shitty healthcare

Last night, basketball fans all over the us were subjected to prematurely-bought ads thanking various republican congressmen for repealing Obamacare and replacing it with Trumpcare.

While the hilarity of the ad is apparent in the face of Trumpcare’s crash and burn, it’s also important to add that even some of the congressmen in this video were against the bill.

In other words: “We popping the biggest bottles when Obamacare gets repealed tonight”

when you think about it why should feminism even be for equality.i may dislike men but id never want someone to lose their reproductive never want men to get as shitty of healthcare as me because the healthcare industry doesnt care about us.and id never want young men to be catcalled and sexually harassed by strangers on the street.why would anyone want to bring men down to our level tbh?and why would anyone want to bring women to mens level where they can rape all they want with no consequences?equality under patriarchy is unrealistic because someone always loses.