shitty but read this book maybe

Advice to people thinking about reading Captive Prince Trilogy

If you ask, go straight to blogs that like Captive Prince. Side blogs and things like that.
1. We have read all THREE of the books and know the deeper meanings and arguments of why the book isn’t shitty
2. I can tell you for sure that people who hate Captive Prince have not read the books. Only judged it by its cover or only read some (maybe finished) the first book).
3. The Captive Prince Trilogy is not meant to be read as only one book. If you read just the first you won’t understand any of the characters and get a severe misrepresentation of the rest of the trilogy. (I.e. Think the books are about a racist bitchy white boy who rapes men) (it’s not)
4. Please notice that most post against Captive Prince only say things like “it’s so fucking nasty bc it’s racist and thinks rape is sexy” or similar things. They never have actual arguments and again I PROMISE they have not completed the whole series.
5. This trilogy is beautiful. It’s slow burn and when the relationship is forming nothing truly happens without a trusting bond and consensual touches. It’s about forgiveness (not just The slave, Damen, there is a bigger piece than that), understanding others, betrayal, loss of innocence, growing up too fast, learning to trust again, grey areas, sacrifices, and like a million other beautiful things.
6. These characters are written as if they were real people who suffered actual terrible traumatic experiences. Of course there is going to be “problematic characters” but problematic is the stupidest thing on this site cause literally everything is and it should only be used as little jokes (this applies for everything).
7. If you see someone hating on Captive Prince and you haven’t read it, whether you want to or not, don’t ask that person. They won’t give a serious or straight answer and since they didn’t read the books they won’t be able to be detailed about it. If you are truly curious go to someone who likes captive Prince and ask them Why People Don’t Like It. They can give a thorough explanation of why, and then give you an argument and actual evidence of why it’s not like that and just severely misinterpreted.
Captive Prince is amazing and you gotta push through book one and then see a whole new outlook on an incredible political slowburn adventure. Don’t just Judge the series by book one. You’re meant to fall in love with it slowly, that’s how life is with people sometimes. So do so. Get angry with the characters, disgusted, and horrified. But push through those walls and I promise you’ll understand, you’ll forgive. And those books will become a permanent place in your heart.

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Last Movie I Watched - Fast Five (best movie 11/10)

Last Song I Listened To - Reason Living (Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Seasons Opening)

Last Book I Read - The Trap (forgot the author’s name)

If I Could Be Anywhere in the World Right Now - Anywhere other than this shitty country called America lolol, but in all seriousness, maybe England or Dubai?

Where I Would Want to Time Travel To - Hm….maybe the 70s or 80s? Not really sure haha

Fictional Characters I Would Hang Out With - OH BOY HERE COME THE PICTURES. Prepare yourselves

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Akutagawa Ryuunosuke (Bungou Stray Dogs) (he’s baeee)

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Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs) (I fucking l o v e him he’s hilarious)

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Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs) (he kinda scares me but he seems fun to be around sometimes o3o don’t mess with this dude, just. don’t)

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Naraku (InuYasha) (yes I know he’s evil and manipulates and kills but I CAN BE OF S O M E HELP TO HIM and I love him >.>)

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Ukyo (Amnesia) (ik he’s a psycho bU T HE CONTROLS IT LATER ON)

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Saeran Choi (Mystic Messenger) (give this boy some love c’mon I would hang out with him any day)

I think I’ll stop there…XD

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You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!

Eiffel’s favorite book is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

He’s never been quite sure why. He never liked to read much, his ADHD made it hard for him to sit down and concentrate long enough for him to really get into a book, but something about Dahl’s work made it easy.

Sure, James and the Giant Peach funny and has magic and giant bugs, what 10 year wouldn’t like that?

Or maybe it was just that it was his first real book. It had been a gift from an aunt, and Eiffel had almost forgotten about into he picked it up one day and decided to read it out of boredom.

He finished it in two days.

And maybe, in fact most likely, though Eiffel hasn’t really though about it himself, he wanted to be James,who didn’t have any friends, who got away from his shitty guardians and had magical adventures and who become a hero.

And Eiffel always wanted that.

He found more by Dahl and loved it all, practically Fantastic Mr. Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Of course he brought James and the Giant Peach with him on the Hephaestus, the same copy he got in 1992, primarily held together by duct tape.

Minkowski laughed when he told her.

“So.. uh, what’s your favorite book…?” had been an awkward ice-breaker type question posed by Eiffel.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” said Minkowski, “what’s yours?”

