shitty special effects

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But they spend money on shitty special effects for things that are beyond their ability to make realistic, so why can’t they instead use it to cover up Colin’s hand once in a while instead?

Exactly. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before in other shows/movies. It just… it looks so un-domestic. Like he still isn’t “at home”.

team voltron: star wars vs star trek

star ★ wars ★ original ★ trilogy ★ is ★ his ★ fucking ★ SHIT. okay?? he doesn’t care that that’re like 100 years old by the time he sees them, he doesn’t care how shitty the special effects were, he doesn’t care. he doesn’t care. he is Faithful to the original trilogy, and a huge star wars fan overall. however he is not one for conflict and also likes star trek. doesn’t start fights about which is better even though in his heart star wars is Supreme.

star trek. all the way. loves everything about the show. captain picard was his hero as a kid (he loves tng, memes and all) but he finds kirk the most #relatable. star trek is what made him first love space and want to space travel. he doesn’t instigate fights about star wars vs star trek, but if he hears someone dissing star trek u best believe it’s ON. calls keith kylo ren out of spite since keith has never even really seen star trek.

loves star wars with a burning passion and is responsible for 99% of all conspiracy meta for the show okay. he’s on that shit. he’s watched every movie through like a billion times at least. can’t stop, won’t stop. he’s got theories up the wazoo about star wars. not a very big star trek fan. it was so long by the time he got around to watching it that he just…couldn’t do it…he’s got nothing bad to say about it tho. it’s one of the few things he and lance don’t fight about actually. they fight about the kylo ren thing tho.

he’s right there with lance with his love for star trek. star trek is one of the things that made them fast friends actually. hunk liked it since he was little, and lance got into it just before they met in like, middle school. he absolutely loves bones and chekov. for him, bones is the most #relatable. he’s like shiro in that he won’t start fights about which is better, but for hunk star trek is Supreme.

loves star wars and will fight lance over it if lance says anything even vaguely implying it’s not amazing. star wars is the best fuck u lance, what’re u gonna do??? beam me up???? weak. we have lightsabers lance. lightsabers. she rants with keith about conspiracy theories regarding star wars. secretly agrees with lance when he calls keith kylo though. not cause of his personality. its the hair…