shitting on everyone and everything

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stop ruining shit that's light-hearted... not everything's out to fuckin kill everyone

I Will Kill CBS For Commercials And No One Can Stop Me


Part of me is like bring this bitch back because she’ll be going next week, I don’t fucking care. Regardless of what happened today, this week, whatever… I’m going to win. 

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

unpopular opinion: lup is actually good friends with greg grimauldis and calling him out on stage was an inside joke and as soon as she gets that $15 back they’ll be mates again

she spends the century exaggerating their rivalry so like when she finally meets up with him at the end of everything everyone is like ‘oh shit it’s gonna be the biggest fucking throwdown’ but then he’s just like ‘oh yeah sorry it took so long’ and then they high five and go get lunch and everyone is so confused?????

honestly i wouldn’t be the woman i am today without FFX-2


The prologue + first chat of V route is a gift

Fuck This

Listen, I fucking hate the Teen Wolf tag on here because it’s only made up of whiney little pieces of shit who continuously complain about the LITTLEST things. Y'all this is our last season, ENJOY IT. Don’t shit post on everything and ruin it for everyone else. Okay so Stiles is barely in the episodes? So what? Yes, I love Stiles more than anything in the world but Teen Wolf is more than just one character. Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar and Mason Hewitt do not go through shit everyday for you to not notice them. Do not be like the humans in Beacon Hills. Appreciate every character and all they have done for us. Appreciate every writer, director, producer, PA and even set cleaner God dammit. This show has given you happiness and good times. Even the moments you cried were special. Don’t shit on something you once loved. I love Teen Wolf and I will not let butthurt people, especially the crazy part of the Sterek fandom (and before you say shit I AM Sterek fandom as well), turn something so important to me sour. Everyone who says shit about the show will be unfollowed by me without any hesitation. Fuck this. It’s the last season and I’m gonna appreciate the fuck out of it.

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okay so when do we get to start speculating about Jon becoming the Mad King redux because of that Targaryen gene, or does it only apply to  Daenerys? i’m just saying…he’s displayed some questionably unhinged behaviors like bloodlust and violent outbursts and suicidal tendencies, and he DID fuck his aunt tbh.

i mean i’m sure being brought back to life after being killed by your own men has really got to fuck with your head. and once he finds out he’s not Ned Stark’s son and his entire life is a lie? woooo boy. you guys wanted dark!Jon, maybe next season will deliver after all!

fuck all of you.

and you know what, I dont really care your reasoning, fuck you for making sungmin leave, for deciding that he was unwanted in this album and in the group right now, that he has to hide and be inactive as punishment.

We have waited two fucking years for them to come back, two fucking years, and you assholes decided to throw a fit over sungmin trying to find his happiness.

Fuck all of you.