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Yeah, I'm talking about you, you beggin' for attention
Talking shit on Twitter too but you still hit my phone last night
It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove
And all the recordings too, don't make me tell them the truth And I just drop some new merch and it's selling like a god church

for a sec i thought this someone legit trying to threaten me but then i realized that it’s probly just some lyrics and i looked it up and it’s a shitty rap song sung by a bunch of rich white kids

it’s very bad


Hidden namjin element in the boy meets evil + WINGS concept?

Theory time!

Thanks to the new teaser pictures, I have gotten 4 hours of sleep last night writing a colored tears and yoonminkook theory. Now, I’m gonna share with you a namjin thing I noticed.

First things first, the above photograph is so pretty, right? And in Singlish (I’m Singaporean), we call those ice creams atas, which means high class. Prop or not, an ice cream that has flowers in it like that kailijumei lipstick is cool.

Then I (not so calmly) moved on to Jin’s picture, and I noticed one obvious thing: his ice cream is the same type as Namjoon’s.

That was when I questioned: Why give Jin the same ice cream when Taehyung should be the one twinning with Namjoon? Instead, Taehyung has a different ice cream.

We all know, and Bighit has put it across very clearly in INU, Run and Boy meets evil films that taejoon are linked in a way that hasn’t been explained why. It makes more sense for Tae to twin with Nams in this case, so why Jin?

With this, the scientific researcher for Kpop in me began on a hunt. It soon dawned on me that namjin is more prominent than it appears to be. Let’s start with Namjoon’s song in the Boy meets evil album, Reflection.

A part goes like this: I wish I could love myself.

Reflection in the water, Jin kissing his reflection. I wish I could love myself.

Now, Reflection is a lovely song and I do not wish to overly read into the lyrics but don’t you think that a namjin link explains Jin’s seeming obsession of himself? Jin also kissed the statue in BS&T and I can gurantee you that the statue is a symbolism of him, judging from all his skin cracking scenes.

That’s a total of two times he’s kissed himself. There was also a scene in his film showing him opening the curtains, only to see a reflection of himself. This means that all he is able to see in the outside world is himself. I think that Jin’s character in the script isn’t able to truly accept himself, thus resorting to physical touches to change that. Obviously that doesn’t work.

Reflection and Jin’s reflection of himself. I wouldn’t have noticed the parallels if not for the new teaser pictures. This brings me back to the ice creams and Tae.

If you look closely, you’ll notice flowers in all three of their ice creams. Pretty peculiar choices for flavour if you ask me. This is the white one Tae has:

A close up on Joon’s one:

And holy fuck do you see that yellow rose along with the same small white flowers in Tae’s ice cream? It’s a very beautful piece of ice cream/art but yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship, which makes me assume that namjin have a platonic relationship if they aren’t alter egos of each other (namjin shippers you’re welcome to think otherwise).

Do you guys also remember Jin owning lilies in pretty much everywhere except BS&T? I’m thinking that flowers also represents him and the fact that all three ice creams have flowers means that the three of them are linked.

I also propose that Tae is Jin’s inner demon given that the statue Jin kissed has Tae’s wings and the statue is Jin. It’s a way to show Jin embracing his inner demon. Perhaps Tae has led Jin astray, covering his eyes whatnot, making Jin unable to connect with himself.

I’m putting my money on a hypothesis that something happened between Tae and Joon and it made him ‘become a demon’. Also, his abusive childhood experiences could have contributed. As a result, he is seeking revenge on others (Jin).

Again, this is only my theory and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

All in all, what do you think of this?


the yoonminkook theory I was talking about and wrote

Ssssick beats, dude

My fairly large party was fighting an equally large group of yuan-ti cultists. The party was rolling really well, so it was going pretty quickly. The bard decided he may as well try vicious mockery.

Bard: hey! Snakeface!

Yuan-Ti: Whaaaat do youuuu wannt? *prepares an eldritch blast*

B: What are you gonna do, spit poison at me? *nat 1*

Y: naw…im gonna spit these SICK RHYMES SON

They were all so busy laughing they didnt notice his shitty rapping was summoning a small eldritch beast

Star Struck

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Could I request a Yoongi scenario Where he has a crush on a Solo Idol and the other boys find out about it and at First tease him but agree that she would Be Perfect for him and help him to getting close to her? 😍 PLEAse ❤️

Ask and ye shall recieve.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 960 (oops)

A/N: I’ve never written fluff and I didn’t know how to end it, hope you enjoy it anyway.

Your name: submit What is this?

               She was beautiful. She was the very embodiment of perfection. The few flaws she had only made her more unique, they added to that sophisticated perfection she gracefully showed in the public eye. Since she was an idol, it came as no surprise that she was wanted by everyone. A symbol of unattainable beauty, however, this didn’t mean Yoongi didn’t get jealous when a new dating scandal broke out.

               Even if it was fake, it still didn’t make it easier.

