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Okay. I’m really, really late, but this crappy thing took way longer than expected. The last time I’ve colored something was like five years ago and I never even tried to shadow my drawings back then?

So today (at least today in my time zone) the great @lesbianspacenerd has birthday and she’s such an amazing person!! Really, she’s awesome. I wanted to write a story in the beginning, but my english kind of sucks. Next I wanted to draw Pidge with Indira (just go read i here, it’s so good) but I just can’t draw.
So yeah. Please don’t hate my for this crappy idea and the shitty colouring.

I call it “Your favourite local trans buddies” btw.

Bawson Soulmate AU

So… this was supposed to be just an AU idea for Bawson fic that someone could write but idk why I started writing it all out… Anyway …I know it must have certain plotholes but really, it’s no biggie. This was written for fun :D

Soulmate AU in which one can hear their soulmate’s thoughts (one sided).

Imagine Mike hearing some silly thoughts of a five-year-old girl or some inside jokes her little brain comes up with. And later, during games, him hearing some teenage girl’s voice in his head cheering him on, ‘You can do it, Mike!’. Or having breakfast and hearing ‘One day, Mike Lawson, I’m gonna marry you.’ or ‘Good night, Mike. You played well today.’ Or even random thoughts about dresses vs. baseball, his own stats, advice on how he could improve his play.

At first, it freaks him out - hearing her but not knowing her, feeling her joy and love? for him, this child-like fascination with Mike Lawson. It takes him some time but he gets used to it. The presence of her voice, her thoughts that pop every once in awhile in his head become oddly comforting so much so he learns to rely on them to help him sleep or focus before a game or even lift his spirits whenever the Padres lose because he can’t stand letting her down, this person who has become his constant companion, someone in whose musings he finds solace. It does wonders for his ego as well, he’s not gonna lie, being liked this much by someone.

Sometimes she’ll think of the most embarrassing things about him, how attractive he is, how good of a player he is, some cheesy jokes and he would laugh his ass off, thanking god this person exists because Mike thinks his life would be so dull without her curious and helpful insights.

*  *   *

She guards his rookie card like a dragon guards its treasure. Mike knows this because the girl’s scrambled thoughts let him know she got into a fight with someone who tried to play a joke on her and hid it. God, he wouldn’t want to find himself on her bad side seeing how she obliterates the person with her loud voice that manages to transfer into Mike’s brain - her rage is real.

*   *  *

Things change after he starts dating Rachel and the news goes public - the voice becomes somewhat sadder, possibly even angrier. Mike hopes it’s not because of him, that maybe there’s stuff happening in her life making her feel and think the way she does. Actually, he knows there’s something happening because she keeps thinking of her mom and someone named - Kevin? and there are random curses and swearing which sadden him. Mike wants to be able to comfort her the way she comforted him, but he can’t.

*   *   *

He hears her pray for his broken knees, pray for his recovery, pray that he’ll be able to play again as tiny sobs make their way into his mind as well. It’s her blind faith in him and that unconditional support she offers to a player she happens to like that push him to give his all on the field and now too, as he fights for his career, for the opportunity to play again. He makes it through, her ‘Go, Lawson!’ drawing a smile on his face long after he had forgotten how to smile. Rachel’s is there too of course, but… he can’t compare her and the girl. They both provide him with something he needs just in different ways. (Secretly though, Mike’s just too afraid to admit to himself her support means more, so much more than Rachel’s ever did.)

*   *   *

After a few years of dating, Rachel and he get married; it’s nothing too pompous though there are a few reporters that take their pictures. They appear a few hours later on one website and spread like wildfire all over the Internet.

That night is the last time he hears her. Her last thought he hears is ‘What did ya think, not like you’re going to marry him, you fool get over your stupid teenage crush’ but it’s more like her recollecting someone else’s words mocking her than her own disappointment with him.

*  *  *

The voice becomes silent after that, making him worry something had happened to its owner. However, there’s nothing he can do since he knows nothing about this person, this girl who has been his greatest cheerleader for years.

