shitty editting but what can i do

When you can't draw,edit, or write but you still want to contribute to the fandom

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Writers block?

This is going to sound nuts. But, writers block is a bitch and the only way to get past it is to write. I follow a lot of prompt accounts and I suggest you do it too. If you can’t summon anything to say read these plots and just work out your writing muscles!

Remember to take a deep breath and trust your self. You can write shitty work and edit it later but you can’t edit nothing.

When you feel yourself getting back in the zone begin working on your main project. What I do is find a way to take the prompt and use the characters from my novel and put them in that situation. It allows me to work through the block but still work with my main work.


Just write your main work anyway. I mean that sounds odd too but it seems to work a lot for me. Just think about the situation and just write words even if they’re bad.

Put on your favorite song, hum the hell out of it and put your attention on writing only. Get yourself a drink and put yourself in that place. You know the one.

The place that’s untouchable by reality. The one that only you can reach. Lock yourself there until you’ve overcome this episode of self doubt. Which is really all that writers block is. Your skill is still there. I promise. You just have to overcome the fear. Remember why you started writing in the first place.

Best of luck with your writing and I sincerely hope this helps.


“I will not fight you father.”

…unless you don’t put that on the fridge. And don’t say it’s shitty because I tried okay what more can you expect after you cut off my damn hand.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016)


Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (2006)


jian + kisses

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hiya duke! i have an observation and a question for you: first, your icon still has a santa hat but i think you should leave it on year round b/c it's cute. the second thing is: when authors say their first drafts are always bad, it's hard to know what they mean because that can mean diff. things to diff. people. do you think the first draft of your soon to be published book had a specific weakness, or just needed polishing/editing in general, and is it largely the same story as it is now?

He does still have a Santa hat, because I also think it’s cute (and we still have our tree up, so clearly it’s not too late yet; that or my family’s just lazy). 

Re: ugly first drafts, mine was an absolute disaster. The bones of the story are essentially the same, but that’s pretty much it. Because a first draft is like the first time doing anything else–playing a song, doing a dance move, trying a recipe. The structure might remain essentially the same, but it’s between Draft 1 and Draft 50 (or whatever the final draft happens to be) that you actually really figure out how the story’s supposed to go. However, you’re right in that this is a different process for different writers and even different books by the same writer. My first book–let’s just call it Debut Novel, to keep things easy–was plotted in six months and written in 90 days. That’s a pretty breakneck pace, and as you can imagine there were at lot of holes and ill-considered ‘first ideas’ that got fixed in later drafts. The best way I can think to describe it is as a 117,000-word outline. The basic ‘what happens and who does it happen to’ elements were there, but I barely scratched the surface. I spent the next two years digging deeper and deeper with each consecutive draft, until I had something which was about 10,000 words shorter, but every single one of the words mattered like hell. For me that first draft was more a rough idea than an actual manuscript. Sometimes the only way to find the real meat of a story is by actually writing it (and rewriting it and rewriting it until your fingers bleed).

That being said, the first novel I finished immediately after Debut Novel was very different. Because it’s loosely based on an existing myth I had a bare-bones outline in front of me already. I also knew this project would be shorter and much closer to literary than DB was, so I spent less time in my first draft worrying about getting the action down on paper and more time playing with words and probing for depth. It’s a very different kind of project. I think the ‘first draft’ of Second Novel was in much better shape than the first draft of Debut Novel, but that’s partly because I wrote it a different way. I rewrote as I was going. I completely rewrote the climactic scene five times in a row before I even tried to move on because I knew it wasn’t working. So, a completely different process. I’ve done six drafts now, but I’ve done those six drafts with the help of everything I learned working on roughly 50 drafts of the debut novel. I’m a smarter, better writer with that two years’ of work with an agent and editor under my belt, so are the ugly first drafts of the Second Novel less ugly than the ugly first drafts of the Debut Novel? You bet your ass. (Of course, it’s worth mentioning that my agent hasn’t even seen this MS yet, and I may be totally wrong and she may tell me “This is a mess. Are you out of your mind?”)

The first draft I’m working on right now is a completely different animal. We’ll call it the Duke’s Moby Dick, because it became very clear to me very quickly that this is going to be a fucking whale of a book. I’ve got 75 scenes planned (when normally I have about fifty), a character list with at least a hundred names on it (at least twelve of whom take on the role of ‘narrator’ at one point or another), and a research agenda which has kept me working pretty much around the clock since I finished my dissertation in September. MD is going to take up like a decade of my life, probably. I’m halfway through and I’m already at 85,000 words. The scope is enormous and it’s a big leap for me as a writer, and I really want to get it right. So the first draft for this one is necessarily slow-going. The hope is that that will result in a first draft that’s not so ugly. But we’ll see. 

I don’t know if this is helpful at all. The short answer is that every first draft is different. Each will have different strengths and weakness. What they all have in common is that they’re just that: first drafts. They need work.

I’ve been thinking about this since I watched What We Do in the Shadows on Saturday and thought maybe I could get it out of my head if you all suffered too. 

(I can’t.  It’s still in there.  I also can’t stop picturing Hiccup badly flying through the window.  Also Astrid as the alpha werewolf saying ‘what are we?’ and all her pack goes ‘werewolves not swearwolves’ and it hurts)

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Yo, can u stop with the fucking water marks? Every lyric post i find has that fucking mark on it.. we get it its ur edit but man make a fucking caption instead of those shitty marks..

