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03/05/2013 - 04/01/2017



I know similar things has been probably done (better) by many others already, but I stumbled onto Jack’s old video and got really fuzzy inside ;)

Also! These are my first gifs ever, and what’s better than learning by giffing JSE :)

Pairing: Steve x reader

Prompt: #7- “I bet it’s a girl/boy”

A/N: I hope it’s not to shitty

(Y/D/N) = Your Daughter’s Name

You and Steve were at one of Tony’s party’s. It was later and all the rest of the guests were gone so it was just the avengers and their assorted spouses. Jane, Laura, Pepper, and you were there along with the avengers. You were all sitting, chatting, laughing, and having a good time. Everyone was drinking, everyone except for that is. You couldn’t drink because you were pregnant, 7 months to be exact. Steve had his arm around you and you were cuddled into his side. You had to admit that not being able to drink did suck a lot, especially when you were around people who could drink. You had lost all interest in the conversation everyone was having and you were now quietly sitting fiddling with your wedding ring. You zoned out until Steve put his hand on your large stomach and said:

“I bet it’s a girl” he smiled at you as you looked up at him. Everyone was staring at the two of you then Tony cut in.

“$100 it’s a boy” he said sitting back in his seat. Pepper hit his chest and gave him a look, then Clint chimed in.

“Nah, I’m with cap, $200 it’s going to be a girl” Clint laughed and grabbed Laura’s hand “Little girls are really cute” he smiled at you and Steve “You two are in for one hell of a ride”

He was right, you were in for one hell of ride. You and Steve were both exited and terrified. In the beginning you didn’t think you could do it but your wonderful husband reassured you that you would be a wonderful mother.

“When are you due?” Natasha asked taking a sip of her wine.

“May 12th, but I doubt that we will be on time” You said. Things in your life never went as planned and you just wanted to get through this pregnancy without anything bad happening. “I just can’t wait” you added putting your hand over Steve’s that was still resting on your stomach.

“Me either” Steve said leaning down to kiss you slowly.


After 11 long hours of labour you finally had a beautiful little girl. You sat in the hospital bed holding your tiny baby in your arms with Steve hovering closely. She was so little and precious you never wanted to let go of her but eventually the doctor had to take her to do a little checkup. You held Steve’s hand tightly until she was back. When the nurse brought her back in she asked if you had a name for your little bundle of joy. You and Steve had decided on (Y/D/N). You had loved that name since you were a child and Steve just couldn’t disagree.

After you, Steve, and (Y/D/N) had time to relax people started to come in and see the two of you. Since you and Steve both had no living family the first to come in was the team. When Clint saw your little girl he motioned to Tony and he handed him $200. Clint then went to talk to Steve about baby care and all the things he should know, Natasha and Tony were fawning over (Y/D/N), and Bruce was talking to you about how you were doing.

“I’m doing okay I’m just so exhausted” You stated looking around at everyone.

“Well you did just give birth” He said.

“Took me 11 hours but I did it” You joked.

“Hey (Y/N), what did you decide to name her?” Natasha called, not taking her eyes of the newborn. You looked to Steve who was already looking at you.

“Do you want to tell them?” He asked walking over to where you were sitting on the hospital bed.

“No you can” you smiled reaching for his hand. Everyone was staring at the two of you in suspense.

“We named her (Y/D/N)”.


It was (Y/D/N)’s 1st birthday. You and Steve had put together a little party with just the team. (Y/D/N) was sitting in her high chair eating cake with her hands while everyone was watching her and laughing. You stood in the kitchen just taking in the scene. You had a wonderful a husband, a beautiful daughter, and great friends. You didn’t want your life to be any different. Steve came up behind you and put his arms around your waits and rested his head on your shoulder.

“We should have another one” He whispered in your ear. A huge grin broke out on your face. You didn’t think about another kid but it sounded amazing. The two of you had been so happy since (Y/D/N) was born and you would be over joyed to have another. You turned around to face him and gave him a meaningful kiss. He pulled back and put his hand on your cheek. “So what do ya say?”

“I say yes” you said pulling him back in for another kiss. When you pulled away you went to go get (Y/D/N) to wash up when you noticed everyone staring at the two of you.

“I can’t wait for another” Natasha said excitedly.


The bond we forged in a barren world…
… Gave me strength and Perseverance.