*   *   *

He misses it, her. Rachel notices but doesn’t ask. It’s for the best, anyway. Mike is not sure he would even be able to explain the hollowness he feels in his chest due to her absence. Sometimes he wonders if Rachel hears her own soulmate’s thoughts… They’ve never discussed it, never talked about the fact they are together but aren’t supposed to be. 

*   *   *

They make it work somehow and Mike is happy with Rachel - until he isn’t.

It starts with them bickering over his travelling all the time and not settling with her. Her job’s in LA and she will not move to San Diego just to  work on some shitty local network. He wants kids but Rachel’s not ready to be a parent. He’s ok with that at first, thinking now is not the time, but she will eventually be ready. Then he realises, she never will be.

*   *   *

The fights and yelling continue. Both of them are too tense, snapping at each other every chance they get so they decide it is for the best they take a break.

*   *   *

Mike isn’t even that surprised when Rachel tells him about the affair, about her meeting her soulmate and wanting to be with him. Elated, she tells him what it was like to see him for the first time and hear his voice outside her head. The smile doesn’t disappear off her face as Mike swallows down everything he wants to say. He doesn’t blame her (not too much), he wants to be with his soulmate too.

*   *   *

The divorce is bittersweet - after all, Mike got used to having Rachel around just like he got used to not hearing the girl’s voice. It takes him a few months to recover and his aching back and knees are no help whatsoever. His teammates keep commenting on his growing grumpiness but Mike shrugs them off since he can’t afford to focus on that. Not now when he has another rookie pitcher coming and all eyes are on him to make it work.

It’s a girl rookie, and so far, Mike hasn’t heard anything about her. He spends a few days watching her tapes, studying her play, posture, stats. She’s not bad but he needs to see her in action on field with him to get the real picture.

*   *   *

It’s her voice chanting his name that wakes him up in the middle of the night, ‘Mike Lawson, tomorrow. Mike Lawson, tomorrow’. 

Mike doesn’t know how he should feel. He’s ecstatic she’s back. Hearing her again after so long feels like winning World Series. At the same time, it’s scares him. Tomorrow? Is it some kind of warning? Is something going to happen?

He struggles but finally falls asleep again holding onto her voice.

*   *   *

He arrives at Petco and heads to the locker room, changes quickly and goes out into the field. He’s about to grab the bat when his head starts pounding, footsteps echoing in his ears and her 'I didn’t see Mike Lawson out there’.

 There where?

He shakes his head and sips some water to calm himself. What the hell?

*     *    *

Mike is talking to some of his teammates when her loud internal squeal breaks his concentration and assaults his ears. He shifts his gaze from his teammates to collect himself because this sound, it’s getting louder and louder.

And just then he notices a girl in Padres jacket standing at the dugout and he hears 'act cool, act cool, act cool, don’t freak out’ so loud he’s afraid his eardrums are going to burst.

What in the world?!

He moves towards her and his palms start sweating, his throat goes dry, and his legs feel like they’re made of lead.

She practically jumping on her feet, smiling brightly, dimples set deep on her face.

 It’ can’t be, right? Of course it’s not her, No way.

Mike internally chastises himself and adopts his usual persona, the carefree playboy catcher as he approaches her. This is just his new rookie.

‘Look what we got here Ginny Baker, in the flesh.’  He congratulates himself on managing to stay calm and say those words with ease he does not feel.

She stars to speak, 'I should tell you, I have your rookie card-’

And  knocks the fucking air out if his lungs.

*    *    *   *   *

She’s back home, in one of her rare visits since her dad died. She’s with her mom at the supermarket, the first time she hears him,

'What if she wants kids, just not with me? What if she’s still waiting for her-’

The thought is cut off which is good since Ginny is about to have a breakdown right there in the middle of the store. Her mom is looking at her like she’s grown a second head and it is then Ginny realises she had screamed. Her hands are shaking but she assures her mom it was nothing more but a nasty cramp.

Ginny dismisses the event as her brain being exhausted after the yelling match she had with Will that day. It was nothing really.

*   *   *

Only, the voice emerges again, and this time Ginny takes notice of the pain and despair it’s laced with that making her sad all of a sudden.

'I can’t do this anymore, I can’t.’

And it sounds eerily like Mike lawson’s voice. Which is insane. Completely and utterly insane. ‘Get over it, Ginny,’ she tells herself.

