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Woo! Another fic! I’m on fire! I’ve been playing around with the idea of this for ages and it finally- finally- turned into a fic. Woot woot! Huge huge huge thanks to @archaicsextoy for proof reading this like a boss. Like seriously, go follow her.

Summary: Lance knew diplomacy was hard. He didn’t know it involved poison and traps. 

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Larsadie fanart? In MY sketchbook??? It’s more likely than you think. (Day 12: Lars or Sadie)

Happy Solstice! Prepare for encroaching darkness from this point on! :D I totally skipped yesterday’s prompt for the challenge I’m doing bc I’m a bad artist but look! I definitely made up for it with the sheer volume of unrelated ship art :D

Also this blog just hit 200 followers! I don’t normally even acknowledge milestones like this but it means a lot that people seem to enjoy the stuff I make :) So whether you just showed up recently or you’ve been here from the beginning, thank you! I’m not always super interactive but I really do appreciate every like, reply and reblog on my art. Thanks!

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I hope guardienne will discover her power very soon, and that we'll know what kind of faery she is. Some people think she might be a dragon or a deamon, what about you ?

if she’s half-daemon, things would start to get very angsty :^) because that would mean that she is literally the embodiement of what Eldarya hates the most : Human and Daemon :^)

also since i saw a post about it floating around in the tag today, what if Gardy gets contaminated by the crystal and discovers her powers this way ? what i find interesting about this theory is that, iirc, the contamination is usually a gradual process. but you can also force someone to “ingest” a piece of crystal. it’s a commonly used torture method


what if Gardy gets tortured in the future