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Due to hitting 500 followers I’ve decided to make a masterlist of starters that I’ve come up with over my time of being a roleplayer that isn’t the same old ‘omg i’m so bored and you’re here’ or the ‘hey you wanna go get some food??’ So under the cut you will find 14 STARTERS for your character. Will add more as I think of them! Likes and reblogs are always appreciated!

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             Why does fate make us suffer? There’s a curse between us. Between me and you


why is it so funny, Jongup?…


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bleedingwinchesters vs. orgasmicsam
round 5 | season 5 + favourite relationship 
| the winchester brothers



In 4 years you have grown up so much.. more mature, a better singer, better dancer, a better performer, did a musical, have been active in more variety shows, did a first pitch, sang a duet, and now you’re even going to be in a drama, in just a few years you have become a better all-round entertainer. I hope in the coming years you have even more opportunities to show everyone your amazing talents. And like always, thank you for singing. ♡♡♡