She doesn’t.

*   *   *

It continues happening, his voice popping up at the most inconvenient times - sometimes when she’s in the shower, sometimes in her sleep, sometimes during games which is especially dangerous since her connection to him, the owner of the voice, has become stronger and her feelings are all jumbled when it comes to him making it that much harder to focus on pitching.

But she got Mike Lawson’s voice stuck in her head, all the struggles he’s facing with his divorce and it pains her to know how deeply it affects him. More than anything, his hurt over a failed marriage, a failed family, makes her want to call him immediately and console him. Him thinking she’s a crazy stalker calling him in the middle of the night stops her from doing so.

*   *   *

She signs for Padres and her excitement is only ruined by his voice and doubt he displays in her abilities.

'A female pitcher? Yeah right.’

What the hell? Does he even know how good she is? And what’s with that snarky and dismissive attitude?

*  *  *

Ginny block out the voice in the weeks following the signing and moving to San Diego. She blocks out everything and everyone.

*   *  *

When she steps in the hallway leading to the locker-room, Amelia, Oscar and Al by her side, something inside of her stirs. She can’t pinpoint what it is exactly… maybe it’s just the overwhelming feeling of being at Petco, of making history, or even meeting her idol.

*   *   *

When she goes out to the field one of the first things, or rather persons, she notices is him, Mike Lawson. He looks so fine even from this distance and Ginny can’t contain her excitement.

He notices her and after exchanging a few words with his teammates he starts approaching her. Her  heart beats wild in her chest and she has to clench her fists and bite the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from screaming out his name.

 'Act cool, act cool, act cool, don’t freak out’, she chants.

Mike Lawson’s standing in front of her, hands on his hips and that smug smile she’s seen on far too many photos.

‘Look what we got here Ginny Baker, in the flesh.’

She rushes to speak to her idol, telling him 'I should tell you, I have your rookie card-“ before she registers his shocked expression.

‘It’s you!’ he exclaims, mouth agape.

Oh dear, she knows what he means.

‘Only now realising it, ha, old man? Well, I knew it was you all along.’

AU prompts 4

- “you’re my favorite up and coming author and I go to one of your signings, oh my god your handwriting is so pretty, wait did you just write your number in this book” au

- “my car ran out of gas and god, I’m in the middle of no where. I walk and thankfully find a run down diner, you’re the waiter at the coffee bar and wOW YOURE CUTE” au

- “I’m on a blind date with you but I just found out you’re team iron man and I don’t think it’s going to work out” au

- “we’ve been best friends forever but we went to different universities and got separated a few years back. I’m home for summer now and holy shit I think that’s you uhm what happened to your glasses and disgusting fringe” au

- “the person I’m kind of dating brought me to the carnival and they’re trying to win me a stuffed dog at one of those stands but they’re hopeless. you walk up next to us and hand the man a dollar, popped three balloons with those darts and yup you just handed me a stuffed dog oH BOY MY DATE IS PISSED” au

- “we used to go to school together and you’re in this shitty local band that blew up and now you’re touring other countries and stuff but you’re back here for a show. I got front row tickets and in the middle of your world ending guitar solo, you see my face and fuck it up” au

- “my best friend is getting married to your best friend and we have to walk down the aisle together, I remember always hating you but you look really good in a suit wow” au

- “my dog ran away a month ago and you found her in your backyard with your dog, well I’m sorry to break it to you but your dog knocked her up and I’m not about to parent these puppies on my own” au

Selective Outrage (I stopped counting)

Yes, I know, that last bit is obvious hyperbole. Of course the Internet said something. Plenty of people are pissed off and rightfully so. Not only is banning the media from your events except for the ones that like you the textbook definition of censorship, but also a shining example of the behavior of a tyrant.

But you know who wasn’t pissed off at the media ban? All the people who lost their shit, waved the censorship flag, and went on a big tirade about how “Those no good SJWs are ruining everything!” in reaction to the other events described above. I find that both disconcerting, yet also amusing that people who lose their minds and cry ‘censorship’ whenever somebody who doesn’t think like them and isn’t them gets their way for a change, but when actual censorship is performed the people who railed, ranted, and raved against Target for not carrying a year-old game and tweeted ‘#buttgate’ over the Tracer thing all suddenly get suspiciously quiet.

