shittiest quality ever

quick update on my life
  • i’m gonna be fairly ia for a few days (today-monday)
  • my family owns this cabin and we’re going there for memorial day weekend
  • the signal is absolute trash and we all know how needy tumblr is signal-wise 
  • there’s one (1) place outside where i can go to get a tumblr-worthy signal but i can only do that so often + i can’t go late at night bc i’m scared of bears kicking my ass
  • so i’ll be here and i’ll probably read all your messages/asks through notifications, and if and when (because this always happens when i’m there) dnp upload i’ll watch it with the shittiest video quality ever and attempt to make textpost shitposts but we’ll see how that goes 
  • anyway i’ll be here if you need me but not as generally active as usual so don’t be spooked pals