shitty quality because of the frames

I should either uninstall Wish and its sister app, Geek, or something idfk

What’s it called when you compulsively buy shit online because you like receiving the packages in the mail

God I love that stupid bullshit and Wish is the best for that because everything gets packaged and sent individually so if you order enough things that deliver within the same time frame, you just get these little daily gifts in the mail that contain cute clothes and knickknacks and miscellaney

Also the ever-evolving game of, like any online consignment retailer, “am I buying a truly quality product, or are these guys a bunch of money-grubbing cock jugglers who are just trying to throw shitty terrible bad shit at idiots who can’t control their compulsive buys.

Which just adds fun to the game, too. It’s like roulette.

Also they have some really cute clothes for super cheap idk heck

Last word on the “unexpected” (people hating on media that’s popular with women, how original) onslaught of hate towards Yuri on Ice for the CRAA.

Disclaimer because some people are too stupid to scroll before getting their panties in a twist: I voted for MP100 on Animation and think it should’ve won.

With that out of the way, saying YOI had shitty animation because it had frames like this:

is like saying Mob Psycho had shitty animation because it has frames as this

literally still frames have nothing to do with “animation quality” and y’all look tremendously stupid is all I’m saying

betcha five bucks no one would be whining if the one taking all the awards was Eupho or KonoSuba or some other male otaku whatever but that’s none of my business

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I am honestly disgusted by the anime art style of sun and moon after slowly advancing to the greatness of x and y... then they go "hey let's ruin everything with shitty animation style" -_-

Just because something is different, doesn’t mean it’s shitty. Some of it looks really lovely and ghibliesque, simple yet detailed, and altogether nice, warm, and energetic. People are picking out certain frames to say that the quality is shitty - bro I made so many posts about ridiculous frames in XY, it’s unavoidable (and the earliest trailers for SM were very early, when barely any had been animated at all).

I loved the shonenesque badassery of XY animation, and that was great, but I have now come to terms with moving on and I am excited to see this new style, it’s refreshing to have change. X move animations still look pretty badass to me, and overall the quality from the newer previews looks really good!