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe Lord of the Rings or maybe a comic book or something. She was not expecting

“James and the Giant Peach”

and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really, Eiffel? Isn’t that a children’s book?”

She did feel a little bad when she saw the hurt look on his face. 

Later, she assumes it’s because Anne loves it, and she’s not entirely wrong, Eiffel did plan to read all of Roald Dahl’s books to her.

They only made it halfway through The Witches.

He brought that one with him, too.

About a year into the mission, Eiffel decided to read it again, late one night when he couldn’t sleep.

“Officer Eiffel…?” asked Hera.

“What’s up, Hera?” 

“This is stupid… but will you… read me your book…?”

He was a little taken back by the question.

(He thinks of Anne, climbing into his lap, insisting “Read to me, Daddy!”)

“Yeah, of course.” he said, flipping back to the beginning of the book.

Every night before he went to sleep, he read her couple chapters. He did voices too, even though he’s terrible at it.

Hera loved it anyway.

(Anne always loved it, too)

Kepler, Maxwell and Lovelace laughed too when they found out. (who even knows how the topic had come up) They weren’t expecting his answer, either. They weren’t sure what to expect, but it was not that.

Jacobi, on the other hand, scoffed.

“Please, Eiffel. Matilda is way better.”

Eiffel just looked at him for a moment.

“Figures,” he said.

Jacobi has yet to figure out what that means.

Eiffel has read James and the Giant Peach several times since the mission started. It helps to fight off the homesickness, the paranoia, and the anxiety. He’s got it practically memorized by now, but he doesn’t care.

It’s his favorite book.

I love having a companion with me whenever I read one of the Black Books cos they’re just like “hey there friend maybe don’t read that…..aaaand you’re already reading it. Great.” then you disappear into the damn book, into Apocrypha, and they’re just left there probably like “what the fuck was that” 

honestly the Skyrim companions put up with so much weird shit that the Dragonborn gets themselves into bless them. 

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you have a book???? since i love tlc so much i want to read your book

Oh boy. Well, I’ll link you to it, although fair warning: I wrote the first draft as a junior in high school, and although I picked at it later, it’s never going to be a masterful work of fiction. I mostly put it up because I am physically incapable of letting go of something and not revising it constantly if it is somewhere where I can’t touch it anymore. That’s why I put it at the lowest price Amazon would let me. 

Here’s the origin story on my writing blog so you know what you’re getting into. There are some other posts about it in its tag. And here’s the Amazon link.  

(EDIT: I also have a kat writes tag if you want to see short original stuff I’ve done over the years mixed with a bunch of complaining.)

Carry On, Basilton

My first chapter fic. Carry On written entirely from Baz’s point of view. I apologize for the shitty pretentious writing. If anybody would like to beta please send me a message. Shoutout to @myrosebudboy for inspiring me to write.

Have you ever read a love story?

Did you like it?

If you’ve come to this book looking for a love story, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. You see, this is not a love story. This is a story of triumph, and failure, and figuring things out a little bit at a time.

And fine, maybe it is a bit of a love story in the end.

Our story starts with a boy. A boy who the world has beaten down and broken in an unimaginable number of ways. A boy who is angry at the world and doesn’t know what to do about it. A boy who is in love with his roommate.

Simon Snow.

Another boy, if you will.

The Greatest Mage.

The hero we’ve all been waiting for.

And the one who will never love our hero back.

Why, you ask?

Because the hero of our story is not the hero in this world. In this world, he plays the villain.

Poetic, isn’t it?

A villain in love with the hero.

A boy in love with his roommate.

Poetic, but hopeless.

Snow loves Agatha.

A princess for the prince.

One day Snow will carry her off into the sunset for their happily ever after.

And I’ll be here.


Hello there.

My name is Tyrannous Basilton Grimm-Pitch. Bit of a mouthful, I know. You can call me Baz.

I truly am sorry to bother you with this. After all, who wants to read the sad, pretentious, vampire’s life story? This entire thing is just a long pity party.

Ah well, it’s not like I’ve got much else to do besides compose my memoir. I’ve lost track of the days I’ve been in this coffin.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold on for. I’m starving, and all these numpties will give me is a cup of blood every once in a while.

Snow. Back to Snow.

My life revolves around him. It has ever since the day I realized one of us would have to kill the other one day.

Or maybe since the day I realized I didn’t want to.

Our world has dissolved into war. The families fight the Mage, the creatures fight the magicians, and the Humdrum sits back and destroys us just as surely as we are destroying ourselves.

I’m tired of fighting. The Mage is corrupt and untrustworthy, but I can’t destroy Snow. I just can’t. I take one look at his moles and blue eyes and I melt.

