shitting cropping


So obviously Jace and Alec’s relationship is very close, what is it like playing that relationship?


  • swtor player: there's no way swtor makes sense as a non-force user you cannot duel a jedi or sith without force powers it is a known fact of science!111 ONLY JK AND SW ARE CANON
  • me, an intellectual: *points blaster* Do I look like I give a damn?

I actually kinda wanted Marik to win battle city

imagine this 16 year old asshole kid marching into some government office, proclaiming himself as the new pharaoh, and waving 3 children’s trading cards in the air as if they give him full right to take over



almost as if summoned, the blond emerges from the kitchen, wearing the maroon crop-top he blatantly stole from Courfeyrac and a pair of Combeferre’s pajama pants that are far too long for his legs, somehow managing to scowl and look bored at the same time as he eats black olives out of the can. [x]

cleaned up my warm up sketch from this morning; i read elle dameferre’s courferre exchange fic last night and it was REALLY GOOD and deserves a lot more fanart than just my shitty need to draw enjolras in a crop top but win some lose some u know??