Here’s the cold, hard fact. There’s a word for people who do such things. If you jumped on a high horse and burned SJWs in effigy because Japan didn’t localize a shitty volleyball game in the US but didn’t say a word over Trump cherry-picking who does and doesn’t get to report on his actions and speeches, you’re a hypocrite.

Have a nice day.

Danny Lawrence Positivity Week:

Favorite AU

As the only superhero in Metropolis, Danny Lawrence constantly has her hands full, especially when an inquisitive coworker named Laura Hollis takes it upon herself to find out who “Supergirl” really is.

SIDE NOTE, today I found out that our second nearest local Mexican restaurant place sells carne asada fries AND their family owned grocery store now sells chorizo you can buy by the pound so and I’ve never been happier bcs I couldn’t find anybody that sold carne asada fries up here and I have been CRAVING some goddamn carne asada fries for like a full fucking year but NOBODY had them and I am at long last saved

it’s still not like, “literally drive thru any shitty local fast food chain and get yourself a delicious chorizo and egg breakfast burrito’ level of being comfortingly surrounded by Mexican food like it was in California but fuck it, I’ll take it

love Washington and all but FUCK is it hard to find homey feeling Mexican food up here and I can’t cook for shit bcs my grandma didn’t love me enough to pass down any recipes so i have been S U F F E R I N G

Some FAHC losers

-Geoff Ramsey would never tell you, but he shows up to meetings late not only as a power play, but also so the other guy can sneak up on him. He wants to make a good impression, and shrieking like a four year old doesn’t exactly do that.

-Jack Pattillo met Geoff when they were both piss poor drunk at a shitty local bar. She woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and an entire plan for a heist. Geoff left her a note that told her to meet him at the same bar if she was interested in getting into the criminal life.

-Ray Narvaez Jr owns every single Webkinz ever made. He never uses the site, calling it a “bullshit factory”, and if you try to so much as pick one up you’ll get a knife in your hand faster than you can say…well anything really. His favourite is the tattered old Bobcat he’s had since he was little. It’s the only thing from back then he still likes.

-Michael Jones loves the Harry Potter series. If you made him pick a favourite character he’d stare at you, scandalized for a moment, before grudgingly admitting that it’s Neville Longbottom. His best rocket launcher is named Neville (if you tell anyone he’ll kill you. Really.) and he will talk your ear off about Dumbledore’s manipulation of Harry and his hatred of Snape.

-Gavin Free has an infamous penchant for giving out ridiculous dares, but the worst by far involved Matt, Ray’s sniper rifle, and a half full bag of peanuts. Neither of them will disclose the details of what happened, and the crew won’t either but Gavin still can’t look at a peanut without crying and Matt has to leave the room when Ray breaks out his gun.

-Ryan Haywood has a weekend job at Applebee’s. He has it mostly because he thinks it’s hilarious, but he neglected to tell the crew also because he thought it would be funny. The first time Gavin, Ray and Michael tried to rob the place for a laugh he took them out in a matter of minutes. (They hadn’t seen his face yet so the rest of the crew lost their shit over the Lads losing to some server). Ryan kept it a secret for a long ass time and just let crew legend grow about the badass Applebee’s employee. When they finally saw his face after unmasking as the Vagabond there was dead silence for maybe two seconds before a screaming match began.

-Jeremy Dooley takes great pride in his abilities and there are many of them. Usually his role is muscle with the crew but several times he likes to surprise them with random abilities. He can do great impressions as the crew found out one hilarious night. His spaghetti bolognaise is to DIE for. Rapping was another one, but the scariest skill was discovered when they were celebrating after a heist. After a really dumb bet (instigated by Geoff) they decided to bet Jeremy forty bucks he couldn’t get to the top of the penthouse from the ground floor up without them catching him. Twenty minutes later he was nowhere to be seen and the crew, assuming he had given up, returned to the penthouse only to find Jeremy sitting on the couch sipping a beer. He never said how he did it but the bets are as follows: Ryan, Michael, Matt and Lindsay say he climbed the building, Ray and Geoff think he snuck up some tiny secret passage, Jack thinks he climbed the elevator shaft, and Trevor and Gavin swear he used magic.

