shitty man

concept: jack and bitty get engaged, and shitty and tater fight for the privilege to be jack’s best man the way phoebe and rachel battled it out over who would be monica’s maid of honor

Season 2 should have been about Kara growing increasingly more uncomfortable with the DEO and how they operate and it should be her pushing back and growing as her own hero, not just a tool for them to use. They should address the DEOs xenophobic origins and how to remake it into an organization that helps displaced aliens as much as imprisons ones that might do harm.

It should be Kara confronting Alex about all their unspoken issues about family and their connection and “everything I’ve done has been to protect you!” “I never asked you to do that!”

It should be Kara trying to make some alien friends. Maybe go to a rally. Her feeling discomfort because she doesn’t want them to know she’s supergirl either, because apparently she’s a polarizing figure in the alien community, and now she finds she isn’t totally honest in any of her lives.

Kara wanting to come out and having to deal with everyone’s disapproval