3.5 years until I finish my Masters

I will graduate at 24

2 years of working after graduation then I can be a registered Architect.

Go back for PHD? 


Boyfriend graduates this year, the way things are going I’ve already found my future husband. <3

So in there I have to squeeze a dream wedding I can afford, a house, a car, living expenses and…children? (after 30, gonna need some hefty contraceptive methods once were married. haha!) I barely have time to work a casual job NOW how am I going to do it 3rd-5th year Architecture?! How am I going to plan a wedding in my most important uni years? WHEN is he gonna propose? Am I reallyyyyy gonna marry him?  I can’t let him support me, it’s not who I'am! ARGHHHHHHH!

I kinda miss the days when getting my crush to notice me was the biggest issue in my life.  


okay guys, the first picture was taken this morning because i was half an hour early to go to school and i was bored. 

the second picture is zoomed in on the corridor in my house which is in the first picture. Please tell me you do not see a white figure because i certainly do and im fecking scared as hell