shitty drip

Taekook: Brighter Days (Pt. 4)

Taehyung works the streets at night, sells his body for money. It’s not exactly a choice that he has made for himself, but how else can he possibly pay the bills for his shitty room with the dripping faucet and the moldy mattress? He’s alive and he has a place to sleep, and that’s enough for now. But that all changes when one night a client hears him sing in the shower and offers him a deal he can’t refuse. It sounds absurd, it really does, but suddenly Taehyung finds himself training to become a K-pop idol and he is set out to debut with a group called Bangtan Sonyeondan. Adapting to a life so different from his past is hard, and trust is a foreign concept to Taehyung these days, but now he is supposed to rely on six strangers to help him lead a better life. Needless to say, Taehyung is not entirely convinced that he can trust them.

GENRE: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
WARNINGS: Past Rape/Non-Con, Prostitution


It’s cold. So cold that Taehyung’s body feels numb. His fingers have stopped shaking a while ago and he can barely feel them anymore. The thin sweater he’s wearing doesn’t do anything to protect him from the temperature. The heater in his crappy small flat is broken. A bright pink scarf is wrapped around his neck that smells of smoke and vanilla. It’s a gift from the girl that sometimes works the same corner as he does. She looks worse with every passing day and Taehyung thinks that soon the scarf will be all that’s left of her.

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✝-Sanguine drips in fat droplets over a sharpened maw, multiple fangs protruded from upper and lower gums as they buried into the now rigid flesh of the victim that was covered by his front half. Back turned to the alleyway opening Ed continued to feed ferociously from the jugular as blood burst beneath his teeth in lazy spurts, not even realizing the footsteps approaching ever so closely.- ✝


ain't no mountain high enough

Part 3/? of my college kids au

Crossposted on AO3

Sophomore year starts off slow and predictable. Classes are tough, the homework is tougher, but it makes Dean happy. He loves engineering. He loves school. He loves Cas.

Yeah. He does. It all falls together in one moment halfway through September. He and Cas are sitting on a park bench, drinking shitty drip coffee and signing about something woefully unimportant. Cas makes this little expression where his nose scrunches up, halfway between laughing at Dean and glaring at him, and Dean gets it. He finally gets it. This thing he’s been feeling, it’s not just a crush.

“Oh my god,” Dean says, when Cas looks down at his coffee, “I’m in love with you.”

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orwell isn’t someone that generally had good ideas with some contradictory views that we can overlook in the name of critical support, like he was just a bad person/writer whose shitty opinions dripped off of every page. and thats without even mentioning how he acted on the positions he held. the guy is really not worth defending.