shitty disposable camera

really cursed 35mm photo from the urbex i did in june

took it with that shitty disposable camera with expired film that got super noisy when it was transferred to digital 

“I took this photo of Jeff Buckley at WGNS studio in D.C. We were hanging out in-between recording songs for a radio thing. He was reading a very untoward publication that had been recommended by the mag Ben Is Dead and that I had in my possession. Sorry I wrote on the photo in Paint. Oops.”- Johnny Riggs  (late 94-early 95) taken with super shitty disposable camera and rather dazzling results with that considered.


July 3rd, 2014 i had one of the most unique spiritual experiences i’ve ever had or could think of. Waves from Arthur were spectacular: chest high and the smoothest, longest rides i’ve ever ridden. These pictures are from a shitty water-proof disposable camera but pictures couldn’t describe it anyway. I met a very odd guy named Joe, and we were the only ones out on the water surprisingly. We talked God, life, jokes, anything and everything. 
People say that God speaks through people, well He spoke through every single particle of matter that night. thats it, that’s the best way i can describe it;
heaven on earth.