shitty nobles

Grey Warden Stroud: Sorry about the invasion but Grey Wardens don’t involve themselves in political stuff. see you, Hawke.

Queen Cousland: Oh, oh right, totally, we would never…

King Alistair: …involve Grey Wardens in politics, that would be ridiculous

Queen Cousland: yeah we would never depose a queen and shove one of our own on the throne, of course not

King Alistair: two of our own

Queen Cousland: the last two in the country

King Alistair: we also would never make a Grey Warden acting arlessa and make her appease a bunch of shitty nobles while leading a fight against a bunch of darkspawn

Queen Cousland: or sneakily get a bunch of nobles on our side so we could commandeer a Landsmeet in order to kill a Regent

King Alistair: mostly for revenge

Queen Cousland: Ooh, ooh, or choose who was going to be the next King of Orzammar

King Alistair: or talk the Dalish keeper into dying so someone else could take over.

Queen Cousland: yeah we’ve never involved ourselves in political stuff.

Let's go directly to the source! Let's contact the Fox executives.

Hello Sleepy Hollow fans,

As you know we are still hanging in the balance trying to guarantee whether we have another season of Sleepy Hollow. Unfortunately, we have had a tumultuous second season and just when things were starting to look up… Fox pulled promos for the show. Obviously it’s up to us to get our voices heard.

This campaign is not in affiliation with the Twitter events another team has planned, but obviously I hope that it will complement those efforts. We just need to get the ball rolling.

I recommend you either email or perhaps send a physical mailer to Fox executives to show how much you want Sleepy Hollow to stay on air.

Below is contact information:
10201 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

If you’re not good at writing or English isn’t your first language, please feel free to contact me immediately and I can assist with editing or help you tailor a message. When you send an email or mail to them:

  • Please be nice
  • Please be professional
  • Please be clear and concise as possible

If you want a template to use. Please feel free to use the following:

Dear Ms. Dana Walden and Mr. Gary Newman,

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I am writing this message to show my support for the show Sleepy Hollow and requesting that you renew it for another season. I am an avid fan of the show and I tune in every week to see what new adventures are in store for the wonderful cast. While season two may of had its ups and downs, I genuinely believe that season three of Sleepy Hollow will be amazing if given a chance. Sleepy Hollow means a lot to me because (INSERT REASONS HERE) . I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this message! I hope that you make the right decision by giving Sleepy Hollow another season. Thank you and have a wonderful day!



As for the physical address, we need to come up with an idea of what to send to the executives to be in front of their faces. There have been similar fan campaigns that have sent items of gratitude to executives. Perhaps we can send them boxes of donut holes? A call back from S1?

Just bouncing off ideas, but we only have 2 weeks left and obviously downtime from there. The most immediate concern is getting promos on air for this show and for Fox to make the decision to resume with S3.

Let’s not let this show die guys! Again, we have to fight! The writers/TPTB are making changes and putting this show back on track, but that isn’t going to come into fruition unless it gets renewed.

Additionally, please plan to watch the TV show live and tweet with us next Monday. Please pull together whoever you can, whether old or new Sleepy Hollow fans, to help with the final push. There’s only 2 more episodes left of the season and big changes are underway.

Don’t give up on Sleepy Hollow just yet!