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Lock In

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A/n: pre-bite Peter + musician reader

You are so stunning.


No, no, no, you are really incredibly stunning.

Peter had never been a huge fan of classical music. He knew the basics, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy. Joining band changed that quickly. At Midtown, band and orchestra are jointed so that it creates a full ensemble of instruments. It’s the end of his Freshman year and now Peter can proudly say he has a favorite composer or arrangement; he can give his opinion on violas or trumpets or whatever instrument.

Though he prefers your instrument. You’re Y/n L/n and you’re a sophomore. You’ve always been kind to him.

Right now you’re playing on the piano with your friends, delightfully singing a song from Beauty and the Beast.

It’s different to see you in pajamas. It’s different to see everyone in pajamas, actually.

Midtown Musicians Program always hosts a lock in at the end of the year. Classrooms are emptied and filled with air mattresses and tables for food. The school has been officially closed for about three hours now but everyone is having loads of fun. Peter can tell you are enjoying yourself as you joyfully sing ‘Be Our Guest’.

“Having fun, creep?” Ned asked. Peter rolled his eyes behind his black framed glasses. “I am not a creep. I’m just watching Y/n and the others play piano!”

“Do you even know their names?”

Peter elbowed Ned in the ribs. “Just cause I don’t know all of Y/n’s friends doesn’t mean I’m a creep,” Peter argued.

“Ah, whatever,” Ned sighed. “Not like Y/n’d like you back anyways.”

Peter gaped at his friend. “Dude!”

Ned held his hands up to tame Peter’s annoyance. “Only because you never talk to them. I mean, if Y/n actually knew that you exist then I would say you have a fair chance.”

Peter sighed, holding his head in his hands. “I have a better shot at Tony Stark asking me to be his sidekick,” he admitted. “Oh well. I’m a nerd anyways.”

Ned patted Peter’s shoulder. “Everyone here is a nerd, Y/n included. They’re singing Bohemian Rhapsody now.”

“Everyone likes that song, Ned, gosh.” Peter cracked his knuckles to relieve his fingers pent up tension. “Maybe they’ll join marching band next year. And then notice me. What if we date? That would be so awesome. I would have to work out though, because I would want to protect them.” Peter rambled on a while longer while Ned just nodded. In truth, he thought Y/n would definitely go out with Peter-if Peter bothered to ask; instead he sits around like Romeo, pining for someone he can’t have. Only Peter can have Y/n. Or he could if he bothered putting in effort. But Peter isn’t the type to try with those sort of things.

He’s much too anxious and wary of possible rejection or failure to do anything crazily new or exciting. Since the death of his uncle in the seventh grade, Peter had become much more anxious. Ned wondered if Peter would remain that way for his entire life.

“There’s always tomorrow,” Ned suggested. “Maybe you’ll meet a cute girl at the science lab.”

Peter had nearly forgotten about that. The science club has a field trip Sunday to a big time lab that specializes in genetics and technology. He’d lost track of the days.

Maybe he would meet someone there.

Better yet, maybe Y/n would be there by coincidence.

Probably not. But Peter intends to have fun tomorrow anyways.

An hour later, dinner was served; an array of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and salads lined the tables with a drink machine parked nearby. Peter looked about in awe. “This is awesome!”

Someone chuckled behind him. It was Y/n. You’d been admiring the room and all of your work.

“Thanks. It took some time to get the drink machine. I am soo glad we did though.”

Peter nervously pushed his glasses up. “You did this?”

“Not just me, the others on the student council helped. My friend Liz, Dan, Tiny. We managed to rent that soda machine for an entire month. It’s scheduled for use at four other school functions. You should go to them! It’ll be fun.”

Peter could only nod and smile, so Ned did majority of the talking for him.

“I’ll see you guys later. Bye Ned, bye Peter.” You waltzed away with a wave and ringing laugh directed towards a friend who was making a funny face at you.

“Y/n knows my name!” Peter exclaimed as soon as you’d gone out of ear shot.

“And mine too.” Ned sounded pleasantly surprised while Peter sounded as if his heart was about to fail. “Play it cool, now. But if you get married after high school, can I be the best man?”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Ask me again if Y/n and I start to date. Now let’s get food, I’m starving.” Peter had already walked off. Ned looked at Y/n, and saw Y/n staring at Peter.

Ned laughed to himself and smiled the rest of the night.


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