shitty healthcare

You have no idea how much you appreciate a circadian rhythm until you don’t have one for literal months and then suddenly work a week of day shifts and feel totally normal again. I’ve now had two days in a row where I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep in 24 and haven’t been awake for over 28 hours in a row in the last 7 days…

I have energy that isn’t just excessive caffeine intake and have an interest in eating something that isn’t deep fried sugar and no constant, low-key headache and anxiety. I have motivation and want to exercise and go to counseling and write and contribute to society and I feel good. I haven’t felt like this in ages.

And it just blows my mind that there are people who have jobs that let them feel like this EVERY WEEK. And I want one. And could probably get one. But I also really like healthcare…

On the one hand, I want to feel sorry for John McCain, because cancer is terrible, and the particular form he has is difficult to treat and near uniformly fatal.

On the other hand, I don’t really feel sorry for John McCain, because my mother died due to complications from cancer, and the Affordable Care Act removed the lifetime caps on insurance. Without that provision, the cost of her treatment would have left me and my family homeless. John McCain doesn’t think healthcare is a right, and supports the GOP healthcare bill, so forgive me, perhaps, if I’m not wholly sympathetic to him.

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I never get the whole culture of patriotism in the US. It genuinely shocked me when I was over there, like they will unironically just say offhand that they are "the best country in human history" and don't even consider that that mightn't be true because "much freedom." Given the shittiness of their healthcare system, their crap education system, their massive problem with race relations and the regular mass shootings it's actually kind of hilarious that they can say this with a straight face.

Patriotism for them is a completely different beast to elsewhere, as far as I’ve seen.

On the flip side to this conversation, though, I think that people from outside the US (myself included) forget that their country and their population is insanely huge, relatively speaking. It would be like the EU being every European’s government and enforcing laws on us. I can’t even begin to imagine how that would feel, to be honest with you, where every European country’s individual government was nothing more than one of two EU political parties.

It’s not much of a surprise that there are so many arguments over there. I just can’t begin to fathom how they’ve managed to make that work.

Tbh? Fuck the rich. My family’s not in the best situation money wise right now, we have no money for groceries so I don’t even have cheese to make food for my brother. I’m in no means in the worst place, a lot of other people are far worse off, and I see people just spend money without any thought. All these big ceos say oh just get another job, my dad works two jobs, my mom can’t work, and I am so desperately trying to find a job to save up for college. Another one I hear is just don’t eat out, don’t spend money, that money gets you a full meal instead of a few ingredients. Right now Americas loosing their healthcare when they already have shitty healthcare, and these fat cats don’t give a fuck.

there’s so much to being trans that’s just … relentless relentless relentless
dysphoria, the threat of harassment abuse, non representation, invisibility, hyper-visibility, passing, dysphoria, dysphoria, and shitty healthcare
can i just catch a break Bleas

Vague Posting

So I posted that image about John McCain’s shitty healthcare views and now he has brain cancer on FB.  I said something about how I can’t even feel sympathy or bad in any way for him because of his record.  30 minutes later an acquaintance posts this on her wall.  I can’t tell if it’s paranoia when I wonder if it’s about me, or if she is genuinely reacting to my post.  Why the fuck do people vague post???  Why can’t they just come out and say stuff TO the person they’re addressing?  Are they scared of confrontation?  Just attention seeking because they want people to ask questions?  I just don’t get it…

i cannot



that goddamn Mitch “you will not fill this seat” McConnell has the fucking GALL to bitch about how democrats are obstructing his shitty, shitty healthcare plan

suck my dick and my balls and my taint, you fossilized hypocrite

choke on my entire ass, you fucking homunculus. your mother was a turtle and your father was a sick fuck who liked to fuck turtles

eat shit and die, you absolute fucking parasite masquerading as a human being

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American here: it fuckin sucks here, since visiting other countries I've felt more and more hopeless with my own. We ravage the world, dominate all of the media, commit heinous acts of imperialism and all along you have a nation of sheep and bootlickers praising it all because we are so GREAT. We are riddled with racism, chained down by poverty, strangled by shitty healthcare, but the rich are fine so the country is fine. Anyone who calls us great has been horribly mislead and deceived.

Damn, feel free to come here pal. We have an immigration crisis going on but at this point who gives a fuck, one more one less doesn’t matter anymore✌

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If those terminally ill "babies" weren't able to be used as a tool of control (ie. Being born) then Trumps shitty healthcare plan would leave them to die for being poor

Oh, obviously. And who’s going to pay the healthcare costs of these pregnancies, births and palliative care? 