1st: people fucking steal my edits that’s why i watermark them

2nd: who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?

3rd: if you didn’t fucking notice i caption them too but people fucking self-promo under my posts, that’s why others delete them

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Lexi commented on a backstage pic of Kendall where her face looked really puffy 'she's never looked better', and she tagged Binx, then Binx replied with 'lol' or something. So juvenile and rude and then stupid of them to not realise everyone can see their shitty comments.

Yeah, that’s pretty mean, I don’t why she couldn’t just dm the comment to her if she wanted to say it like instagram is so public, everyone sees what you’re doing that and everyone knows it. Really dumb. I don’t know why I thought it was something about Lexi and Binx bullying Gigi, but I guess it was Kendall.

edit: So Lexi commented on a Vogue Germany photo of Kendall and Lexi backstage somewhere (and I guess her face looks puffy? It looks normal to me) and Lexi commented “shes never looked better *crying emoji*” and @/ed Binx and Binx commented back “thats so fucked up *crying emoji*”. Lexi issued an apology and Kendall posted a photo of her and Binx backstage somewhere a few months later. 

last year i rlly wanted to make a comic abt magical girls, but instead of cute girls fighting in cute dresses and stuff, they became… muscular men in cute dresses and stuff, fighting and shit

i still want to do it lol

“Until you find a purpose on this earth, give yourself a purpose. Stop feeling like you need to be a teenage prodigy. Pretend you’re confident until you are. It’s hard work to do this when you’re so used to cringing at the reflection in your mirror, but do it. Work at it. I assure you, your mentality will change. A year ago I’d be saying that this drawing is really shitty compared to what other people can do. Today I’m saying, I’m a damn good artist and I’m going to keep practicing and keep getting better. It’s possible to find happiness, I assure you.” - Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots

Sometimes you get run down. Sometimes life throws dirt in your eyes and it stings and you can’t see for a few minutes. Even after you get it out your eyes are all red and your vision is shitty… but eventually, whether through tears or maybe just time… you start to see even clearer than before. Life is not always good. Which is why music exists. Why I believe God exists. And why there’s always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.”

Sonic is his own shitty friend (Modern Edition)

“This is really hurting my back, but I’m pleased with my new green contact lenses, which I’m sure my fans will be very understanding about.”

“And I can do it in thiiiiiis direction too! Seriously though, I think I broke my spine.”

“Lol why am I holding my card like this.”

“I’m glad this logo and my hand cover up my silly new shoes. Too much detail in them. What do you think Shadow?”

“Can’t talk. Pointing.”

“Stop making me do these bendy poses for fuck sake, I’ve caused enough injury to my back as it is.”

“How am I not falling over on my side?”

“Ah yes, green! Green! Green! That’s the one, that’s the one for me. Fucking love green. Good stuff. Peace!”


You can’t.”

“Okay, so like, I know I’m the Ultimate Lifeform and everything, but I’m pretty proud of how I took that kick to the face. It’s a pretty sensitive area, but I took it like a pro. Maybe this is who I am.”

“It’s alright, but it’s no green.”

“Hey Metal, what do you think of my Rayman’s fists impression?”

“Fuck off Pinocchio, I’m filing my nails.”

*broken German*

“Now pay attention kids, because a cool new character is coming up.”

“Yeah yeah, I get it, ‘cool’, ironic, haha. Get out of my dressing room.”

“I think Jet and I have missed the point of what a race is.”

“Come on… Come on… Come on… Grrrrr… I’m faster than this. I’ve been faster than this… Why can’t I go faster… Why can’t I go faster…???

“If I had known I could defeat Silver by doing this, things would have been a lot easier for me.”

“Hey man, look at this ring I got from Poundland, it’s a beauty isn’t i-AH FUCK HEARTBURN.”

“I wonder if taking photos with a murder machine will backfire on me in some way.”

“Okay Amy, I know it’s hard to time, but you have to get us all in the picture in order for it to look cool. It doesn’t work otherwise.”

“The trampoline is too strong for it’s own good, Sonic. Omega keeps bouncing through the ceiling.”

“Can you imagine this if it were real life?”

“Yeah. Vomit everywhere.”

“This Spyro-y background reminds me of Shade. I remember having to break the news to her about her chances of appearing in anything outside of her debut. I heard she cried.”

“This is physically painful.”

“Ah, what an overly desaturated day it is today.”

“Naw mate, you still can’t play this game, and you probably wouldn’t want to anyway. Just skip to Episode 2, there’s a funfair in that one.”

“I can come to grips with Chaos, I can come to grips with Dark Gaia, but I can never come to grips with balancing. Tails makes it look so easy.”

“This is supposed to be the freeze frame credits shot, right?”

“…Yeah. It is.”

“I have a feeling, any moment now, we’re going to dissipate upon contact with each other.”

“Funfair’s that way mate.”

“Oh that Bowser, can’t decide on his alternate skins.”


What do u mean I can’t be every life is strange character????
I mainly posted this for moshpitpirateship bc she wanted to see Chloe but I thought I may as well make a master post :’)
I would’ve put Victoria too, but I only cosplayed her for like 5 minutes and all I did was make a shitty dubsmash :’)
So uh YH enjoy my face with large amounts of editing on
(Apart from on max, that one has none.)
I do plan to get a wig for Chloe soon because I’m gunna cosplay her to comic con soon :)

I always wonder what people mean by ‘sorry for the shitty edit’ but now I understand.


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