And so i begin to see art in you,
brushstrokes once on my canvas
appear in your eyes,
dancing with colors as magnificent as the feelings you leave me with

And so i begin to hear music in you,
the tunes i once sang to myself
are gentle hums in your voice,
filling me with a vitality and a comfort as light as your soft kisses

And so i begin to read words in you,
poetic ramblings once scrawled in old notebooks
echo in your very existence,
little nothings once written now all lead back to you.

And so i begin to fall in love,

And it feels beautiful.


words I will not say to you yet

k. h.

a friend of mine is pursuing similar studies to me and keeps wanting to talk but all he’s doing is bragging about how he’s gotten accepted to go to UF and is going on a full ride scholarship to finish his BA and quite frankly it’s very tiring

like i get it dude

im going to the shitty local university and working 30 hours a week and dont have an option to dual major in german and lit and you are getting to do all that and it means you’ll be a certified german/english translator, and then you’re going to go on to do all these neat things 

good for you, but im not really interested in hearing about how you are going to have such a better shot at grad school than i am   

fuckkkkk this guy is one of the most insufferable people i swear and hes always been this way except now he’s all buddying up to me because We’re Both Intellectual Gays and im like 

yeah fuck off, while i was paying for my transition by working full time in bullshit blue collar jobs you were playing jetsetting rentboy. stop rubbing my face in how you worked a tenth of what ive worked and you’re getting a ton more opportunity. 

I can never talk about Green(m) and Blue(f) to any of my friends because Nintendo appealing to the Genwunners by keeping his name as Blue (reverted back to Green for the FRLG games) for HGSS onwards.

How does this relate to the manga? Because VIZ purposely chose to not correct their names back to the originals when they decided to pick up the series again.

How can you justify telling me his name is Blue if all the characters from Kanto-Hoenn had the eye colors of their names?

Green(m) -> Green eyes.

VIZ + Nintendo: NO HE’S BLUE.

Blue(f) ->  Blue eyes

VIZ + Nintendo: NO, SHE’S GREEN.

You might as well have named her Leaf at that point, ya goofballs.

Now when you google for images of them, it’ll show both characters. Thanks a lot, VIZ and Chuang Yi. Then Sun and Moon killed the “Trainer Blue” tag, a tag originally meant for the girl on tumblr.


B2W2 Protagonist: Rakutsu, officially localized by the creators as: Lack-Two


muse a’s prom date stood them up so they decide to ditch prom go to the local shitty diner in their fancy prom clothes to stuff their face with greasy food all night. muse b is a college student, the only server on shift at the diner, who somehow finds themselves wanting to cheer up muse a, despite usually being the “cool kid” who would never hang out with high schoolers.

Paid To Hate You (Part 1)

Summary: When you audition for a role in a reality show you’d never thought to meet Bucky Barnes, the guy who turned your teenage years into hell. You’d also never thought that you’d have to pretend to be his ex girlfriend on the show.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 765

Warnings: lots of bickering, otherwise none

A/N: I decided to jump onto the bandwagon that’s called drabble series. I got this idea the other day and thought it would make a nice little drabble series that I can write and update really quickly. I hope you guys like it <3

Never would you’ve thought that you would be a part of the cast of a reality show. And normally you wouldn’t have even went to the casting if it weren’t for the money. And it was a ridiculous amount of money that you would get for doing this. It was more money than you had ever gotten on any other job you had done in your life before and it was probably more money than you’d ever get for any other job.

So when you read about the open casting for a reality show in the newspaper you knew that at least you had to try to snatch a role in it. You needed the money. There were college debts to pay and you also needed to fill up your fridge and pay a few more pieces of furniture. Living on your own was hard and money, more money than you usually had due to your shitty job at the local gas station, would make it way easier.

And that’s why you got up so early on this special saturday morning. That’s why you drove about two hours to get to the casting in New York City. And that’s why you didn’t walked right out of the building again after you’d spotted him.

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