shitty art at that

What do you mean it’s not “canon” that the kids bought Mr transport and numbers mugs as a joke but the dads secretly love it and it’s not “canon” that transport doesn’t wear a shirt to bed or when he gets up and that it isn’t “canon” that Mr numbers gripes but actually doesn’t want him to stop and they don’t “canonically” have soft morning conversations that mostly are constituted of them making moony eyes at each other


I finally edited some more of my acrylic ‘pour paintings’. Well, only the top one is a pour. The others are what I’ve been calling ‘presses’. Which is simply trying to reuse the excess paint by smushing a piece of cardstock into it, which sometimes results in really messy and cool stuff.

I’m planning to try to record some paintings :) I love watching others on youtube so I figured I could record my own too. And I saw a few new techniques and tricks I want to try. :D

Anyhoo from left to right, top to bottom I named ‘em: Cobalt Pour, Scorch Press X3, Rainbow Press, Scorch Press, Rainbow Press X3.


YAAAAY I finished doodling up the reference sheet so now i can post her!

This is my Transgirl Link! In her reincarnation she was found when she was a child and brought to Hyrule Castle because she had early signs of being the Triforce of Courage and thus grew up with Zelda. She’s younger than Zelda by a few years and basically had her as an older sister. Zelda was also the first person who Link came out to.

A few facts: 

*Made her hero’s garb herself! Took forever to hand embroider everything. The triforce was added on Zelda’s suggestion.
*She’s like 6′0″. Zelda’s like 5′5″. Much teasing ensues between them.
*Her hair is almost always braided and hidden inside her cap. It takes like a million pins to keep the cap on her head. 
*Selectively mute. Really only talks to Zelda. Mimes or grunts whenever she has to communicate with others. Doesn’t like her own voice.
*Special interest in horses. Works in the castle stables when not training or with Zelda. Names/calls every horse Epona.
*Strong as heck.