shitty medical care

for some perspective on my earlier rant:

i have been off sufficient asthma meds for over a month

i have been to 3 separate doctors in that time trying to get meds

i still have insurance

my insurance still covers those meds, just not when they aren’t the cheapest available option

i was given no warning the price of my meds had changed

nor that my next refill would not be covered (until i actually went to fill it)

today i had to go out in triple digit heat mere hours after diarrhea

i had to run to the bathroom as soon as i got there and thus couldn’t sign in until i was done

i had to sit in a waiting room for 5 minutes before being told they had yet again switched which side i had to sign in at

by the time i signed in at the correct place it was 10 minutes after my appointment time

we had gotten there 10 minutes before my appointment time

and the fucker walks in right as im taking my inhaler and then dares to say “well you aren’t wheezing now” like im wasting his damn time

i felt so much like death barely even warmed over that i had to come home and immediatly crawl into bed for several hours before i felt well enough to actually feel the rage crawling in me right now

all of this on the tail end of 6 months -1 year of them playing silly buggers with my intestinal health

im not kidding when i say i honestly think they want me dead

and i hate them for it

anonymous asked:

Why do you agree with Self Diagnosis? Just wondering your reasons :)

a. because poor people exist.

b. because people with abusive parents who won’t allow them to get a diagnosis exist

c. because people without insurance exist

d. because people who live in areas with really shitty medical care exist

e. because people who have faced medical abuse exist

f. because people who have severe phobias of hospitals exist

g. because everyone deserves to be able to know what they have going on in their brain and be able to understand it and have a community and make a little bit of sense of all the stuff swirling around in their head regardless of all the above points.

Bonus: why I think self diagnosis is valid:

because the literal list of symptoms for mental illnesses is, in this day and age, available on the world wide web for all to see (the DSM V). You can look at it and see the same exact thing a doctor/psychiatrist would use to diagnose you.

Thing that fucks me up

That whine you can hear in Vader’s breathing when his suit is damaged. Like in Rebels and RotJ. 

It really highlights the fact that he needs it to survive and makes you realize the damage that was dealt to him on Mustafar, as well as by Sidious shitty dark side medical care. 

It sticks with you, this high pitched wheeze as his damaged lungs and the breathing apparatus struggles without the stable pressure of the suit.