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someone i love, loves someone else // ryan ross, lonely moonlight

Danny My Love

Summary: I used to be that kind of nice guy. Smile to everyone, say sorry even if I don’t need to, helping elder crossing the road. People keep calling me, ‘Phil the nicest person in the world’ and stuff. Yeah, I was so nice. So sane

Genre: Angst, thriller, smut

Warning: NC-18, bondage, violence, humiliation, yandere!phil, murder, rape, brainwash (just the result), blowjob (vague)

Beta: @fadingcrystalvoid​ Thank you so much. I’m not good at saying thanks, but I’m truly thankful for your good work.

A/N: I made this fic a year ago and published it in my old account ‘randomfluffycat’ but I deleted the account. And the title was ‘(IN)SANITY’. I decide to publish it again cause I like this fic..

It was a beautiful day to wake up in the morning. I was excited to watch anime with Dan. I found him in the lounge, ridiculously good looking even when he just woke up. I love Dan. So much. In my eyes, he’s always been the most beautiful person in the world, even if he was peeing, pooping, puking, he was the definition of the real beauty. He just can’t be ugly.

“Oh, hey! You woke up!” He set up the fireplace.

“Yeah, have you ate?” I stood in front of the sofa awkwardly.

“No, I’m waiting for you. We’ll have breakfast together and watch anime, right?”

I can tell my face turned red. That was so warm and sweet of him, saying things like that. Look at that smile! Who can make a smile that good? So pretty. The curves were so perfect. So pink. I wonder how they taste when those lips touch mine. Or maybe sucking my cock. Moaning. Giving some vibration and…

“I’ll make you pancakes as my thanks,” Dan was not in front of the fireplace anymore. His hand touched my shoulder lightly which removed me from my fantasies.

“Thanks for what?” I followed him to the kitchen.

“For buying me that Haru alarm clock. I love it so much. One day I will give you something more than pancakes, don’t worry,” Dan giggled.

“That makes you wake up earlier, doesn’t it?”

Dan nodded, “Yes…”

That happy face… what a good morning. I was blessed.

Dan prepared the ingredients and I helped him.

“How about I change Haru’s voice to mine?”

Dan laughed, “I’d be terrified.”

“But my voice is deep. It’s sexy.”

Dan laughed harder, “Yes, Phil, yes, your voice’s so deep. It’s so sexy and makes me horny.”

I knew he was joking but I let him live in my mind. Until now.

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