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Don't try to cut in the drive-thru line

This was a while back but me and a former co-worker would always go to the coffee shop drive-thru (Tim Hortons) to get coffee and some breakfast sandwiches.

This particular store was notorious for being very busy. It’s a Tim Hortons and a Wendy’s built together so there was 2 drive-thrus on either side of the building, there is also a gas station to make things worse.

So one day my co-worker was driving and I was in the passenger seat waiting in line to enter the drive-thru. This asshole creeps in from the side of the line and tries to slowly drive in and get in front of us in the line, there are many cars behind and in front of us. My co-worker honked at him while gesturing “what the fuck are you doing”, guy is like “its ok to let someone in” with a shitty grin and just kept on creeping. This guy didn’t even ask if it was OK to get in front of us, he just friggin started driving like a douche with no intention to stop.

My and co-worker were having none of that. I get out of the car and stand right in front of his hood! Whatcha gonna do now bitch!! My co worker eventually moved into the drive through and I got back into the car. I also saw the cars behind wouldn’t let him through either so he was just standing there!!

It felt really good when I was in front of his car, just seeing the look on his face.

Did you know The Punisher made the Joker Shit himself

Was reading the Batman vs Punisher Crossover Deadly Knights and I REALLY FRIGGIN LOVED THIS. The Joker never gets scared or rattled but when facing the Punisher who doesn’t play that shit

The Joker never gets rattled. When his plans are foiled Joker barely doesn’t curse aloud and shake his fist. He just laughs. 

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and Batman has rarely managed to make the Joker flinch. the Joker keeps laughing because he knows that Batman will never do what it takes.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. 

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Not many things can wipe the Joker’s shitty grin off of his face, but Frank Castle The Punisher isn’t known for doling out second chances, especially for a homicidal maniac that has probably killed hundreds and will go on to kill thousands more. Joker recognizes the conviction in the eyes of the man holding the gun, and for once realizes the finality of his situation. He’s thinking: This man might actually close the DO THE DEED and it  aint funny.

Then Batman comes along, right on time.

Usually when the Joker gets away, it’s because of some BS and no matter how he escapes, the Joker is always laughing. But when he gets the chance to scamper away from the Punisher, there’s no trail of “HA HA HA"s; the Joker just feels lucky to get out of there alive.

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Another point to Punisher for making the joker piss himself

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I’ll never forget that one year ago, around this time, I walked into my French class in college and stopped dead in front of the blackboard, just staring at what was scribbled all over it.

Destiel is Canon

Sammy is hot

Gabriel is not dead!

Bring back Adam



It made my bloody day. I was skipping around with a huge shitty grin on my face.

New Years Eve a few years down the line where Jack kissing Bitty in Times Square, either in the crowd where they’re just another nameless face or in front of cameras for the world to see. Either way makes Bitty’s chest light up.

New Years Eve where Nursey and Dex have been eyeing each other all night and right before the ball drops they kiss Chowder on either cheek instead.

New Years Eve where Holster hollers at the TV because honestly they could have gotten anyone better to play in the Square than these losers when Ransom plants a huge kiss on his cheek with over exaggerated wet noises and laughs at the look on Holster’s face when he does.

New Years Eve where Shitty and Lardo are chilling and relaxed and the ball hasn’t even dropped yet when Lardo leans over and pecks Shitty on the mouth. “Wanted to get a head start,” Lardo says, looking away but grinning. Shitty is in fucking love all over again.

New Years Eve kisses.

i keep seeing these, but

bullets: purple night skies and deep heavy sadness. when your throat feels really tight right before you cry. rain rain rain and clouds and rain. loving someone with every beat of your heart and clenching your teeth when they don’t love you the same. stuttered breathing, closing eyes.

revenge: shit eating grins. old shitty black combat boots. losing yourself at a punk show. feeling so sad that you’re angry or so angry you’re sad. laughing when you’re feeling bitter. kicking walls and yelling at nothing. being consumed and confused by your own emotions. envy.

parade: wounds that close and open again. the soft sadness that rolls deep in your stomach and seeps up into your heart. hopeless sighs. the feeling of something a million years older than yourself in your blood. jittery/hyped up/defeated/torn down. seeing yourself through filters of your past, letting down your guard for your future self.

danger days: light streaming across the floor, rippling in through a window. broken glistening glass. swing sets. the feeling of your lips stretching across your teeth in a long awaited smile. being in a big city. feeling alive, alive. being awake way too late in the summer. being with friends, being with lovers. fast cars and twinkling lights.

Can you just imagine everyone’s reactions when the magic barriers collapse in Adarlan and Aelin fights with her fire ?

* Aelin throws up a shield made from flame, dodging and throwing fiery daggers at her enemy *

Chaol watching her: * mouth agape* “What the hell did I do… I sent her to Wendlyn and she… She… ”

Dorian is standing next to him with a shitty ass grin on his face: “ oh my gods… I can’t WAIT to be trained in magic” ( assuming he breaks out of daddy’s collar )

Rowan begins storming towards her, seething: “ What the hell was that?! We practiced that move for WEEKS and you completely messed up on that third dagger and what was that move with the elbow?! Can you do NOTHING right woman?!”

Aelin: “ SHUT UP!!!” As she dodges an attack.

Aedion: * eye twitches * my Queen…

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And then I realized Jae5 is a better ball handler than his father. #ballislife #basketball #osa #gymlife (at Omaha Sports Academy)

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