shitty shit shit shit shit


when you feel shitty, dress up in your favourite outfit and put on a smile


So this is how dates work right


I don’t know what”s gonna happen in season 2, nor does Yakov


Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

"send nudes"
  • Aries: *sends a pic of nude eyeshadow palette*
  • Taurus: *leaves them on read*
  • Gemini: *sends a meme*
  • Cancer: *does the knees in the bra thing*
  • Leo: "flagged and blocked 🏴 🏴 🏴 "
  • Virgo: "no way in hell lol dude ur gross"
  • Libra: *sends pic of legs just to tease*
  • Scorpio: "one sec"
  • Sagittarius: *sends a pic of the darkness*
  • Capricorn: "just google tits"
  • Aquarius: "send urs first"
  • Pisces: "hold on" *falls asleep*
When you can't draw,edit, or write but you still want to contribute to the fandom

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