Pairing: Shitsuo/Sakuraya
Theme: master/butler relationship


A quiet, timid voice brought Shitsuo out of his concentration. The butler’s gloved hands stilled from their preparations for tomorrow’s meals, a cloth having been taken to a wine glass to polish it. Brown eyes were only slightly hidden behind blond bangs and easily saw Sakuraya linger by a door frame. Half his body was hidden and one hand rested softly against the surface, fingers curled slightly, as if he was concealing part of him.

Pink eyes were sweet and patient in the way they looked at him, flickering candlelight the only reason Shitsuo could see him. The storm outside had knocked out the power lines and the butler had found several long candle sticks and instructed the other servants to retire early. That way only one person needed the candle and they could be conserved, he had reasoned, as he helped Sakuraya prepare for bed.

“Yes?” he asked and put the glass and cloth down. His body turned to face the other fully, posture straight and face containing no emotion yet had professionalism etched in every feature. A hand raised to his chest as he bowed, back remaining straight as he did so. “Is there something wrong?”

“You haven’t gone to sleep,” Sakuraya said quietly and softly walked into the kitchen, the sandals he wore clacking gently against the hard wood floor. White fingers laced with each other, the long sleeves of his kimono falling to conceal them. “Aren’t you tired?”

“There are still preparations that must be made for tomorrow,” answered the butler smoothly and gave a formal smile, if slightly too stiff. “Until then, I cannot retire.”

When he looked up, there was a frown on the face of the man he served. “It’s fine,” Sakuraya said quietly, evidently concerned. “You work hard every day.”

“That is but the job of a butler.”

“It’s also to listen to me, and I’m telling you to rest.”

His words were strangely direct for the quiet and demure Sakuraya and a smirk teased Shitsuo’s lips, yet he swallowed it. His master had always been very considerate of him and the others, a trait he wouldn’t expect from someone like him, but Shitsuo never brought it up.

Again, he bowed and could see a small smile on Sakuraya’s lips when he straightened again. “Of course.”

anonymous asked:

how would you imagine Shitsuo/Sakuraya smut

it all depends on the circumstances. And the plot. Like you can imagine Shizuo being a gentle lover or aggressive lover depending on the circumstances, it’s the same with any pairing. 

In my head, Sakuraya is a Yamato Nadesico type. The closest anime character in my head that matches him is Kasumi Tendo from Ranma ½ or Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, both symbolic Yamato Nadesico types. They are gentle lovers, willing to take the good and the bad of their partner, very supportive. They’re also willing to take a lot of abusive to please their partner… except they also have slightly yandere tendencies when they get jealous or feel their territory is threathened but they don’t realize it themselves. (Like that one time Kasumi got angry. That chapter was awesome)

Shitsuo on the other hand is a competent perfectionist, strict, direct, focused, power/goal driven, to the point and a bit of an authoritarian. (again this is just my head canon. I don’t know how others portray him.) He’s slightly Kuudere like Hachimenroppi except Shitsuo is not a depressed type like Roppi is. Shitsuo’s character is a mix of Shiki and Tsugaru in my head as well. A good business man and a perfect butler. He lacks sense of humor and sometimes doesn’t get the jokes. He’s a bit like Hibari Kyoya or all those cold character types in anime.  Which makes him a very aggressive lover, not very good with foreplay but… tries. since he is a perfectionist, I think it would be funny if he secretly reads books on foreplay and gets embarassingly caught ahaha…

ah one day i’ll write these two…

When I finish “When the spring rain turns to summer sky” i might pick it up.