shitty gifs all the way

a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 


john steinbeck // ジョン・スタインベック


Well done, Gion. That is the correct response.


Favorite Musical Numbers

Drum Crazy (Easter Parade, 1948)

okay so i think we can all agree 2016 was a very shitty year, in many ways….. but i gotta admit, all of you guys on here somehow made it better :) i don’t care about the holidays anymore… but i do care about you guys (i’m cute, i know) so i made a christmas follow forever to show you guys that i care,,,, (if ur on this there’s deadass a 100% chance i’d be down to be friends with u so hmu if u want) anyways, back to the point…. i gotta get sentimental with a few people first but kno that i love all of y’all a lot and we’re all cute asf, let’s do this (ง’̀-‘́)ง

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