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Hey, y’all. I know a lot of hate has been going around lately, but that’s not what Valentine’s Day is about. Regardless of whether you’re following me or not, I love each and every one of you, and to show that, for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I plan on sending y’all “letters” from your valentine, aka your favorite character.

If you would like a valentine, please do the following :

  • Tell me who your favorite Supernatural or Marvel character(s) is (can be multiple, but I’ll only pick one unless I decide otherwise.)
  • Send me your favorite pick-up line or pun. Preferably super cheesy. The cheesier the better. (*Optional but super appreciated <3)
  • Asks only. No private messages please. They’re easier to keep track of this way.
  • Reblog this post to spread the word! I want to show love to as many people as I can!

Note: All letters will be sent anonymously via ask on February 14th. If a lot of people respond to this post, I may have to make this a multi-day affair. Unless this post gets an overwhelming response, I will do my absolute best to get to everyone! If I can’t, know that you are still loved, and I will most certainly do something like this again!  

Tagging some people below the cut who might either be interested in this project or willing to help spread the word (or both):

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10 Days of EOS 10

Day 6: Favourite line of dialogue 

from 202: Last Offices 

Jane: Do you have any hobbies?

Dr Urvivian: Yes, I pretend to listen to those around me when they prattle on. 

Jane: That must come in handy.

Dr Urvidian: Everyday.

I love that grumpy space doctor and these lines have gotten me through so many days working my summer job at the hospital (yes, really)  

in case y’all didn’t know, today is fanfiction writers appreciation day! so here are some of my all time favourite writers who make me ugly cry with pretty much everything they write.

(this is both jily and bellarke btw, so it’s kind of long hence the cut)

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