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this is a silly song i wrote about applying for jobs, becoming a better person as you age, and also just being dead.

i’ve submitted my resume to all the local graveyards
admittedly, i’m afraid, it hasn’t gotten me very far
don’t they know that the dead - like me - we know best?
there’s a lot of care and detail in looking after a corpse

if my legs still had muscles and my heart contained a will
i would march right down to the cemetery and proclaim out loud
“do you give a shit about the buried and the grieved,
do you even take your time to think about people like me”

okay, i’ll admit, i get it i suppose
when i was young and still had a head without holes
i didn’t think too much about folks other than myself
but now i know better that i’m six feet underground


- favorite fun home quotes

for @alisonbechdell

  • me: I am a good musician. I should record something and put it on the internet so I can share my talent and love for music!
  • me: *watches musicians on the internet*
  • me: everyone is too good.i have nothing of worth to contribute. it isn't even worth trying i have 0 skill 0 creativity
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i wrote this song my freshman year at college - based on an ovid poem i had to read for a class i ended up failing miserably - and it was rooted in fantasy and dreams. lately it feels a lil bit more relevant so i rerecorded it.

i will build you up in my mind
like pygmalion lost by time
you’re just like his ivory,
please just disappoint me
get it over with as soon as you can

i don’t wanna fall in love
i think i might be too damn young

ended with a happy ending
i don’t think that’s right
i think it should have all crashed down
but this is one stupid story
that i wouldn’t mind
if it all ended up just working out


maybe one day like him i’ll come home
and you’ll be standing there before me
if i believed in such things
i might think
you were a gift from venus



Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow
Let me lay my holy hand upon you

I was talking to @sinnotalone and @lia-rei about my horrible Kylux playlist made entirely from things I listened to in high school, such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Tool, NIN, and Portishead, and felt compelled to put my completely non-existent image editing skills to bring you the above nonsense


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

knives, gun fights
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here’s a song about some shit that never happened

if looks could kill i’d be unarmed
what do you think that’s for
if looks could kill i’d be unarmed
you let your arms block the door

open a new line of credit
and i hope you get it
fill that space inside your room
with something new
something good

if looks could kill i’d be unarmed
what’re you lookin’ at me like that for

THE VIRGIN QUEEN | a mix inspired by all the boys love mandy lane (2006)

1. about a girl - nirvana / 2. driving in cars with boys - lana del rey / 3. violet - hole / 4. boris - boy / 5. you’ve really got a hold on me - the beatles / 6. a wolf at the door (it girl. rag doll) - radiohead / 7. blown away - the pixies / 8. cherry - smashing pumpkins / 9. like real people do - hozier / 10. sealed with a kiss - bobby vinton

it’s like: remember that time i put my leg on yours in the car remember that time i put every piece of shitty music that ever made me laugh on a cd for your shitty car remember that time i stared a little too long and my eyes traced patterns on your skin remember that time i wanted to kiss your hands but i dreamed something for them instead

it’s like: you’re more stubborn than any cow i’ve ever dragged back into that damn barn but you’re also a million times better than any cow

it’s like: the first time i met you i stole your seat and flipped through your neat notebook and scribbled with your pens until you told me to get the hell out of your chair and you stood straight and you looked like you knew how to take a punch but you also looked angry enough and frightened enough to deliver one so i laughed but i got up and the look you gave me in freshman year latin was enough to chill my bones

it’s like: what does this vaulted ceiling school even matter when i dreamed my brother when you have sacrificed yourself to bring some talking trees back from the dead when we wake trapped sleeping daughters when psychics are real when a hitman killed my father for a tool when the trees speak latin when a river of magic courses in time with your heartbeat how does any of this compare (but i get it, i try to, i really do)

it’s like: i don’t know how this happened

it’s like: when you inhale you swallow forests from leaf to root and back again when you exhale you give life to long dead flowers and sing all the beasts to sleep and the fact that you breathe when you look at me is a minor miracle

it’s like: i think i might be in love with you

—  from r.l. to a.p. (smk) (part two)
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it’s 6 am and i wrote a song about people being good when they don’t really have to be

tried to squash that bug
but it felt so wrong
had to help him outside
watch em hop and run

i woke up real late
but no one seemed to mind
in my mind they were wrong
but i guess things were fine

when i’m not in the mood to feel kind
i think about you all
and things are alright

yesterday i snapped at you
and showed my gnarly temper
i was wrong and awful
you were understanding

i missed that thing you had
i’m sure it was real fun
you didn’t make me feel bad
you just wished i had gone