shitty quality but i had to o.o

Future Trunks + Tropes (part 1)

Beware the Nice Ones

Break the Cutie

Combat Pragmatist

Cool Sword

Hurting Hero

If The Students Had Facebook During SDR2: A Smol Shitty AU (with bad quality im sorry hopefully you can look past that)

During Chapter 5:

w h a t  d o  y o u  m e a n  t h i s  i s n ‘ t  c a n o n 

oh and sorry about the quality rip, hopefully you can still read it :,( there isn’t a better resolution, and I could’ve screenshot it but I didn’t :,,(((

danganronpa facebook thing inspired by @danganronpafacebook

(edit: shit I forgot to add this but I really love their blog it’s great <3)