shitty family at times


the 100 episodic meme: wanheda (part one) → favourite scene (½)

“Try and keep up!”

Nothing like chasing down a thief and have an unknown, enraged creature appear out of nowhere ready to fire

I love my fam but looorrrddd they suddenly wanna be all chummy and bffs and hang out and all I wanna do is write like Broski made me go to a movie and mom wants to play cards n chat and I’m like ‘I love u all but please leave me alone so I can write abt this poor man getting traumatized horrifically and eat people’

not to be obnoxious but im so happy + proud of myself for having all As bc i really fucked up my gpa my first year by being an online student living w my shitty family and wasted so much time just being miserable but NOW im doing so good and also feel so much better about myself + life in general and im proving i can live w/o my family weighing my down all the time