@music-in-the-bell-jar I understand, I couldn’t handle it either and I try to stay AWAY from this fan nonsense.

I’m sorry, I’ll stop reblogging. But after seeing this shit happen on my vivienne positive stuff (reading shit like “vivienne would destroy my self esteem” or drawing her as fucking SNAPE punishing Dorian and Solas on my Vivienne AU thing) I’ve noticed that people will wanna “talk calmly” if you confront them….. but it’s not always in good faith - it’s mostly to avoid “drama” or backlash. This might be the case. Sounds like a shitstirrer to avoid tbh.

so... someone gave macken a mike then, you *DO* know he does some of that shit deliberately, right? i swear. the man is a troll at times. and i say that with the utmost grá for him. just be glad he hasn't got the same tendancies as i have. the fandom wouldnt know what hit it.

i mean comon. if i had that sort of power…