This has got to be the scene where Jon finds out that Ned isn’t his real Dad, right? I mean, R+L=J complicates Jon’s claim to the North and Littlefinger is the ultimate shitstirrer (he’s hinted that he knows there’s more to Jon’s parentage than Ned’s “dalliance.”) Sansa, of course, is what Baelish wants so using this reveal to get her to challenge Jon’s claim both sours the half-siblings relationship and potentially puts Sansa in charge. Total douche move but why would we want it any other way? Give me the Drama!

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i'm so excited about the new series!! roman/connie!!! could you quickly lay out a list of who's who from the first bit tho? i'm just so bad at connecting names and nicknames, and it helps to have a reference. thanks!!

Here are some of the major players in this series and their nicknames, which will be helpful because POV in this series is going to jump around as much as it did in The Adventures of the Rookie Detectives

Victor Kjeldsen, former Rookie Detective and POV character for the first chapter: Vic, Spider

Evan Connelly, former Rookie Detective, suddenly involved in a love triangle he did not foresee, got BUFF AS HELL over the offseason: Connie, Sweetheart

Roman Novak, Rookie Handler, player safety frequent offender, in over his head: Sergeant Spymaster (literally only he calls himself that)

Harry Chalmers, former Rookie Detective, pigtail puller: Spoilsport

Valeri Asenov, former Rookie Detective, currently down in the AHL, has never told a lie in his virtuous life: Val, Novy, Sweet Child o’ Mine

Liam Fitzgerald, professional shitstirrer, love of Mike Brouwer’s life: Fitzy, Shithead

Devon Michaels, Captain of the North Stars, literally married a woman named Michaela (thank fuck she kept her maiden name); Dev.

Mike Brouwer, suddenly longsufferingly listening to Liam tell him excitedly about the soap opera he has first row seats to, too old for this shit, knocked three of Roman’s teeth out: don’t give him nicknames.

Brian Findlay, alternate captain, very longsuffering in general, tired of explaining sexual harassment to Liam: Finds

I will update this if necessary.

An Appeal for Kindness

I’m feeling pretty down right now, and I’m doing my best to be levelheaded about it. For a string of several days, people close to me have been abused needlessly by people in the PF and RF. Some of these perpetrators even play and RP on Balmung. And that’s supposed to be a normal thing, right? Don’t get so triggered, special snowflake, right?

Listen, many years ago when I was into BGs and Arena in WoW I was an absolute asshole to my teammates. Oh, were you in Arathi Basin and fighting on the road instead of watching the flag? Here, listen to me lecture you about that and call you an idiot for the duration of the BG! And if I see you in the next one? Get ready for part 2 because ADHD means you’re never done!

Yeah, it’s frustrating if you’re perceiving another player as being a problem. But as you can imagine those “lectures” I gave said a lot more about me than it did about the players I was railing against. If someone is being an absolute shitlord in PvP/PvE, you can bet good money on them having some issues they need to sort out in their personal lives. It wasn’t worth my time, anyone else’s time, and certainly not worth the cortisol I generated in my system. 

Now that I’m an old grizzled gamer lady, I sincerely regret being such a snot-nosed punk. I’m just so damn tired of seeing it now, but I not here to lecture and tell everyone to hold hands and sing. I’m asking for people to remind themselves of one thing:

There are human beings behind the screen.

Look, I have to fight that petty little part of my soul every time I see someone being lazy or just nasty in RF. I slip sometimes, because I am a Grade A Shitstirrer. Yeah, they’re wasting our time, but maybe they’re having a bad day. Maybe it’s something more serious. It doesn’t matter because we don’t need to pile anything else on anyone. In those moments I take a deep breath and imagine all that petty salt draining away, and remind myself that I have no idea what is going on with the person on the other end of the screen. 

Am I saying that if you meet an abusive jerk in the DF that you should always try to fight them with kindness? No. You don’t need to stand for abuse. Use the tools given to you in game to kick them out, or leave for your own peace of mind. What I am asking is that you consider a kind route when you are frustrated with a stranger. Doing anything else isn’t worth it. I’m asking you to join me in a concentrated effort to be kind. 

I know this likely won’t pass through the awareness of some our rudest players in the game, but I see similar things going on in our RP community, and I think if we make a habit of kindness and compassion, we might have some measurable impact.

I’d like to think so anyway.

- Dora (Nako’s player.)

me at 16: i wish i was british. they are so cultured! tea and doctor who and politness and oxbridge i just love the british and i am so happy i am educated enough to speak english and read all this great literature in its origianal language 

me at 23: LMAO i am so happy i am no where near british, i am so happy english is not my 1st language and i wish i had studied other languages more intently and not thought of my self as suuuupppper intelleigent bc i speak english pretty well literally the british are shitstirrers who colonised more than half the world and fucked us all over also their literature aint even half as hgood as i thought 

so... someone gave macken a mike then, you *DO* know he does some of that shit deliberately, right? i swear. the man is a troll at times. and i say that with the utmost grá for him. just be glad he hasn't got the same tendancies as i have. the fandom wouldnt know what hit it.

i mean comon. if i had that sort of power… 

I am literally laughing...

So many IHers, Orgs, and “I don’t ship Bleach but I see Ichihime” people are stalking the Ichiruki tag and responding. AND THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL US SALTY?!?! THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL US SHITSTIRRERS?!?!?

Y'all tags must be mighty boring because y'all stay in the Ichiruki tag looking for shit

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