shitty coloring i'm so sorry :

So here’s a page of my son and his boyfriend

My tablet died but I still have sketches I can color using the trackpad l o l


“I just want to say a particular thanks to the family, two of whom are standing up; Victoria Hamilton, Vanessa Kirby, John.  Of course, all the people who are at home who are shooting the show now, but also to Jared Harris and Will Keen and Jeremy Northam and just all the cast.”


CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?


make me choose

anon asked: Kyle or & Demar

“We are on FaceTime together a lot late at night. If I have something to say, I hit him up right away. On the road, I hang out in his room; he hangs out in my room. We have genuine conversations about life. Yes, we sometimes talk about basketball, but we are grown men and mostly we talk about our families, our kids, everyday life. He’s in my Favourites list, so when he calls me, it rings through no matter what.” – Kyle

Shiro: Get your head in the game!