“A new boyfriend? Guess she forgot about you already, hyung!” Jungkook teased. This had become a common occurrence in the dorm. As soon as Yoongi’s mood dropped it was probably because of the rumors. The incessant teasing about his silly little crush never failed to make everyone laugh.

“Still thinking about (y/n)? You should make a move, hyung.”

               Easier said than done. They had interacted a few times on shows during promotions, but she still managed to mesmerize him every time. He never managed to think straight when she was around, he just ended up looking completely star struck. Just lost admiring her. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was crushing hard on (y/n).

               You never really understood why everyone was so fascinated with the dating scandals. They always turned out to be fake, and they never really paired you with anyone even remotely note worthy. Every time a new one surfaced, in would come the comments of both hatred and adoration. You couldn’t help but wish they actually paired you with someone you liked. Since before debut, you had a fangirl crush on Min Yoongi of BTS, so every time you looked at the gossip sites you secretly hoped that you wouldn’t see Yoongi’s name accompanied by someone else’s.

               Yoongi wasn’t as intimidating as everyone made him seem. He always seemed like a sweet guy from the few times you’d chatted. He was always really nice and attentive. Your heart always skipped a beat when he was around. Whenever you had a comeback, you hoped to be in the same promotion period as BTS so that you could at least watch him before they performed on award shows. Although you never talked, you had exchanged phone numbers with them, just in case. You always hoped Yoongi would text you, but you knew he was a busy man so you never really counted on it.

               So when you received a text from the group’s leader, Namjoon, you were surprised to say the least.

[3:12 P.M., Namjoon: Hey (y/n)! How are you? We were wondering if you weren’t too busy to join us tonight for some drinks.]

               That was a first.

[3:15 P.M. (Y/N): Hey! Yeah I’m free tonight, what time and where are we meeting?]

               And with that you began to attempt to make yourself look presentable for Yoongi. This was your chance to make a good impression.

               To say that Yoongi was nervous was an understatement. What if you hated him? What if you didn’t find him as attractive as the other members? His head was overflowing with the what if’s.

“Hyung you’ll be fine, I’m sure she’ll like you too. You gotta chill.” Namjoon tried to hype him and build his confidence, but there was still that little insecurity lingering on the back of his mind.

As you arrived at the bar, you looked for familiar faces. Then you spotted them. It was just Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon. They all had drinks in front of them, they seemed to be having a good time. You almost felt too intimidated to approach them, but as Hoseok spotted you he called you over to their table making your presence known. There was no turning back now.

“(Y/N)! How are you? It’s nice to finally hang out!” Hoseok greeted warmly.

“Hey, glad you could join us! Do you want anything to drink?” Namjoon asked politely.

“It’s nice to see you, (y/n). You look great tonight” Yoongi said, and you thanked the dim lighting for hiding the pink tint that painted your cheeks. Your heart felt like it was going to beat right out of your chest. For a second you were lost in his features. His lips, his eyes, the way his hair fell so nicely over his brow. You exchanged greetings and ordered something to drink.

               As the night went on, you realized how easy going they were. There was never a dull moment when they were around. You found Yoongi charming, his voice was perfect like a raspy growl. You felt like you could hear him talk forever. All through the night, you threw each other glances. A very subtle sort of flirting, your gazes speaking for you whenever they met. A couple of drinks later, you were beginning to feel bold and you could see the same courage grow in Yoongi.

“You know, (y/n), Yoongi here thinks you’re gorgeous.” Hoseok said suddenly. The comment caught you off guard and you could feel your face beginning to redden. You shift your attention to Yoongi, waiting for some confirmation or denial.

“Well, Yoongi, are you going to tell her?” Namjoon added. With those words Yoongi said something that made you nearly have a heart attack,

“Yeah, it’s true. You’re heavenly, (y/n). You’re beautiful.”  You were at a loss of words. All coherent thoughts you had were just gone. All you could muster was a weak, “I like you too, Yoongi.” That received ecstatic looks from the boys around you. Yoongi couldn’t believe his ears. Was he really this drunk?  

               That night in the bar sealed the deal, you weren’t exclusive but you were going to give each other a chance. A silly crush that was reciprocated, you just hoped the tabloids would finally get it right this time around.

I Win || Namjoon Smut

“Hey Y/N! Wanna play Super Smash Bros?” Namjoon yelled from my living room.

“Sure! Just let me get some snacks!” I yelled back as I grabbed a bag of chips and two cans of soda. I walked into the living room to see Namjoon lounging on the couch with two controllers in front of him.

“Hey, here’s your soda. Dibs on player one!” I said as I jumped onto couch next to him.

“Before we start, let’s make a deal.” I raised my eyebrow at him as he smirked at me.

“What kind of deal?” I asked as I crossed my arms.

“Whoever looses has to do what ever the other one wants.” He stuck out his hand to seal the deal.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” I shook his hand and grabbed a controller.

~ 25 minutes later~

“I win! Yes!” Namjoon exclaimed as he fell into the couch. I sighed as I dropped my controller. I turned to him.

“Okay, so what do you want me to do?” His eyes narrowed as a smirk crawled onto his face.