I can’t melt though. I have to fight him, and in the end, I will have to let him destroy me.

That is, if I ever get out of this fucking coffin.


New entry in the mental diary here.

I stewed in self-hatred for a while but then I thought hey, I’m already fucked so why not cause myself a bit more pain by holding on to the one thing that’s keeping me alive. I mean, this same thing might kill me one day so why not hold on to it while I can?

Snow, Simon. Simon.

I love you.

I always have, and maybe I always will.

It doesn’t matter though. You can’t hear my thoughts, and I’m starting to doubt I’ll ever get the chance to tell you.

I don’t think I’ll make it much longer.


More blood. Maybe I’ll survive a bit longer.

***************************************************************************************************** Somebody’s thrown open the coffin. It’s Fiona. The light is so bright and I curl up against it. I’ve gotten so used to the dark. Fiona looks like an angel come to rescue me, with the light outlining her silhouette.

“Baz?” she says.

That’s the last thing I remember before I pass out.

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Relationship Status: Single. Always been single, and tbh I’m very happy being single. relationships seem like too much stress tbh

Favorite Color: aquamarine

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maybe for you growing up won’t be living in an apartment with lots of windows and dancing around in your underwear with someone you love,
maybe it will be waking up one day in your shitty apartment in a big city and not feeling hollow anymore,
maybe it will be sipping coffee in your twin sized bed, reading your favorite book with the lines you highlighted when you were seventeen, and not knowing what the hell you’re doing but being absolutely happy
—  midnight thoughts

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Maybe you shouldn't write for a while :/ If you're depression is that bad, take some time off, listen to some songs, do some shitty crafts, read a book, whatever helps you relax. I'm sure everyone can wait because your health comes first.

its fine, really.

its just today is an anniversary of something that just, brings my depression level way up

its been like this for a while, ill be okay. i probably just need to shower. thanks for the concern buddy.

my main goal is to get most of these requests done, and the state of my health doesnt matter much. and theres never a time when i can relax, it seems impossible for me.

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I can’t put in the effort to find an old selfie so OK truth it is: the nicest thing anyone ever did for me was probably reading my shitty 11th grade first draft of a book in a weekend like totally unprompted? or maybe anytime anyone gives me pizza

there i fixed it @owvlery happy vday valentine ily more than words can express ok probably my best internet friend and u can see im trying to change this shitty tumblr valentine into an actual heartfelt message but i’m shit with sappy words so this is what u get ok? ok. maybe cor blimey will be our always (curse my john green reading days (and the fact that i still own the damn books))

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Here's a challenge for ya ;) I'll give you 3 words and you must write a few lines of Destiel using them. The words are: ass, hot, bacon. GO GO GOOOOOO!!!!!! -runs away cackling-

Castiel is feeling antsy and it’s clear that something is bothering him.  

“What’s the matter, Cas?” Sam puts his mug down but not before sipping his already cold coffee.

“Um, no nothing,” Castiel shakes his head, looking around the bunker and avoiding Sam’s gaze.

“How many times should I tell you that you are a shitty liar,” Dean closes the book he’s reading, staring at his angel friend.

The blue-eyed seraph rubs his neck awkwardly, feeling his cheeks heat up.

“What do you do when you like someone?” he mumbles quietly. “How do you let them know?”

“Is there someone you like?” Dean asks interested, his voice filled with curiosity and maybe something else too. 

“Yes, I think so,” Castiel nods seriously.

“Well, compliments are your friends, Cas,” Sam chuckles. “Give them the best one you can manage. Impress them!” 

“Compliments?” Castiel parrots.

“Mhm,” the younger Winchester nods. “Tell them what you like about them.” 

“I see,” the angel murmurs softly. 

There is a stretched pause and then like a roll of thunder Castiel’s voice booms:

“Dean, your ass is so hot I could fry a bacon on it.” 

The older Winchester chokes on his beer and is thrown into a violent coughing fit, while Sam starts shaking in silent hysteria and is unable to contain himself, feeling how he loses his shit (and maybe mind as well). 

“Good job, Cas!” he howls from laughter and claps the confused angel on the shoulder, while running towards the kitchen before Dean comes to and kicks his ass! 

“What the hell was this, Cas?” Dean stops coughing and wipes his mouth, looking at the angel wide-eyed like he’s eighth wonder of the world.

“I am sorry, Dean. I offended your feelings,” Castel opens and closes his mouth, looking frightened and lost.

