shitty gif time

it s 3 am don t judge me this was supposed to be different ok it was supposed to have lights and shit please end me now like jack was supposed to be behing but I went full meh mode and gave up wops :3cccc

I came up with a Steve Rogers inspired spell! Add or subtract whatever you want to make it work for you. Cast, don’t cast, totally up to you on how many bells and whistles you want to add. 

This one is for when the world is kicking your ass and you need to act like a BAMF. 

You’ll Need

  • Red Candle - Passion
  • White Candle - Purity
  • Blue Candle - Loyalty and a bit of Healing. 
  • Your will and determination. 

Now, for those of you that have seen this movie (if not this may be spoiler-y, you have been warned) you know that Pre-Serum Steve has an issue with walking away from a fight - he just can’t do it. Every now and then we need to call up on that courage and fury and determination to get through a shitty time in our lives. 

We’re going to be using Steve’s energy to get through it.  No, it may not be glamorous, or polished, but we’ll get the job done. 

Light your candles and sit for a moment, thinking about Steve Rogers and his ability to keep going even though he’s always perceived as weak. This is the man that is able to become Captain America, who goes on to save hundreds and hundreds of men. Who has a heart of gold, and a determination to keep going no matter what. 

He started out on the bottom, like you may be feeling right now.  Think of whatever situation is getting you down, kicking your ass right now and try to smile. Smirk even. Stare it in the face and tell it “I can do this all day.” 

Because you can. You can get through this and you will make it out even better than before. When you’re ready stand up and walk away, leaving whatever funk behind it the dust. You have taken your serum, in the glow of the red, white and blue candles and you are strong. 

Go kick ass, like usual.