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a few days ago i hit 600 followers which is just really insane ?? i don’t know how i got there, but thank you so much !! i love follow forevers because they’re adorable but also because i get to show you how much i love you all (and show off my favorite people). the last time i did one was when i hit 400 and i thought it was time for another one. i’m extremely thankful that you decided to follow me even though im a really super shitty rph and just reblog whatever crap i like that’s definitely not helpful at all. 

my absolute faves basically the people that i rp with and love dearly ;; 

☀️  hannahassists  ☀️ hendrixrph  ☀️ hulkling1x1  ☀️  londonrphelps ☀️ prattrph  ☀️ sweetcandirps

the beautiful blogs i see on my dash and absolutely love to pieces ;;

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