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29: Angels and Demons!AU

Many thought that when you died, you either went to heaven and became an angel, or to hell and became a demon. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Not all who died had what it took to become the fiercest warriors of heaven, and not every twisted soul had what it truly took to get their horns. You earned your wings, whether those were made from light or shadow.

Some were purebreds, having been born into the gig by demonic or angelic parents. Some were deceased who earned it. Some were halfbreds who were the result of a supernatural being falling in love with a mortal - those got their chance to prove their worth after they died. And then there was Cleves.

Sitting at a public cafe, he casually sipped his coffee while hacking into the network of a resident across the street. The rules for how demons and angels were allowed to manipulate humans were endless and twisted, but long story short, they had to work from the shadows. No just popping up in front of someone and then drag them off.

Pushing his dark shades further up his nose, he gave a small smile. He didn’t mind working like this, it was more fun this way. And where some never left the celestial plane of existence, he didn’t mind accessing the mortal one. Interacting with humans could be entertaining.

He was just about to finish the last line of coding when he felt a small wave on the celestial plane, warning him of the presence of another supernatural being. Straightening, he slowly put his cup down, looking around himself with guarded eyes.

Prince and Tutor (@maariku)

Bakura sighed and looked out of the open doors to his left at the blazing landscape unfolded before him. The sun was as hot and relentless as ever, heat seeping into every pore and hole, even in the cold pillars of marble.

And even in nothing but his shendyt and robe, his pale skin was sticky with sweat as his short hair clung to the back of his neck.

Why had his father insisted he come to the throne room? Bakura had been on his way to the bathing pool to relax and try to combat some of the heat that was making his head swim. Instead, he was sure his father the esteemed Pharaoh would have something foolish lined up for him.

His sandaled feet let out soft sounds as he meandered slowly towards the vast cavernous hall. He knew that he would most likely be scolded for his speed later, but Bakura didn’t care. All he had to do was climb in the tree in the gardens and people would leave him alone.

It had always worked. Of course, that was partly due to the fact that he didn’t give a shit for anyone, and they in turn didn’t care about him except as a figure.

He was the Pharaoh’s only son, born to him from a common concubine. So naturally, he had been chosen over the man’s daughters to eventually ascend to the throne.

But there was nothing Bakura wanted less.

Still, he supposed such thoughts could wait as he rounded the corner. He pulled on his straight face, took a deep breath and straightened his robes before entering the throne room to await whatever his father decided to cast upon him.

“A tutor? With all due respect father, but you must be joking!”

“Watch your tone,” the Pharaoh snapped, eyes weary already at the discussion. “You don’t have a say in this matter. It is decided, and he is already on his way. He will teach you everything you have been lax on with your skipping out.”

“But I don’t need anyone just yet, or at all!”

Bakura glared, hands on his hips as he clicked his tongue. Great, just what he needed, another pair of fucking eyes on him.

“There is no room for discussion. He will be here in mere moments so get your act together!”

Bakura rolled his eyes and stomped childishly to his father’s side. Yes he knew he was acting bratty, but no matter what sort of harebrained tutor they had managed to snag, Bakura was already sure he would dislike them.