shitting myself with excitement


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there you go, I did it! enjoy

Imagine a nervous Yoongi fretting over Jin’s (already totally packed) bags, worrying about him leaving for the Jungle…. 

“You sure you have enough socks Jinnie, how many socks did you take, I only see 20 pairs here, you’ve gotta keep your feet dry remember that - that’s the most important part…” 

“Yoongi, you silly, I have another few stuffed in the corners there, It’ll be fine…”

“Ok, I know, but …how about sunscreen and medicine, that stuff you take for your stomach when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, and you have headache medicine right, and - do you think you have room for this little first aid kit…”

“Gigi,…you know the crew will have first aid kits, I’m sure everything will be ok…”

“I’m just gonna miss you, Jinnie, gonna have to go cuddle with Namjoon if I get cold - get my head snored off..”

“I’m not gone yet gigi…you can cuddle with me now..”

And so he does.  


Holy shit, i just got the news and am out of myself from excitement!!!

I got 25 points in the writing part, holy shit. One of the exam holders said she thinks it’s the highest anyone has ever gotten in the writing part. Oh my god!!!

I am shaking a little bit!!!

I put so much work, effort and money into educating and training myself for this exam. It’s a very hard one, and German IS a pretty hard language to learn. Especially the grammar and writing part. I am officially a certified Intermediate level German Speaker. I can’t wait to get my Certificate!!!

While I am happy to know filming is going on for s4, I’d prefer to not know what exactly is being filmed. As this will be my first season following live I want to stay as unspoiled for what’s to come as possible!

I am going to try to keep this blog spoiler free. If you are a spoiler free blog as well, let me know, so I can keep my dash clear :)


Every time I watch this shit I get so excited I could actually pee myself tbh. Shout out to this guy for pointing out the Joan of Arc parallels tho. I’ve always loved that connection. I JUST LOVE THE KENOBI’S SO MUCH U GUYS I’M GONNA YELL.