of it he’s not filtering his words)

T'challa thinking Harley is Tony’s son so he hangs out with him in order to better know his future son (Harley is very amused by this)

Oblivious Tony completely misunderstanding t'challas flirting

Thor and Bruce coming back to chill with Tony and tchalla getting a bit jealous of their interactions with Tony, especially bruce

Related, hulk challenging T'challa to a fight so tchalla can prove to hulk he’s worthy of his tin man.

Thor also challenging tchalla because he feels guilty about how things went down between him and Tony (I mean the choking scene), and also feels like things might not have gotten to the stage they did during civil war if he had been around to help, so he wants to make it up to Tony (Tony: SO YOU DECIDED TO FIGHT HIM??? Thor: I had to make sure he deserved you!)

Tony getting annoyed at them fighting tchalla for his honour but instead of making them stop he decides to fight the Dora milaje. Why? Because its 2 in the morning and Tony challenging every single Dora milaje to a fight at once is making me laugh (Tony: I need to prove myself! Tchalla: THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO PROVE YOURSELF THEN DYING YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS HERE)

honestly tho i just can’t wait for ironpanther to become so popular that we get all the cliche fics im so ready for them give them to me!!!

12 Days of Shipmas Challenge- Day 1 (Shinkane)

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Day 1: Favorite moment of them

There are so many to choose from but it’d have to be this (and I’m sure by now, it’s every Shinkane fan’s favorite)

I’d also like to point out he called her ‘Akane’ here, not Inspector

what the fuck is 2x08

What happened tonight with r / izzy in 2x08 was disgusting. i don’t see how ANYONE can ship that. although i don’t want to demonize Iz bc it is her addiction, but she FUCKING FORCED Raph to bite her. she took away his consent, she betrayed him, she took advantage of his initial kindness and sacrifice. she fucking USED HIM!! i’m appalled by this shitty ass sub plot both for the sake of Iz and Raph. Iz deserves better than this tacky drug addiction. Raphael Santiago deserves better than being thrown into a weird ass ‘relationship’ and being abused more or less and forced to do something against his will. had something like this happened where it was a man doing it to a woman, people would be furious. don’t let double standards get in the way of this. Raphael fucking Santiago deserves better than this bullshit writing, he deserves a break and he sure as hell doesn’t need a relationship with a woman to be relevant… let alone a woman who took advantage of him TWICE.

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what is 'the secret' that vilde mentions? If you don't mind helping me out.. I don't think I have the strength to wait for the subs

this shitty self help book

The Gay Agenda : #1 - Make Dan Squirm

Title: The Gay Agenda: #1- Make Dan Squirm

Rating: NC-17

Description: Dan has a rather interesting English class , thanks to Phil Or the one where Phil sexts Dan in class and enjoys every second of it

Warnings:Daddy kink , slight degradation kink, mentions of bdsm,sexting, just sin in general

Authors note: Okay, so I wrote this for my dank ass friend Rachel’s ( @phansdick) 19th birthday and as I know she loves smut (this hardly qualifies as that lmfao) I dedicate this to her! Love you babe!!!! Enjoy !!! This may also be the start of a oneshot series called “The Gay Agenda” but tell me what you think lmfao

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