“No, no,” Dean raises his hands, seeing the miserable expression on the angel’s face. “I mean, bacon? Why would you…what the hell does bacon have to do with my ass?”

“I-I tried to impress,” Castiel mumbles, dropping his head. “You like fried bacon and…and I like your… Um…I thought it would be a good idea to-to…I’m sorry, Dean.” The angel takes a shuddering breath, having no idea how to continue his disastrous speech. 

Dean stands up from his seat and walks towards him.  There is a gentle smile on his face.

“Cas, don’t apologize. You have nothing to be sorry about.”

“You are not angry at me?” Castiel’s blue eyes look so hopeful that it melts something in the hunter’s heart.

“Of course not,” he shakes his head. “And you know what? I liked your compliment, it did impress me,” he adds with a smirk.

“Really?” Castiel’s eyes go wide.

But instead of an answer he gets warm and soft lips pressed against his.  The angel moans into the kiss and cups the hunter’s face with his palm.

“Fucking finally!” the voice that belongs to Sam Winchester exclaims and it’s accompanied with a loud snap. He just got a perfect blackmai material on his cell phone.

“We can continue when I finish kicking his ass,” Dean tells the angel and turns around.  “Sam! Get your sorry moose ass over here!!!”

Castiel just sits there smiling, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that he won’t be suffering from unrequited love.  

I went to go speak to my professor about my grade. He responded with ‘I have a feeling English isn’t your first language..’ I responded that I spoke many languages and winked at him. He ignored me and said that 'maybe this is a barrier and it’s not letting you perform at your full potential’. That’s when I lost it. Maybe SIR it’s because you’re a shitty professor and you literally have no energy when you teach you just read from the book. No one learns like that! Stop flipping this on to me and blaming this on something that you are initially saying 'isn’t your problem’ no no no no. When I said I speak many languages I was initiating that I excel in languages. Being bilangual, trilangual, quadlingual, is an ADVANTAGE. So don’t try and pull that on me. But ofc I responded with 'sir this is not a reflection on you and your teaching first off. I know I am not performing to my potential. Although I can tell you I do not have a language barrier. I only speak English thanks for the compliment though I’ll take it wholeheartedly’

there’s a few things shitty with what you are saying…. and usually I would just let it go but I can’t

  1. I started reading Percy Jackson in 2006, shortly after Sea of Monsters came out, so you can put that argument away
  2. I don’t remember any specific moments in either PJO or HoO where they definitively say Grover isn’t a POC or maybe a mixture of things
  3. even if there is, who gives a shit? I’m just trying to add a little diversity into one of my favorite book series
  4. “whitest kid ever” is probably you referring to his personality and not his actual appearance? like a black satyr couldn’t be a big nerd/really into nature and panpipes?? okay
  5. the PJ movies are shitty but mad props to them for casting a black man as a character who is widely accepted as white. that can open so many doors for future POC adaptations of other characters that stubborn people insist are white (Spider-Man, Annie, Harry Potter, MOSES, etc)
  6. please don’t say that imagining a book character as anything but white is “wrong” or “warped” because that is shitty and destructive thinking that frankly we need to get beyond

“you’re shitty for liking this villain” u know what else is shitty making ppl who like a villain feel worthless or evil bcos they relate to the villain on some level maybe they too are abuse survivors who had a similar upbringing to the villain or are sympathetic to what the villain experienced and the impacts of it having gone through it themselves or maybe they like the villain bcos the villain kills abusers or evil ppl and they wished someone would have come and killed their abusers or maybe they like the idea of the villain as more of an anti-hero or morally ambigious instead of straight-up evil bcos it’s reassuring to them that a villain with similar mental illnesses or rough pasts could find redemption, bcos it makes them feel like they could get better. i get that people hate those who woobify or romanticize the villain i hate it too but sometimes y’all need to shut the fuck up and let mentally ill kids or abuse survivors have a little bit of fun with the villain as long as they aren’t hurting anyone why the fuck do u care


We like giving stuff away. Keep in mind that we are called Zodiac CRAP for a reason. 


  • Don’t tag this as a giveaway/contest etc.
  • You have to be 18+ to participate
  • Within the US only (just for this first one)
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  • Must be following this blog

This will last until April 12th at 11:59pm EST. We will announce the winner within 24 hours. If they do not reply within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. 

What could you win? 

A box with…

  • Cat paperclips
  • Postcards???
  • A zodiac charm maybe
  • A tarot reading if you are into that
  • A shitty Shia LaBeouf Game that the gemini mod made. 
  • Other things that are random but kinda cool.
  • CDs with our favorite songs. 
  • Maybe a book or something