I’m also probably having hormone issues again but because of my shitty healthcare i can’t get it checked out, and even if I did they’ll prob just shrug and try to put me on estrogen again. Aka, made me immobile with pain that gets so bad I  have to literally breath through the spasms. 

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its times like these that being in australia isnt so bad

Listen I would not survive in America. I basically have a formula for it at this point.

$7 minimum wage + surviving off tips + shitty healthcare = unable to afford hospital bills

Shitty gun regulations + rampant racism + shitty health care for mental health problems = mass shootings

Mass shootings + unable to afford hospital bills = death

I worry for all my American friends listen come to Australia it’s not as bad as you think just check your shoes before putting them on and avoid long grass you’ll be fine.

I mean we have the racism but without the guns it’s still safer for you

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Some new years resolutions twentysomethings can actually follow?

1. Wash your bedsheets.

2. Spend half as much time feeling sorry for yourself as you spend doing something about it. 

3. The word “twentysomething” describes your age. Stop using it as a crutch to drown in your limitations. The economy is shitty, healthcare is hard, and college loans are steeped. Still: you’re not a goddamn Time Magazine thinkpiece. You are a person who steers your own ship. Start being a captain.    

4. Maintain a savings account that you can survive on for 3 “i’m fucked” months.

5. Take a leap. If you don’t do something you’re scared of now, you’re wasting your mortality.  

6. Get back to doing some of the things you loved before all of that noise drowned it out. 

7. You are an adult. Learn to drink like one.

8. Be fucking nicer. 

9. Maintain your: friendships, fridge, and gmail folder

10. Stop underestimating yourself.

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1)I live in a "bible beater" area and a doctor's first question is about your orientation. So when I told my doctor I was asexual, I had to explain what that was, and she tried to get me admitted into the psych ward for it. On top of that she lied about taking my blood test for cholesterol and instead tested for hormones to try and get "evidence" that I was crazy. Then I tried a 2nd doctor and lied saying I was straight but they tried asking all sorts of uncomfortable sexual questions and when

2)I said I had never had sex even though I’m 26, they tried to do hormone tests (again without my consent) and tried to have me sent to a psychologist. I have a really slow metabolism and it’s negatively affecting my health so what do I say to get the doctor to focus on that instead of who I do and don’t sleep with? I even asked directly for an ultra sound on what I suspect is causing the problem but that only got ignored because of my orientation and lack of a sex life.

Excuse me while I curse about this. 

Goddammit I hate unprofessional doctors they make me so angry. They took a freaking oath to do no harm, and look at the harm they’re doing! I am so sorry and so angry on your behalf. 

First, apparently, find another doctor. See if you can find one that is not at all affiliated with any kind of religiously-oriented thing. Then when you go in, say that you are here specifically for the metabolism issue, as you are otherwise doing fine. If they ask about your sex life, try this instead: tell them that you’re waiting for the right person, and between working (I’m assuming you have a job… I hope you do) and your current health issue THAT YOU ARE HERE TO GET TAKEN CARE OF (yeah go ahead and yell that) you don’t have time to date and therefore you have not yet had sex. That should appease the religious nutters, since they’ll assume you’re just being good and saving yourself for marriage. I would definitely emphasize that the metabolic situation is negatively affecting your life so they can focus on that. 

If that doesn’t work, there has got to be something else we can try. Followers! Help! Anybody have any other ideas or resources to help this acenon get proper medical care?

And this, right here, is why acephobia is a real, damaging thing in our society, and why we all need to be fighting for recognition and equality.


when you think about it why should feminism even be for equality.i may dislike men but id never want someone to lose their reproductive never want men to get as shitty of healthcare as me because the healthcare industry doesnt care about us.and id never want young men to be catcalled and sexually harassed by strangers on the street.why would anyone want to bring men down to our level tbh?and why would anyone want to bring women to mens level where they can rape all they want with no consequences?equality under patriarchy is unrealistic because someone always loses.

It's my 26th Birthday!

It’s my mothafuckin 26th birthday today, and I’ll be spending it like I did when I was 13 (wearing a choker), when I was 21 (drinking whiskey), like I do erryday (eating pizza) AND like an adult that has to sign up for shitty healthcare. I’m a little hungover because I watched Adam Sandler’s BLENDED last night, which was as horribly drunk as I suspected it would be. So it’s going okay so far.

Iffffff you wanna give me a bday gift, do me a solid and ..follow me on Instagram which is the only social media I have time for lately. Plus I love it.

All right. Off to mess up my lipstick, which is Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss in Homegirl. Celebrate with me by wearing dark lipstick tonight and convincing somebody you’re a witch.