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All I want is a bioshock sitcom.

Like take a minute to imagine all the petty drama that went on in Rapture. Julie Langford was almost shot over some bees, Anna Culpepper, Sander Cohen, and to an extent Grace Holloway verbally bitch-slapped each other in their music all the time, Frank Fontaine gets it on with Brigid Tenenbaum, his employee and the person who discovered the key to Rapture’s downfall.

Just fucking look at Jack! Andrew Ryan’s son he had cheating on his GF with a stripper, who sold the embryo to the ruthless employees of Ryan’s most hated business competition who then dies and comes back with a secret identity.

I mean come on it’s all sitcom worthy if not telenovela.

The Matchmakers - Part 10

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire - we wrote this one together! Another long one so more under the cut!

ZEN: Would you just shut up?

Jumin Han: I don’t see why I should.

ZEN: No one cares about your stupid cat.
ZEN: I’m sick of hearing about you and that thing.

Jumin Han: Elizabeth the third is not a thing.
Jumin Han: She’s my companion.
Jumin Han: At least I’m not complaining to everyone about my non-existent love life, like a brat I know.

V: Jumin…

Jumin Han: I, however, do hope that you can find someone who can tolerate your bullshit.
Jumin Han: So that you can disappear from this chat and bother them instead.
Jumin Han: Let’s be honest, people only care about your looks.

Yoosung★: omg

ZEN: Oh, yeah?

MC: Guys

ZEN: Well, I hope you find someone in your life
ZEN: Who’s not in it for the money

Jaehee Kang: O.O

ZEN: But that’s never going to happen.
ZEN: You only care about money and that stupid cat.

Jumin Han: Fuck off, Zen.

ZEN: With pleasure.
ZEN: I feel sick just being in the same chatroom as you.

707: Holy shit

Jumin Han: The feeling is mutual, I have tolerated a brat for too long.

ZEN: Fuck you, jerk.

- Zen has logged off -
- Jumin Han has logged off -

Saeran: What the fuck.

Yoosung★: TnT Why are they fighting now? Did something happen in the photo shoot yesterday?!

MC: No!
MC: Or at least, not while we were in the room.

Jaehee Kang: Something must has happened when we were gone, MC…

V: And it was probably quite harsh to get them to carry the fight all over here.

707: Cat mom and prince charming…
707: T_T My otp orz

Jaehee Kang: Let’s discuss this in private.


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God, I hate those dumb ‘scare the people’ commercials for smoking-where people pull out their teeth to pay for ciggarettes or the people with holes in their throats or the one I just saw where I guy gets teeth in a box.

Like, here’s a commercial. Just someone comes on screen and goes 'You can smoke. It’s your fuckin’ choice. Your goddamn body, ruin it however you wanna ruin, we won’t judge, at least not out loud. Just keep in mind of the long term consquences and the sudden jacked up risk for cancer and how smoking will not only affect you harshly, but the people around you. So if you don’t smoke good for. If you do smoke, do everyone a curtosy and not smoke around children and pets to prevent second hand smoke, and get yourself screened frequently for lung cancer so you can catch it early and your teeth are probably gonna get fucked so yeah, get a good dental plan. Bye have a nice day.’

I feel like Shiggy’s blog is like opening a textbook in the middle of a shitty sit-com’s commercial break and it’s like “oh I’m learning things” oh it’s time for your regularly scheduled SHITPOSTING.

topnotchderp  asked:

Is there any suggestions about story development can you tell about? Such as settings concepts characters etc.


im really bad at explaining things so give me a moment

when it comes to character development, I usually just take something that I like, like maybe old cartoons and commercials that are really shitty right

like 90s commercials [if you havent watched any, please do that]

and incorporate that to one of my characters, like Giuseppe, he talks like a T.V because when he was created, his creator had no idea what to do with him, so like many kids, this creator introduced him to the T.V and he learns from that

his favourite show is Loony Leo on Saturdays…~

For settings, you guys have all seen my settings, I base my regions on real life countries like Russia, Australia, and France, because I have some what of a base there, and then for each region you fill it with things that you like, flowers, plants in general, foods, aesthetics and more

like for instance, Yebat aesthetic is the 90s

Eppafross is the 50-60s [modern of course, not everyone is a white collar suburban family]

Voda is the 80s

and Zlo is ????????/ we’re not too sure 

concepts are just concepts, you have a vague idea of what you want and then you just kinda keep it or scrap it

again im not too great at explaining things

There’s this one moment in Tom Goes to the Mayor, where, in the mayor’s office, there’s this extension cord that’s taped to the wall, going into the other room. That’s the core of what we think is funny: just the shittiness of life. Shitty products and shitty commercials and how people are shitty to each other.
—  Eric Wareheim on the Tim and Eric sensibility.

Sam Winchesters’ Journal - Entry #68

We reached the bunker after a car trip where almost no words were exchanged. I’m used to it by now. It’s not as if Dean had been particularly chatty in the last couple of months anyway. And Castiel…well poor Cas remained silent in the back seat and stared clumsily at us from time to time from the corner of his eye, certainly wishing he could have flown to the bunker instead of being trapped in the Impala with us for five hours.

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Dallas Stars Drinking Game

take a drink every time…

  • Roussel gets a penalty 
  • we fail to score on a power play
  • Jamie Benn looks disappointed in both you and himself
  • your mind wanders to Tyler Seguin
  • you have the urge to shout “DEFENSE!”
  • you have the urge to shout “COME ON DADDY”
  • we lose the puck after 3 seconds
  • you see that shitty enterprise commercial thats like “We get hockey fans” and then just like. mentions random hockey things
  • the national commentators ride the other team’s dick
  • you start crying, but you can’t tell if its from the playing or the excessive amounts of alcohol, even though its only the first period 
  • you give up and start to root for the other team