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What did you think of that look Micro cast Frank when Karen was defending him on air ?

This look right here? This is the “are you hearing this?”-look. This is Micro checking to see Frank’s reaction to what Karen’s saying on-air. Micro, at this point, has figured out that Karen is someone Frank trusts implicitly. He knows about Karen, but he doesn’t really know her. What’s worth noting is Frank’s actual reaction: he kinda shrugs like “what can you do?” and concedes to Micro non-verbally that this is who Karen is to him. This woman going to bat for him out loud on a radio show? That’s Karen, through and through, and he doesn’t fight it.

Micro, then, is left to reassess Karen Page in silence. And Frank starts to comment on the show out loud from that point onward, even though Karen can’t hear him. A part of that is his emotions running away from him, sure, because she’s putting herself at risk and he can’t stand to think about that. But a part of that, I think, is also weirdly for Micro’s benefit? Frank’s comment of “barking up the wrong tree” cements for Micro that Karen is someone who would use a weapon if it was given to her, while the comment of “ease up, Karen” tells Micro that Karen’s like a dog with a bone and won’t let go of things no matter how at risk she puts herself with that. 

Micro gets to know Karen through Frank. He learns about her through Frank. He gets to know who she is through the lens that Frank sees her with. I think it’s a commonly accepted headcanon in the fandom that Micro would absolutely research Karen and figure out everything he can about her independently from Frank, but I think that this is something Micro only does after these events go down. It’s something he does after he figures out how important Karen really is to Frank.

The scene above then spirals out into that scene we got the preview of, with Frank losing his shit over Karen potentially being in danger and practically begging Micro to help him find Lewis. That’s when Micro can’t help but ask “what’s the deal with you two?” because he is trying to put two and two together when it comes to Karen and Frank and he’s not sure he’s got the full scope of it. And Frank, bless him, Frank doesn’t disappoint. 

This is the exact moment you see Micro’s realisation of who Karen is to Frank. Frank, in his panic and his unrest, winds up comparing the thought of Karen being in danger to the thought of Micro’s wife being in danger. He winds up asking Micro “what would you do, if this was your wife putting herself at risk and you knew you had a chance to stop anything bad from happening to her?” and that is pretty much when it all clicks into place for Micro. (It’s a testament to Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s acting skills that you can actually see this play out on his face and in his eyes. You can pinpoint the exact moment when Micro goes “oh shit” about it, haha.)

And this, well, this is Micro basically asking “are you sure?”. This is Micro testing the waters with Frank one final time when it comes to Karen. Through reminding Frank of who Sarah is to Micro, he’s essentially asking Frank “are you certain you want to put Karen on par with my wife, with my family?” because that would mean that Karen’s importance to Frank is something that Micro needs to start taking into account. 

Frank, bless his heart, does not disappoint:

And with that “okay”, Micro doesn’t just relent and start looking for Lewis. No. With that “okay”, Micro confirms for himself that Karen Page matters. Hell, he winds up giving Frank the Dad Look over this. This is the exact moment on which Micro sees Frank at his weakest, at his most fearful, at his most volatile, and he says “okay” to that because he can tell that this is the real deal. Frank doesn’t know it. Frank doesn’t know how real that is, not yet. But Micro? Man, Micro knows what’s up.


10 reasons why steve harrington isn’t a shitty boyfriend.

i may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out i’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter. 


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