so... someone gave macken a mike then, you *DO* know he does some of that shit deliberately, right? i swear. the man is a troll at times. and i say that with the utmost grá for him. just be glad he hasn't got the same tendancies as i have. the fandom wouldnt know what hit it.

i mean comon. if i had that sort of power… 

How to spot the dumbasses: read @CHProfiler profile. She is Atheist. Not Christian. Never does Or has Chelsea Hoffman claimed to be Christian. This instigator is not a good investigative reporter. Someone needs to give the @_SheDidWhat_ super spy a heads up on trolling and homework and getting a clue. Bitch, you don’t got what it takes in neither one of your nasty big lipped slut suits. Take your instigating I wanna be a crime fighting shit stirring ass and get your check cashed elsewhere. Because this is real life, we ain’t interested in your drama. Save your nasty assed trailer park shit stirring drama for your mama.

This is rude. I mean did “The Shit Stirrer” even check the facts on this? And you do notice that the @_SheDidWhat_ “ShitStirrer” acts just like her right? And pretends to be related? Please roll your eyes with me on that note.

anonymous asked:

its sad how you feel the constant need to bitch about people.

the “constant” need ? “people” ? lol two words that already make your point pretty biased and invalid. you obviously don’t know me because I’m not the type to constantly bitch about anyone,unless i have a very valid reason, even then, i have better things to do than talk about people i don’t like, and i more importantly do not care enough. 

(on another note, if you have some unresolved issues with me, why don’t you simply get off anon and confront me? i won’t bite, and its quite sad you have to hide yourself to share your insecurities like that)