shitty quality but who cares

detective conan (real life) character aesthetics ⇝ Kogoro Mouri

↪  “ I’ll never understand no matter the reason what drives someone to murder. And I don’t think I want to.” 

AU: Lydia goes to what used to be Allison’s favorite bookstore. When she sees Allison’s initials on one of the shelves, she breaks down crying. Kira, who is working part-time at the bookstore, hears her, and goes to comfort her. They sit talking in the aisle for hours. After that day, Lydia frequents the library, bringing Kira coffee and chatting with her during her shift, and slowly the two fall in love. 

The only thing that’s managed to go through my head since I saw the height chart is that Lewis must have cracked his head on every single door frame. The solution was clearly a suitably poofy hairstyle, that or tie a pillow to his head.