“You have to be my maid for a week.” My eyes widened.

“Best two out of three?” He rolled his eyes.


“Yay!” I picked up my controller as a new game started.

~ 2 games later~

“This game is so rigged!” I cried as I lost the other two games.

“Yeah right. You just suck at Super Smash Bros.” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, what do want me to do?” I said as I stood up and stretched, raising my shirt a bit showing my lower stomach.

“Strip.” I froze. What did he just say?

“W-What?” He looked me right in my eyes sending shivers down my spine.

“You heard me. Strip. Take off your clothes.” He smirked. I hesitated and dropped my arms to the side.

“Come on. The deal was the looser had to do anything the winner wanted.” My body tensed as I slowly took off my shirt, leaving me in my black bra with my jean shorts.

“Good girl. Now come sit on my lap.” He patted his lap as I cautiously walked over to him. Lowering myself onto his lap, I felt something poking my butt and I instantly knew what it was. He bit his lip, trying to not moan.

“Now lean forward a little baby.” I stayed where I was.

“Namjoon, I don’t know ab-” I was cut off by his lips smashing into mine. My eyes widened as his hands wrapped around my back grabbing my bra. I soon gave in and kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and putting my hands in his soft hair. He broke away from the kiss and started sucking on my neck finding my sweet spot almost immediately.

“Namjoon….Nam-ahhh” I moaned as he slid his hand into my shorts, inside my underwear as he slid a finger into me. I fell forward putting my face into the crook of his neck, giving him more access to my entrance.

“You like that baby?” He whispered as he ripped off my bra with his free hand. He removed his finger from inside me making me whine. Namjoon pushed me back a little so we were face to face. He bit his bottom lip as he looked at me, making me blush and cover my chest.

“Don’t cover up baby. You’re beautiful.” He said as he laid me down on my back on the couch. Namjoon brought his head down to my chest as he started sucking on my nipples.

“Take off your shorts.” He said between kisses on my breasts. I started to slide off my shorts, making my knee rub against his boner. He groaned and nipped at my breasts making me squeak. I covered my mouth and he stopped what he was doing when I finally got my shorts off.

“Baby I want to hear you. Let it out.” He growled as he pushed my panties aside and started to rub my throbbing clit. I started to pull at his shirt and he threw it off in a blink. My hands ran up and down his chest.

~Namjoon’s POV~
I looked at Y/N’s beautiful body underneath me as I slowly fingered her soft pink pussy. She looks so submissive and makes me even harder. I can’t take it anymore, she’s prepped enough. I tore off my shorts and my boxers and flipped out positions so she was on top of me.

“Ride me.” Y/N stayed where she was.

“Namjoon…..are you sure about this? I-It could ruin our friendship.” She said as her face turned red looking at me.

“I’m sure. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” I groaned. She nodded and slowly lowered herself down onto my throbbing dick. I threw my head back in pleasure as she went further. Noticing that Y/N had tears running down her face, I sat up and kissed her. She kissed back as she took all of me in, making me moan into the kiss. I broke the kiss and looked at her.

“It’s okay baby. The pain will go away soon. Just tell me when your ready.” I stated as I sucked on her neck, making sure to leave a mark. Y/N started to rotate her hips making my breath hitch at the sudden movement.

I lied back down onto my back as she slowly started to bounce, her breasts moving with her. My hands reached her hips as I moved her faster, thrusting into her as she moved down making me go deep.

“Namjoon-ahh…..m-more….” She moaned breathlessly. Pretty soon her walls tightened around my dick as I slammed her down on me harder.


“I know baby, so am I.” I groaned as I threw my head back in pleasure.

“OH GOD NAMJOON! RIGHT THERE!” She screamed. I smirked, I must be hitting her g-spot. The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping and moans as our sweaty bodies moved in sync. It was pure bliss.

“NAMJOON!” Y/N yelled as she came.

“God you’re so tight.” I cried as I thrusted into her a few times before I cane deep inside of her. She fell onto my chest, out of breath.

“That was great.” She breathed as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Damn right it was.” I said as I sat up and saw a mixture of red and white liquids on our bodies. My eyes widened as I turned to Y/N.

“Y/N! Why didn’t you tell me?! I wouldn’t have asked you to do this if I’d know !” She blushed as turned away.

“Do you know how embarrassing it is to admit to your best friend that you’re a virgin?” She sighed. I rolled my eyes and kissed her softly.

“That just means you’re mine forever now. Oh and you still have to do the maid for a week thing. With the outfit and everything.” I gave her a smile as she playfully punched my arm.

~2 weeks later~

“Yes! I win! Finally!” Y/N exclaimed as she jumped off of the couch.

“Jagi calm down. It’s just a game.” I said as she turned to me. She walked over and sat on my lap.

“Hey, looser has to do whatever the winner says.” She whispered seductively in my ear, sending shivers down my spine as she bit my ear lobe.

“What do you want baby?” She smirked at me and pushed me into the couch.

a/n: it’s sucks ass, I know but still. enjoy i guess….?

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